IceAge Insights: Military Law Enforcement

What is the difference between IMS and IMS Pro?
IMS (IcePlate® MOLLE Sleeve) and IMS Pro (IcePlate® MOLLE Sleeve Pro) are the thinnest, strongest and most durable plate carrier hydration and body armor cooling/heating systems ever created for modern military, law enforcement, and patriotic civilian use. But, with two choices, which one is the right choice for your application?
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Plate Carrier Design and Engineering: Can Armor Plates Be Exposed to The Elements?
Skeletonized plate carriers are particularly popular among high-end, premium offerings. While they are great for weight savings, they expose the armor plates they are carrying. There is confusion in the market about exposed plates being good or bad. In this article, we examine plate carriers that expose armor plates to finally put this question to bed: are exposed armor plates good or bad?
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The Best Plate Carriers of 2022
An overview of the leading plate carriers in the market as of May 2022 from Crye Precision, Velocity Systems, Spiritus Systems, and Ferro Concepts. This guide walks you through the best things to consider when buying a plate carrier for your application: Military, Special Operations, Law Enforcement, SWAT, Prepared Citizen or Private Security Contractor.
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