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Great quality products and fast shipping

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Best Investment Made!

I recently was able to test my recent purchase, the IcePlate. Hands down, the greatest investment I’ve made when it comes to my tactical gear. I immediately noticed the difference between the IcePlate and the standard CamelBack bladder, when I sat inside an up-armored Humvee and was able to you know actually sit comfortably. The durability of the IcePlate is exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a water source. The water stays cool and is extremely reliable. My only issue, and again this is extremely minor, is the hose is a bit too long for my preference. I have the hose exiting the right side of the plate, but I have to weave it back to the left to shorten up the hose length, so that it sits where I like it on the front; out of the way. Again, this is just me being too picky but I love the product nonetheless! Wish I had found this on my last tour! Keep up the great work and ingenuity!

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A must-have for a plate carrier

If you train with your gear, you know hydration is a necessity. There's no better way to carry it than the Ice Plate Curve. It conforms to your body, takes up no space on your carrier or belt, and keeps you cool in the heat.


Qore is a niche company that makes a compelling product, I purchased the Ice Vent Aero from them. Product is clearly well made, and impactful in performance. Especially on a JPC anything extra helps. Excited to try more products.


The IceVents Aero Holster Pad are very comfortable and provide the perfect amount of padding without adding bulk. After a month of use, the pads are holding up great. I highly recommend you give them a try.

Just the right amount of ingenuity

The Iceplate Curve solves the issue of carrying a camelbak underneath a backpack. I usually have to bring a day bag and a water source, but a bag on top of a bladder never feels right. With the iceplate curve, it feels as if my bag is just sitting on my carrier. There’s no squish or wobble. I have recommended this system to most of my buddies.

Nice upgrade

Threw these on some Howard Leight Impact Sports and aside from the easy installation, they fit great, add some extra padding and stay cooler!

Amazing product

The ice plate curve is a must for anyone who works in a tactical environment. A+

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Factory Seconds are the way to go.

The IcePlate EXO MOLLE Cummerbund is a versatile addition to my plate carrier. From what I can tell, there is no difference between the Factory Seconds version versus the first line production version. No difference in the stitching, laminate, Aspetto clip, function...nothing. No difference whatsoever. Same quality product produced by Qore Performance. Glad I went with the Factory Seconds and saved over $30.

Great little change purse!

Best looking s a p i have ever came across.
Holds over $26 of quarters and some credit cards. I added some multicam velcro on the outside to customize it just a little.

Way better than my old camelbak

I picked up the IcePlate sleeve combo because I have had a lot of issues with bladders puncturing or popping in use. At first the cooling feature wasn't something I planned on using at all but after trying it out while running some drills I'm a believer. Love the extra features and durability over the competition.

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Ditch your 🐫

Weight is evenly distributed. Keeps you cool and hydrated. Also can take a beating. Saved my back.

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IceVents Everywhere!

Qore Performance IceVents are the epitome of ventilation and comfort! I bought the IceVents to use on both my plate carrier and battle belt and wow, what an upgrade! No hot spots and no profuse sweating due to a lack of airflow. I can now wear my fully loaded battle belt and plate carrier all day, comfortably. That said, Qore Performance is a top-notch company who produces world-class gear. They also take great care of their customers. Simply the best! Highly recommend.

Absolutely love the Ice Vent Aero. While my temperature isn’t in the right conditions to notice any
real changes. They make and amazing shoulder pad for my JPC but I haven’t had any sweat marks on my uniform

Perfect pad for holster!

Wearing the safariland mid ride for a whole day sometimes is uncomfortable, with qore pad you can work almost without feeling the holster on your side!!!

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Game Changer

I was getting some neck/shoulder pain with the original shoulder strap padding. After changing up to Qore Ice Vents I could not believe what a difference it made. I plan to line my tactical belt and heavy entry kit with ice vents as well!

Great shoulder pads

I have a crye jpc that I wear for 10+ hours at work and knew I needed shoulder pads for it since the jpc lacks in that department. I already have ice vents for my duty belt and knew that I was going to get them for the PC. I bought the aero set because I thought it would look and feel pretty streamlined for my PC which it did. They fit perfectly and add little to no bulk but the weight distribution is where they shine. Because of the hexagonal pattern it really helps distribute the load evenly and helps make it comfortable to wear for my shifts.

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Drink tube

I needed a replacement drink tube for my ice plate curve, this tube is awesome, super high quality and the nylon type cover it comes with is really durable. I needed a replacement threads for the curve as the first one I got didn’t sit in place right. After contacting Qore they immediately sent out the part and corrected my issue. Customer service is phenomenal. Thank you Qore


First off instant I put them on my JPC I felt the difference. They definitely help distribute the weight on your shoulders and they make wearing the Plate Carrier bearable for long hours at time. I’ve also used for pt type stuff and they don’t move at all while running and jumping.

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Still New

Haven’t had much time or opportunity to test the item but it has been relatively comfortable. It holds a decent amount of water and the option to use it for cooling is a plus.

IcePlate Curve is AWESOME!

After years of using camelbacks and various other hydration bladders I stumbled across a video of Qore Performance from Shotshow where the IcePlate was being showcased and I had to try it. I purchased it about a month ago and have used it several times. It is awesome. Works exactly as claimed. You fill it up, throw it in the freezer or use warm water if its a cold day. I installed it in my HRT RAC plate carrier and it fit perfectly. I would highly recommend this hydration solution to anyone considering a bladder replacement or just wanting a quality piece of kit.

Works Exactly As Advertized

Installation video was clear cut and straightforward. If you don't have one already, I'd recommend getting a T-rex Arms Thigh Strap (newer generation with the black reinforcement square) and installing both the Aero Holster Pad and the Thigh Strap at the same time. This will save you effort down the line as working with all the small screws (and locktiting them) is a finicky process.

The instructional video notes that the one wrap retention is optional---this is technically true, but in practice you're going to want to have the pad fully retained with the strap. It's a little more effort, but once it's set up you never have to worry about it again.

Best water source ever

IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Pro Combo has been one of my best punchers when it comes to Military equipment. Finally, I can sit in comfort when I am mounted in a vehicle. The Ice Plate is very slim and allows me to have more freedom of maneuver when dismounted, and there is less sloshing around when running. I highly recommend this product for a direct replacement of your traditional water bladders.

Perfect hydration solution

Got this for paintball. Fits perfectly inside my 5.11 plate carrier

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Hand warmer of gold

Overall love this hand warmer. Definitely a life changer at cold, windy ranges and standing around. The little pockets for heater packs is a great idea and works for small items. Just wish there was a bit more hook and loop attachment to the carrier so it gets better purchase and not pull away as easily.