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IceVents Insoles
F B (Oxford, US)
They work!

Kept my feet cool and dry with good quality socks in a set of danners while running the fields for a large horticulture company. Comfy too for walking long distance. I kept the old insoles in case but no bother. Excited to see how they do in the winter.

IcePlate Curve
Jonathan Hutt (Carbondale, US)
Good water carrier

Used my Ice Plate inside a plate carrier for a 10 mile run. Worked great and kept me cool. I hope a future iteration finds a better attachment method than the velcro straps, they were itchy.

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for taking the time to share an honest review of your IcePlate Curve experience. We are sorry to hear that you found the Side Release Armor Straps itchy, but we wanted to let you know that the Side Release Armor Straps are only the minimum, most basic, least expensive way to attach IcePlate Curve to any plate carrier. They are far from the only option. We have a wide variety of Sleeves, Vests and Carriers available to carry IcePlate Curve in just about any application. Here is a link for ease of reference:

We hope this helps, but please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions. #StayFrosty

IcePlate Curve Standalone
Arizona (Waxhaw, US)
Incredible company and product

Had an issue with a leak. Qore reached out right away and sent me a new one FAST. Wish all companies had this level of service.

IceVents Insoles
J.K. (Tucson, US)
Instagram Handle: lumpia_larpin
The best insoles you’ll be annoyed you need for all your shoes now

Like walking on clouds. But firm clouds, made for quickly venting moisture and promoting airflow. Wish I’d ordered them before the arizona summer but they did great for the tail end of it.

IceVents Aero Comfort Combo
Samson (Cornwall-on-Hudson, US)
Cool and Comfy

Went on a 2 week shooting course with Howard Leight Impact Sports headset and these components improved exceptionally without a show of discomfort from wearing my glasses and eyepro.

IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
Chien chung Lin (Kaohsiung City, TW)
Instagram Handle: atmosphere_kc

很好的產品,幫助我分散、舒緩執法背心的重量,散熱效果不錯(traditional chinese)

IcePlate Curve Standalone
Instagram Handle: d.sarmiento21
Great Customer Service and Products

I purchased a couple of ice plates and vest. I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the products and customer service!

IceVents Classic (6-Pack)
Michael C (Sumter, US)
Kept me cool, but that adhesive velcro isn’t great.

Purchased the six pack. The shoulder pads were excellent. Kept me cool. Kept me comfortable. Easy to install. The classic ice vents worked well, I just had problems with the adhesive strips staying in place. I had read the reviews going in and expected it to happen.

Hi Michael,
Thank you for taking the time to share an honest account of your experience with your IceVents 6-Pack. We were a bit perplexed in reading your review until we realized that we did not include the same notes on the adhesive application on the 6-pack pages that we feature on the IceVents Classic Ventilation Pontoon page. It reads as follows:
'***IMPORTANT NOTE: While the adhesive is sufficient for mild applications, like a day at the range, for more strenuous applications like infantry live fires, o-courses, and amphibious operations (OTB, MIO, VBSS) we strongly recommend having your uniform tailor or shoe cobbler professionally sew the Velcro loop strips to the inside of your plate carrier or soft armor vest. Click here for instructions.***
We have since updated the two 6-Pack pages with the same info and hyperlinks in an effort to make this information easier to find. Thank you for helping us diagnose this issue and we apologize if it created any inconvenience! #StayFrosty

IceVents Aero Holster Pad
Stew (Winter Springs, US)
Feels great

Feels great and takes the pressure from the hard holster plastic off your hip. The Velcro attachment doesn’t hold up well on a duty rig for getting in and out of cars. The enclosed straps don’t work on my safariland holster. Would’ve given 5 stars if the attachment component wasn’t giving me issues.

Hi Stew,
Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest account of your IceVents Aero Holster Pad experience. We're sorry to hear you are having issues with the Velcro OneWrap band. It sounds like you are probably using a Safariland VUBL where the adjustment mechanism interferes with the the Velcro OneWrap band, leaving only the adhesive-backed Velcro squares.

IceVents Insoles
Anonymous (San Antonio, US)
Cool in the heat

These are cool and dry and worked great for active (~6 hours outdoors) exercize in the Texas summer (36C or more).

IcePlate Curve
Clint A. (Brea, US)
Ice Plate is Cooool.

All kidding aside from the title. Purchased the Ice Plate in anticipation for severe hot temps in Arizona while training. Spending a week on the range at temps that hit 100 every day. August is monsoon season, so the afternoon brings the humidity on top of the temps. It didnt matter how much water/electrolytes I drank it was getting to me and by 11am it was brutal. I wore my Ice Plate through the heat of the day and it was a life saver. Best investment ever.

Instagram Handle: Jared_and_Cooper
Ice plate curve

I have 3 ice plates. They are perfect for 6-10 day FTC events. I can easily store them in a ruck or assault pack and inter change them on the go. The quick release is a game changer. I have both the zippered and velcro sleeves.

IceShield Plus
RES (Brussels, CA)
Great addition

This is a great piece of gear. It is well built and super comfortable and yes keeps your hands warm but I also use it to store other things. It fits perfectly under my Ferro Concepts chest rig and looks cool!

