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Does Qore Performance ship to APO/FPO addresses?

This is a question we get asked every day: "Do you ship to APO/FPO?"  The short answer to these questions is YES! Absolutely! We ship to APO/FPO addresses everyday. Our website will automatically calculate the shipping price and expected time for you at checkout - this is always the best way to get the most accurate information on shipping. In shipping orders all over the world, we've also learned a few tips and tricks for the best ways to ship things not only to APO/FPO address for US Military orders. So, we thought we'd assemble them here in an effort to help you get what you need as quickly as possible with minimal headache and minimal cost. APO/FPO: We highly recommend you select Priority...

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The Qore Performance Hybrid Direct to Customer Model: Why Qore Performance is not available at your local retail store

Qore Performance is a Direct To Consumer Model. Selling direct to consumer allows us to provide you with the best experience. Providing a great customer experience is most important to us. This also allows us to minimize costs and prevent markups that don’t add value for you, our customer. Here is what that means for each of our customer categories. Domestic United States End Users We sell direct to domestic end-users in Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and Industrial Safety. This applies to both individuals and companies/teams/units/agencies. We take care of you all the time, every time!  Domestic United States Dealers We do not sell directly to non-strategic or non-contract vehicle US Dealers/Retailers, Distributors, local stores or Rep Groups. Strategic Dealers...

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Does Qore Performance ever run promotions or sales (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.)?

Every day we get asked about sales and special promotions. In this day and age of perpetual promotion of all the things, we figure there are more people who have these questions than just the people contacting us, so a single article addressing these questions would be helpful. Let's get started! Q: Does Qore Performance offer any discounts or ever have sales or promotions? A: No, with special exceptions. We do offer a Direct Purchase Program for all of our Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders. Our Direct Purchase Program is valid all year and has no restrictions. This program applies to all US personnel (of course), but we also extend these privileges to personnel in these categories from nations allied with the USA including...

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How to Become a Great Brand Ambassador (for Qore Performance)

We get messages from people who want to be Qore Performance Brand Ambassadors almost everyday. Unfortunately, most people who send these emails have no idea what it takes to be a great Brand Ambassador. Some are just fishing for ways to get "free" product. But if you happen to be one of the prospects pitching us who can bring real value, you may still not understand the finer points and nuance we are looking for in a great Brand Ambassador.  So here are some things we look at when evaluating what makes a great Brand Ambassador and how you can become one. 1. Build an Audience and a Following At the time of this writing, we have roughly 31k Instagram followers and just under 2200 YouTube subs....

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