IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
IcePlate® Curve
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Try as we might, we don’t have a specific ETA on when right-exit IcePlate® Curves (Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey) will restock. However, all of our new product drops and restock alerts go exclusively to our LAUNCHPAD email subs as soon as they are ready. For specific products, click the “Notify When Back In Stock” button for in-stock notifications.

IcePlate® Curve is 100% made in the USA from US materials


A Turbocharger for the human body.

Worn close to the body, IcePlate® Curve is a Medium ESAPI-shaped water bottle that cools/warms/hydrates you with 50 fl oz (1.5 L) of drinking water delivering 70 watts of cooling power and 52 watts of heating power with hands-free plate carrier hydration or backpack hydration for unparalleled control over your environment. Another way to think of IcePlate is like a booster rocket: designed to put you into orbit with a full tank of gas, not necessarily to last the entire mission. Engineered for elite users looking for every edge in the performance of their duties, IcePlate® Curve creates decisive competitive advantages where none previously existed by weaponizing temperature to enhance performance and survivability. Anyone looking to settle for "good enough" should look elsewhere.

Note: The Side-Release Armor Straps are an entry-level mounting option that only exists to satisfy a universal mounting requirement the US Army shared when they first contacted us about body armor cooling in December 2015. We do not recommend using them. Instead, we recommend using our IMS or IMS Pro when running IcePlate® Curve or IcePlate® Classic with a plate carrier. Click here to see which one is right for you.


  • Dimensions (Imperial): 9.5" x 12.5" x 1" [WxHxD]
  • Dimensions (Metric): 24.13 cm x 31.75 cm x 2.54 cm [WxHxD]
  • Source 90 Drink Tube length: 34" or 86 cm
  • Weight: ~ 12 oz.
  • Capacity: 50 fl oz (1.5 L)
  • Cooling Duration: Lasts 2-4 hours (after freezing overnight for 6-8 hours, actual results will vary based on external variables: solar exposure, ambient temp, external heat sources (i.e. engines), relative humidity, size/frame of user, metabolic capacity, work load)
  • Heating Duration: Lasts 3-5 hours filled with hot water between 150-190 F (temperature based on personal preference/safety and outside temperature)
  • BPA-free, FDA Approved, Dishwasher Safe HDPE
  • Multiple US and International Patents Pending
  • Made in USA from US Materials





SOURCE Helix™ Valve

SOURCE Storm™ Valve

For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Instagram Handle: @night_nighter_0
Great piece of kit

I use mine as a water bladder, have not tried freezing it yet. It’s very low profile and space saving because of how flat it sits. Very packable option for carrying water in your ruck. Would recommend.

R.S. (Columbus, US)
Solid product

Originally purchased this item to wear while in flight, unfortunately this product has not be aviation tested for civilian aircraft use, specifically aircraft impact and crash air worthiness. I am not able to use it while working.

However I have spent a lot of time wearing this product while riding my adventure motorcycle and I highly recommend it to others, instead of a water bladder type product. Fits flush and cools, and an ice cold drink is awesome after off roading. After use the plates slip down into the saddle bags and don’t take up much room.

I liked this product so much I bought a second one to wear both.

Needs refinement.

Background: 0311, used for one PEX and one live fire range.
I bought this product because I was sick of popping bladders not because I wanted an ice pack in my plate carrier. It is a step up from the camelbak considering this won’t pop. However the hose and gaskets are unreliable. Hose can separate from the gasket that attaches to the ice plate itself with only a little pull. This of course dumps the water in the ice plate. Also it is hard to fill it 100% so that the water doesn’t splash around and cause noise,

Summary: Worth it for the price for grunts? I don’t think so.

