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How to tell the difference between Left Exit and Right Exit IcePlate Curves

IcePlate Curve, the world's first and only hard cell plate carrier hydration system that doubles as an active cooling/heating system for body armor, is now available in Left Exit and Right Exit configurations. These offerings facilitate multiple uses: 1. Right Handed Shooters: wear a single IcePlate Curve Left Exit on the back, under or over hard armor plates. 2. Left Handed Shooters: wear a single IcePlate Curve Right Exit on the back, under or over hard armor plates. 3. CBRNE, HAZMAT, EOD, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Safety Professionals: wear an IcePlate Curve Pair using an IcePlate Carrier of your choice for all day cooling, heating and hydration.

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Hydration Tube Compatibility Guide for IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve

Here at Qore Performance, we want you to get the most out of your equipment.  As such, we have have created this Quick Disconnect Drink Tube Compatibility Guide for IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve/IceCap.  In the following post we’ll answer these frequently asked questions: What are some of the common hoses that are compatible with my IcePlate Quick Disconnect Kit? What drink tubes are compatible with my IceCap that comes standard with all IcePlate Curve purchases? What other common hydration gadgets work with my IcePlate? Will these gadgets fit into or onto the IcePlate hose? NOTE: IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve/IceCap hoses are cross-compatible. They use the same QD interface. Compatibility Cheat Sheet IcePlate Compatible? CamelBak Crux Insulated Tube  ✔️ CamelBak HydroLink...

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How do I wear IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve?

Originally designed for the US Army in 2016, our IcePlate line of wearable water bottles that warm you up or cool you down can be found on the backs of tens of thousands of safety professionals in a variety of industries in addition to US and Allied military personnel. This diverse pool of military, law enforcement and safety professionals has driven us to create an equally diverse ecosystem of Vests and Carriers for IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve. This article is about standalone systems to wear/use IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve, but if you want to know how IcePlate works with backpacks or armor, check out our articles on IcePlate Backpack Compatibility and IcePlate Plate Carrier Compatibility. If you are a travel enthusiast or...

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