About Us

Mission and Origin

In people, we see endless possibilities. We believe one of the greatest strengths of humanity is the ability to build tools to realize the grandest dreams and the boldest visions.

We build these tools for American Security and American Prosperity. Our purpose is empowering people to realize their full potential in everything they do. The IceAge Ecosystem is a declaration of defiance. A refusal to recognize constraints. It is a collection of tools designed to help the good become great…and the great to become legends.

Our IceAge Ecosystem is an advanced array of simple, but novel technologies that solve complex thermoregulation problems, delivering capabilities once thought impossible at such an accessible level. These tools empower people to boldly defy the constraints of their environment and be the greatest version of themselves.

The "Qore" of this ecosystem is the IcePlate: a low-profile, 50 oz, hands-free, BPA-free water bottle designed for plate carriers, backpacks and vests that nearly eliminates the constraints of heat and cold, helping users Stay Frosty in every climate. With our patent-pending TotalDrain Technology and incredible impact resistance, the stackable IcePlate is as versatile as it is powerful. Our IceVents multi-purpose, ventilated load-bearing pads protect the shoulders, backs and hips of the most elite warfighters and law enforcement officers across the US and in dozens of Allied nations. We also offer IceCase, a cooling and productivity solution for Apple iPads, as well as a full line of heat-absorbing TCCC Base Layers.
IcePlate, IceVents, IceCase, and TCCC Base Layers are proudly made in the USA.
Our quest for thermoregulation innovation started when Co-Founder & CEO Justin Li came up with the idea of combining medical science he learned at TCCC with athletic base layers during a search for an armed suspect in the Southern California desert where he served as a sworn law enforcement officer. Justin then teamed up with Co-Founder & CFO J.D. Willcox to build Qore Performance into a tech startup whose mission reaches far beyond carrying water. 
About Qore Performance, Inc. 
We design, engineer and build simple thermoregulation solutions to enhance physiological performance and create environmental inoculation for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) users. Our IceAge Ecosystem is the bridge between Human and Machine.