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Load Carrying Efficiency and Rotational Force: IcePlate versus Hydration Bladders

Always give more than you take.   A great attitude to acquire in life and an even greater attitude to use in product design.   The design of the IcePlate epitomizes this philosophy.  1" in width, the size of a medium SAPI plate, worn close to the body.  These features allow you to carry 50 ounces of water in the most efficient way on the market. Introduction By the time I reached the 5th grade, my family had moved six times.  From an early age, I learned the art of moving boxes (Boxes that arguably should not have been moved by a four, six, eight, and ten year old).  The lesson was simple though.  Lift a heavy box far away...

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HSGI 1.5" COBRA Riggers Belt, Beretta PX4 and the Home Defense Shorts Concept

A fresh look at the classic "nightstand gun" setup to add to the general home defense conversation. The concept of the Home Defense Shorts was born out of a conversation between two friends trying to figure out the best way to protect their loved ones. The setup is inspired by a combination of nightstand gun, duty belt and firefighter turnout gear to give you all the tools you need in a "bump in the night" scenario to protect your home and your family against intruders. It is not designed as any type of patrol rig or duty gear. Like all defensive tools, this rig may not be the right setup for you based on the size and age of your...

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Hydration Bladder/IcePlate Hose Compatibility Guide

Here at Qore Performance, we want you to get the most out of your equipment.  As such, we have have created this Quick Disconnect and Hose Compatibility Guide.  In the following post we’ll answer these frequently asked questions: What are some of the common hoses that are compatible with my IcePlate Quick Disconnect Kit? What other common hydration gadgets work with my IcePlate? Will these gadgets fit into or onto the IcePlate hose? (Note: the majority of these items can be purchased directly off the shelf at your local REI). Compatibility Cheat Sheet IcePlate Compatible? 1. Source Universal Tube Adapter ✔️ 2. Source Replacement Tube ✔️ 3. HydraPak ArcticFusion Tube Kit ✔️ 4. Sawyer Fast Fill Adapters for Hydration Packs ✔️ 5. Sawyer MINI Water Filtration System...

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