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    How do I wear ICEPLATE®?

    ICEVEST® vs. Other Safety Vests: Cooling

    Every day, thousands of hours of productivity are lost due to overheating. Whether it’s a drive thru team member taking a break or a mountain biker resting in the shade, the heat is stealing precious time. Enter the ICEVEST® line powered by our ICEPLATE®.When filled with frozen water, this hard cell water bottle provides 70 watts of cooling power, or up to 140 when using two ICEPLATE®s at the same time. What this means is that you or your team will receive the necessary temperature control capabilities to power them through even the hottest days. This saves you time, money, and resources.

    ICEVEST® vs. Other Safety Vests: Heating

    On the opposite end of spectrum, ICEVEST®, when combined with ICEPLATE®, can provide heating capabilities as well. Regulating your core temperature is vital when trying to stay warm, and the ICEVEST® + ICEPLATE® combination provides 52 watts of heating power. With this extra boost, your team has all the necessities to perform in even the coldest conditions. Simply fill your ICEPLATE® with hot water, slide it into your ICEVEST® of choice, and enjoy the unparalleled environmental inoculation capabilities.

    Pro Tip: Having an ICEPLATE® with hot water on standby allows you to quickly switch out the one you are currently using once it has cooled off to minimize time lost.

    ICEVEST® vs. Other Safety Vests: Hydration

    Perhaps the best feature about the ICEVEST® + ICEPLATE® combination is that you get hydration capabilities along with the environmental inoculation, without having to add any weight. Keeping yourself or your employees hydrated is just as important as regulating temperature. When using the ICEVEST® for cooling, you can enjoy ice cold, refreshing water as the ICEPLATE® melts from your body heat. If it’s cold out, one might be reluctant to drink water for fear that it will make them colder. An ICEPLATE®with hot water allows you to hydrate and warm yourself from the inside out.

    Who Can Use ICEVEST®?

    Safety: As a safety worker, you already have to wear a safety vest most of the time.Why not have that vest gives you cooling/heating/hydration capabilities as well? With such an important role, you can’t risk a drop in performance due to overheating or dehydration. The ICEVEST® powered by our ICEPLATE® gives you the tools needed to execute at the highest level.

    Drive Thru: Drive thru team members are often subject to extreme heat or the harsh cold. To keep them safe, employers are forced to switch them in and out for breaks from the weather. Equipped with an ICEVEST® and ICEPLATE®, your team can conquer the environmental conditions previously holding your business back.

    Outdoor + SPORT: Whether you are mountain biking, skiing, hiking, camping, or anything outdoors, the ICEPLATE EXO®-SLK gives you a competitive advantage where none previously existed. You understand that hydration is vital when participating in physical activity, so why not regulate your body’s temperature at the same time without adding unnecessary weight?

    Special Environments: For those working in special environments with unique safety requirements like non-sparking, anti-static, or fire resistance, the ICEVEST® SpecialEnvironments made from 100% cotton is a must have. These requirements often come with stressful or delicate situations, so maintaining your internal temperature and staying hydrated are paramount.

    Prepared Citizens: If you are someone that likes to prepare for any kind of disaster, having an ICEVEST® on hand is a no-brainer. Maintaining your body temperature and keeping hydrated become critical in a number of survival situations like hurricanes, power outages, riots, and more.

    The IceAge Ecosystem

    ICEPLATE®: The ICEPLATE® is a hard cell hydration bladder that is the core for our products. With the ICEPLATE®, we have created a competitive advantage where none previously existed through never-before-seen environmental inoculation capabilities.This all-in-one cooling/heating/hydration solution powers you through even the toughest environments.

    ICECASE®: When exposed to the sun and heat, an iPad will often overheat, leaving its user out to dry. In a drive thru, for example, an overheated iPad means that you won’t be able to take anyone’s order, leading to longer wait times and lost business as a result. The ICECASE® uses conductive thermoregulation, similar (but not identical) to our ICEPLATE® technology, to keep your iPad cool and functioning. We also offer aniPad sunshade for further cooling and increased visibility. For those extremely cold days where it seems your iPad dies quickly, we also have a heating option.

    ICESHIELD®: For those colder days, our ICESHIELD® hand warmers are the perfect addition to your ICEVEST®. If you require bare hands or thin gloves when working for maximum dexterity, efficiency, and productivity, an ICESHIELD® hand warmer is the perfect solution in even the coldest conditions.

    Made in the USA

    At Qore Performance, we have an unwavering dedication to producing our products within the United States using domestically sourced materials. Meticulously testing our materials and products in the lab and field, we leave no room for compromise. Every product in the ICEVEST® lineup is proudly manufactured entirely in-house at our headquarters in Knoxville, TN, with 100% Made in the USA materials.*

    *ICEVEST® HiVis Cooling / Heating / Hydration Safety Vest Class 2 also has a made from imported materials option


    Yes! No need to worry about buying ICEPLATEs to go with your new ICEVEST®. Our ICEVESTs come standard with two ICEPLATEs so that you are ready to go. 

