Building A Superhuman Future

Weaponizing temperature to liberate human and machine from environmental constraints

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Weaponized go.

IceVest Class 2

Warm. Cool. Visible. Safe.

IcePlate EXO (ICE)

Turning adversity into opportunity.

IcePlate Hydration Backpack

Cool. Slim. Light.


We design and build novel hydration and thermoregulation technologies that weaponize temperature to increase work capacity and offer a decisive advantage to anyone working in challenging environments.

One of the greatest strengths of humanity is the ability to create tools to realize our grandest dreams and audacious visions. We empower people to realize their full potential in everything they do.

This is our journey.

Join us.

A declaration of defiance.

The IceAge Ecosystem

A refusal to recognize constraints. A collection of thermoregulation and hydration tools designed to help the good become great…and the great to become legends.

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