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Does Qore Performance ever run promotions or sales (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.)?

Every day we get asked about sales and special promotions. In this day and age of perpetual promotion of all the things, we figure there are more people who have these questions than just the people contacting us, so a single article addressing these questions would be helpful. Let's get started! Q: Does Qore Performance offer any discounts or ever have sales or promotions? A: No, with special exceptions. We do offer a Direct Purchase Program for all of our Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders. Our Direct Purchase Program is valid all year and has no restrictions. This program applies to all US personnel (of course), but we also extend these privileges to personnel in these categories from nations allied with the USA including...

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Could you run our Warehouse? Here's how you can tell.

We need an extremely organized wizard to be my right-hand man. Or left-hand woman. It will be fun, if youre super accountable and OCD and care about things like the apostrophe I left out a second ago. If you're not, move right along. Let me explain. There's nothing like shopping for something new. You save up your money, go to the store, hope it's in stock, and if not...well, there's always tomorrow.Wait! Sorry! Wrong decade!...I meant to say as you are half-asleep on your couch, you press a few buttons on your phone and something perfect shows up, as if by magic. Every time.If it doesn't, well, that's when it's time to tell the world that the company you trusted...

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Does Qore Performance build custom solutions for Business and Government customers?

Do you need a slight modification to an existing Qore Performance product? No problem. To address the unique needs of large-scale enterprise and government customers, we created Q-MOD by Qore Performance. Over the past three years we have received thousands of requests for specialty projects. From swimmer cut IcePlates, to Arc-Resistant HiVis Safety Vests, our broad customer base has equally broad requirements that occasionally require some modification of one of our existing products to suit the specific use case. Here are a few items you should understand about Q-MOD projects: We won’t build products outside of our current offerings. If you have an idea for this amazing contraption that has nothing to do with our mission or our current product...

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How to Become a Great Brand Ambassador (for Qore Performance)

We get messages from people who want to be Qore Performance Brand Ambassadors almost everyday. Unfortunately, most people who send these emails have no idea what it takes to be a great Brand Ambassador. Some are just fishing for ways to get "free" product. But if you happen to be one of the prospects pitching us who can bring real value, you may still not understand the finer points and nuance we are looking for in a great Brand Ambassador.  So here are some things we look at when evaluating what makes a great Brand Ambassador and how you can become one. Please note: we are only looking for YouTube Brand Ambassadors at this time, but all of the requirements below still apply. 1. Build an Audience...

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