    However, we do recommend that you buy extras since it is very helpful to always have two secured in the vest and two on deck to keep properly cold/warm to rotate.

    We have made cleaning your ICEVEST® as simple as possible. You will first need to remove your ICEPLATE® and drinking tube and wash them separately in the dishwasher – we will provide more detail on this below.

    Once you have removed your ICEPLATE® and drinking tube, you can take your ICEVEST and simply put it in the washing machine like any other piece of clothing. We recommend that you wash on cold and hang dry in the sun for the longevity of your vest. 

    If you prefer a manual approach, you can handwash your ICEVEST® as well. Immerse it in a basin of warm, soapy water and delicately cleanse its exterior with a soft, non-scratch sponge. Remember to flush water through the bite valve prior to your next use.

    As mentioned above, you will need to remove your ICEPLATE® from your ICEVEST® and clean it separately.

    Fortunately, maintaining the cleanliness of your ICEPLATE® water bladder is straightforward, thanks to its dishwasher-safe feature. Simply remove the cap and place it in the utensil section, then set the ICEPLATE® in the bottom rack, cap side facing down. Proceed with a regular wash and dry cycle.

    If you prefer a manual approach, you can hand wash your ICEPLATE® as well. Submerge it in a sink filled with hot, soapy water and gently scrub the exterior using a non-abrasive sponge. Don't forget to rinse water through the bite valve before using it again.

    For an in-depth guide, please refer to the linked article.

    The drinking tube for your water bladder is dishwasher-friendly, so feel free to include it in the dishwasher when you're cleaning your ICEPLATE®. Handwashing is another option, and you can follow the same cleaning guidelines as provided for your ICEPLATE® above.

    If you've observed some condensation build-up that's hard to remove, it's generally not a concern for daily use. However, for extended storage, it's advisable to tackle this issue. The Platypus Tube Brush can be particularly useful for this task.

    For a more comprehensive guide, consider reading the linked article. Additionally, the accompanying video may offer further insights.

    Our ICEVESTs are very simple to set up:

    Step 1:  Just open the ICEPLATE® pouches (on the front and back) and slide your ICEPLATE® into the vets before securing the velcro.

    Step 2: Drape the ICEVEST® over your head and the two curved ICEPLATEs should rest comfortably on your back and torso.

    Step 3: Secure the left side belt strap first, and then overlap the right side and velcro down. 

    Step 4: Adjust shoulder straps using simple velcro adjustments, one shoulder at a time.

    Step 5: Your ICECASE® will attach easily using the swiftclip equipment interface so that you have hands free capabilities while on the job.

    For further instruction, view one of our “How to Set Up” guide videos:

    ICEVEST Black Cooling / Heating / Hydration Multi-Purpose Utility Vest

    ICEVEST HiVis Cooling / Heating / Hydration Safety Vest Class 2 (Type R)

    Not at all! We use hardcell construction to make our ICEPLATE®s exceptionally quiet. We know how important it is to sanity to not have a constant “whirr” emitting from your ICEVEST®.

    Check out our article for a more detailed answer to this question.

    Our ICEVEST® is lightweight, utilizing a structural mesh designed to eleviate the burden of a safety vest that slows you down. In fact, most of the weight will come from the ICEPLATEs inside of the vest. 

    When empty, the ICEPLATE® Curve has a weight of roughly 0.75 pounds or 12 ounces. Considering that water maintains a stable weight of 8.33 pounds per gallon at room temperature, the mass of 50 fluid ounces of water is roughly 3.26 pounds. Following this approximation, when the ICEPLATE® Curve is filled with 50 fluid ounces or 1.5L of water, its total weight is around 4.01 pounds at ambient temperature. Naturally, ICEPLATE® Curve and your ICEVEST will get lighter over time as you drink the water.

    We often describe our ICEPLATE® longevity as roughly half a shift. While water remains drinkable for the entirety of an 8-hour shift, to achieve maximum effectiveness we recommend switching out your ICEPLATEs once every 3-4 hours. 

    Important Note: The longevity of our ICEPLATEs (and therefore your ICEVEST®) is highly dependent on the wearer. For example, a more athletic and smaller build will see our ICEPLATE® stay cold much longer than a person who is heavier. It is also important to consider environmental factors like ambient temperature, humidity, cloud coverage, etc.

    Absolutely! We put a lot of time into making our ICEVEST® as breathable as possible utilizing a structural mesh design. This makes our ICEVEST® optimal for use year-round and in any climate.