Hi Ethan,
Thank you for taking the time to share an honest account of your IcePlate Curve experience. We greatly appreciate it!
In reading your review and looking at your purchase, it appears that you are running IcePlate Curve with the Side-Release Armor Straps at most, or a field-expedient mounting system at least. We feel it is important to point out this note from the IcePlate Curve product page above in bold italics: 'Note: The Side-Release Armor Straps are an entry-level mounting option that only exists to satisfy the US Army requirement for universal mounting. We do not recommend using them. Instead, we recommend using our IMS or IMS Pro when running IcePlate® Curve or IcePlate® Classic with a plate carrier. Click here to see which one is right for you or click here to see all of the different ways you can wear IcePlate Curve.'

It also sounds like you are having issues with the Source Tactical Drink Tube/IceCap interface. If the Safety Shims (included) are not used properly (some customers have tried to use them as gaskets inside the IceCap, which they are not), this will absolutely happen. It is the reason the Safety Shims exist. When properly installed, they will prevent ADs with the IceCap QD button when run on/under kit. However, if they are not installed, you will absolutely get ADs with the IceCap QD button. We provide detailed instruction videos on the installation and setup of IceCap and the included Safety Shims here:

You can also get to that page by scanning the QR code found on the back of the hangtag included with every purchase from us.

Regarding the Source 90 Drink Tube disconnecting from the IceCap as you describe above where it 'dumps the water in the ice plate,' this is actually not possible because the IceCap is a QD and shuts off immediately when the Source 90 Drink Tube is disconnected. The Source 90 Drink Tube does not have this same shut off capability, so whatever water is in the Source 90 Drink Tube will come out if/when disconnected from IceCap. Now, if IceCap disconnects from IcePlate Curve, then water would absolutely dump out of IcePlate via your Left Exit Fill Port. However, this is extremely rare because the IceCap/IcePlate interface is strong enough to be run over by a truck without separating (we did it hundreds of times in testing/development). The force required to separate the threads exceeds that of what a human can do without mechanical assistance. So, IF you are having this problem (it is possible and happens in roughly 1/15,000-20,000 IcePlate Curves), please follow our warranty procedure and send us a video so we can properly take care of you under warranty ASAP!

We hope this helps, but in the event you have additional questions or concerns, please email us at Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com so we can get you the IcePlate Curve experience you deserve! #StayFrosty

Zebang Song (Seattle, US)
Simply make your life easier

It is not going to change the game, but it is going to make your day much better. The plate makes me stay frosty, and have cold water right at my mouth, for around 4 hours in 90 degrees during heavy training.

Frederick Reyes (Miller Place, US)
Innovative Product!

This is great for hit weather use when wearing a plate carrier. Keeps you nice and cool and the cold water for hydration serves a bonus feature! Easy attachment, easy fill, fast quick connects for flex straw. I recommend this plate!

Joseph Marcal
Instagram Handle: Marcaljoe
Ice Plate (OD Green)

Works well with multiple carriers or issued carriers. I am issued First Spear, “strand hog” carrier. Keeps you cool during hot summers and keeps you focused! Have used with chest rig also.

William Saephanh (Merced, US)
Avoiding heat stroke.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

Raymond Toomey (Dublin, IE)
Solid, better than a camelbak.

During my last deployment I burst 3 camelbak,s.The Ice plate is alot more robust. I'm looking forward to trying the ice plate in a hot environment to see the cooling effect. I would definitely recommend the ice plates as a hydration system.

James Bandonill (Melbourne, AU)
Great product for operating in the land Down Under

The Qore Iceplate is a fantastic product, perfect for the upcoming summer months (as of time of writing) here in Australia! It is very suitable for my role as a patrol officer at a private security company, where it fits perfectly for my plate carrier set up. The rigid, plate profile of the water reservoir means that I can comfortably and conveniently get in and out of a vehicle rather than worrying about either rupturing or fidgeting for proper placement for a traditional style water bladder. The concept of the product of also helping in regulating temperature is genius. Will definitely recommend it to my buddies and mates.

Brian Goto (Walnut Creek, US)

Wish there was a swimmers cut plate, but this baby means business. Kept me cool for 6 hours during an airsoft game. Absolutely recommend it to anyone who is having issues staying cool under a plate carrier all day while maneuvering


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