IceVents Aero Holster Pad
Andy (Homedale, US)
Inexpensive Solution to a Big Problem

Using one of these on my duty belt made all the difference without me spending 80 dollars on an alternative mounting plate for my holster. I don’t really notice the bottom of my holster digging into my leg anymore. I do think on future designs there could stand to be additional padding at the bottom, but I still give it 5 stars in its current state. I now recommend these to anyone I know in Law Enforcement who doesn’t already use them.

IceVents Insoles
K Park (Oceanside, US)
Best cost to effectiveness ratio insole

Arguably the best insole I’ve tried so far. I wear my boots on average for roughly 12 hours give or take an hour or two and am either walking around or standing the whole time except when I eat, and my feet feel fine at the end of the day. My only gripe with it is that the socks stick to the insole when I put them in my boots, so I have to wiggle my foot a bit afterwards to not have my foot feel like its trying to go through the front end of the sock. I only wish I had found these before spending hundreds trying to find a good insole for my boots.

IceVents Insoles
N Ramsdell (Portsmouth, US)
Your Experience May Vary

The Good - Ordered a pair for my boots, military issue, and they were a 100% perfect fit. High quality construction, lightweight and my initial impression is that the insoles themselves were comfortable, albeit not supportive. I have a pair of Rockport dress shoes and felt the insoles had a very similar cushion.

The Bad - After around 30 minutes of wearing the insoles my feet started to hurt. I thought my feet might need to adjust and continued to wear them. I felt pain in my shins and my lower back. I swapped the insoles into two other pairs of shoes thinking it might remedy the issue but it did not. I do not have enough orthopedic experience to say what the exact problem is but I do have mid/high arches and the problem may rest solely on me.

If Qore makes these with arch support I will most surely be trying them then. Definitely a quality product but unfortunately a swing and a miss for me. If you have low arches or flat feet these may be exactly what you need.

IcePlate Curve Standalone
Patricia Doto (Aldie, US)

IcePlate Curve Standalone

IcePlate Curve
Jordan Staker (Des Moines, US)

IcePlate Curve

IceVents Classic Plate Carrier Ventilation Pontoons

As a current Law Enforcement Officer in South Florida, the summer heat and humidity is something that is a daily battle. I had recently purchased the IceVents for my shoulders and the front and back of my outer carrier. The shoulder vents provide great relief for load bearing. The vents for the front and back are barely noticeable and provide the perfect amount of space to allow air flow without being uncomfortable. I would highly recommend these products and I have also just purchased the vent for the Safariland holster as Qore continues to provide quality products.

Instagram Handle: @pistolero_dreams
Iceplate for the WIN!!

I used my Iceplate for the first time at Average Joes Super Rad Range Day and it sure did deliver great results! Quite honestly it only lasted in the TX heat from about 8am-12pm, which was expected, so I'll be ordering another to keep in a cooler to wear after lunch. Overall great quality that I can't believe I didn't think of first 😜 will definitely be buying more from Qore.

IcePlate Curve
Keagan Lee (Lexington, US)
Instagram Handle: @pkl567
Great product, wish I could have the new one with one way valve lol

Bought it frozen it used it, phenomenal and comfy. Then the one way valve one came out and I was instantly jealous. Can't buy it now but I will when I can I desperately want it after I got the first one lol bad luck I guess. I've been telling everyone at the range and at the factory I work at about this thing! I used it both at work and the range!

IcePlate Curve
Paul Campbell (Blind River, CA)
A truly excellent product but very expensive to have shipped to Canada!

I'm very happy with the Ice Plate. It works exactly as advertized and I have retired my regular hydration bladder! However it was very expensive. In case you are not aware, if a parcel comes into Canada by any shipper other than the post office, the buyer will be hit with a "brokerage fee" which in my case was in excess of $50.00 Canadian! This has nothing to do with duty or the shipping fee, it is essentially an additional rip off fee. Thus, while the plate was fairly priced as was the shipping, once another $50.00 is tacked on that is a very expensive hydration system. I would like to buy another Ice Plate (standalone) but with the one way valve option, but that item would be over $100 Canadian by the time I got it.
Thanks for a great product.

IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
J. Even (Lawrenceville, US)
My most important addition to my tac gear

Georgia summers can get pretty wicked, especially in the sun. The classic version I have, has saved me many times. I play Magfed paintball, we're always in a mixture of woods and bunkers. I don't rock with a plate carrier but my MOLLE vest does have webbing on the inside, so I just slightly modded it to accommodate the ice plate. Needless to say I'm happy with this product and gave me a reason to get rid of the hydration carrier. My vest was pretty much running out of any real estate. But this solved it. 1.5 liters is enough to have during long matches. I would deff recommend this for anyone wanting a hydration solution without all the bulk.

IceVents Insoles
C. Harper (West Chester, US)
Instagram Handle: @cj_daville
A must have, on duty and off

Normally I need to replace OEM insoles because they are thin and having narrow feet, a thicker set helps. However, they always need to be trimmed and they don't always fit across all my casual shoes.
The IceVents insoles have fixed all those issues and more! First they are a perfect fit in all of the footwear they have been worn. (Salomon's, Asics, Adidas, Haix boots). My IceVents insoles were worn on 8-12 hr patrol shifts, training days, 5k runs and all day theme park trips with lots of walking. My feet remained comfortable and dry. No hot spots no aching feet after a long day. I normally don't get excited for something like insoles but they beat every other ones I've tried.

Say good bye to camel bags!

I love the ice plate curve, it keeps me cool and refreshed on those hot summer day! Oh yeah no more warm camel back water! This baby keeps everything cold