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Holding up so far

I bought this for surveying out in the field. I chose this vest versus the other because it has a belt with a couple of pockets. It doesn't have enough hi-vis to be OSHA approved on a construction sight, but I can just throw a regular vest over it. When working on rail roads, sometimes you have to wear vests of a specific color anyway. When standing still running the total station, this is awesome. Here in southern New England it can get up to 95* + with a dew point of 70. If you're moving, you're still gonna sweat and be miserable, but less miserable with this. On days that are that hot, it only cools for about 4 hours, after that I take it off and realize how miserable it is without these. I'm considering getting a second set for that. Also, it takes about 24 hours for these things to freeze solid. They get good and cold overnight in my chest freezer, but not frozen all the way through if used the day prior. The inside of the vest is fuzzy like the outside is to stick velcro. I wish it was smooth like the material of the reflective strips. I find myself hanging my hands on the rim of the plate so my wrists rest against the reflective strip because its a great conductor of the cold to my wrist to cool down. Because I'm almost always in direct sun I'm always wearing a kaki, long sleeve, button down shirt. That with the fuzzy fabric, insulates more than I'd like. I will soak the vest with a hose before I throw it in the freezer so that the vest will be wet when I put it on and be thermally more conductive for that reason. They may have tested different fabrics and settled upon what they have for a reason, but with my gear and environment, I think my idea would be better. This is the only reason I'm giving 4 out of 5 stars. That being said, I am contemplating adding the ice vent pontoons to the inside of this. When I feel a strong breeze blow I'll lift the plates to create an air gap to catch the breeze and it feels sooo good. It will break the conductive aspect of the plates, but allow the sweat and condensation to evaporate more in our humid climate.

Long story short, if you work out in the heat and have been contemplating buying these, just do it. The vest has held up to the brush better than expected, but I wouldn't buy the drinking package in hind sight. I already have a water bladder I wear on my back with these so even when they are melted, so long as they're cool, they still act as a heat sink to absorb heat from your body and keep the water on your back refreshingly cool as well. The more water you keep in the plates the better they work.

Hi William,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a detailed and honest account of your IceVest HiVis experience! We greatly appreciate it.
We thought it might be worth letting you know that the IceVest HiVis Cooling/Heating/Hydration Safety Vest Class 2 (Type R) has two features that could be useful for you:
1. The plate bags are made of a smooth nylon fabric in safety yellow.
2. They have sufficient background material to meet ANSI 107-2015 Class 2 specs.
We hope this is helpful, but please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions! #StayFrosty

Works well. Overpriced.

Function- The product works. You strap ice to your torso and it keeps you cooler. I like it for that. The cooling effect doesn’t last terribly long, so you will need several sets of you want to wear it for a long work day. Be aware that they sweat as they are melting and a pretty steady flow of liquid runs off my Ice Plates and onto my belt line area. I’m not saying this as a negative, just a consideration.
The plate carrier- Its fuzzy like the entire thing is made out of Velcro. It’s more expensive than nicer carriers from other makers. I would just buy a plate carrier from somewhere else.
The Ice Plates- They are literally empty plastic bottles formed into the shape of plates. For what it is, it is overpriced in my opinion. There are no competitors that I know of, so if you want them then that’s just what you will have to pay. (Unless you just put a big cold pack from a cooler inside a plate carrier.)

Hi Matt,
Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest account of your IceVest Black Cooling/Heating/Hydration Multi-Purpose Utility Vest experience. In reading your review, it sounds like you have purchased the wrong product for your application as IceVest Black is not a plate carrier. The product page highlights that the IceVest Black is actually an HSE (Health, Safety, Environmental) utility vest with cooling/heating/hydration capability. It is designed to meet the needs of our large scale enterprise users like Dutch Bros Coffee (for whom it was originally designed) who have requirements that are significantly different from those of our military and law enforcement users, so it makes sense that you find this isn't a great fit for you. If you have purchased IceVest Black for MIL/LE duty use by accident and need to purchase an IcePlate EXO (ICE) instead, just contact us at Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com and we'll work with you to get an exchange setup:

Details can be found on our Shipping, Returns, Exchanges page in the footer of our website.

It looks like your IcePlate Curves are configured for “Cooling/Heating Only,” which means you can’t take full advantage of all IcePlate Curve has to offer: the ability to drink your coolant. This takes the weight and volume of the water you are already carrying and makes it serve two functions: cooling and hydration. This capability is 100% unique to IcePlate Curve. Luckily, you can convert your IcePlate Curves to a drinkable configuration by purchasing some IceCaps and a Source 90 Drink Tube here:

IcePlate Curve is designed to carry water because it has the greatest energy storage density of any PCM (Phase Change Material) at 333 kJ/kg. By contrast, the Paraffin-based (read: petrol-based, so not drinkable) PCMs you’d find in commonly available blue icepacks or Yeti Ice, have an energy storage density of about 220 kJ/kg. Water is 30% more powerful than any other PCM you’ll find anywhere on the market…and you can drink it! Water is the most powerful and most efficient way to cool the human body. So yes, conventional icepacks could be used, but they aren’t nearly as powerful, let alone as ergonomic. Here are additional resources from our IceAge Insights blog if you’d like to dive deeper into the science behind IcePlate:

IcePlate Curve is 100% American made from American materials (FDA Certified, BPA-free HDPE). Full disclosure: we do have counterfeits that are made in the PRC (People’s Republic of China) that violate our intellectual property. They are a perfectly viable option where innovation, safety, quality and American jobs are not a priority. But, like my Dad used to always tell me: “You don’t always get what you pay for, but you definitely don’t get what you don’t pay for.'

We hope this is helpful and we appreciate your support. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. #StayFrosty

IcePlate Curve
Brian Szramowski (Los Angeles, US)
Instagram Handle: Nine
Ice plate curves

Great quality, just did not fit my single curved plate in my carrier, but fit in my back pack!!! So I kept it!!!

Instagram Handle: Eddie_shredz
Awesome product!

Worth every penny, wish these were around when I was in the army! Do it! Buy one!

IcePlate Curve
인제 양 (Yangju, KR)
great ice plate

It is exactly what I want.

IceVents Aero Comfort Combo
Cherry Burger (Colorado Springs, US)
comfort ear

Since I wear glasses and one needs eye protection the softer ear muffs are great.

IceVents Aero Holster Pad
Anthony Syracuse (McDonough, US)
Great addition to your safariland mid ride

Stops the pain from the holster digging into your leg. Worth it.

IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
Stephan Miller (Columbus, US)
Great support

These really made wearing the PC with plates much more comfortable.

IcePlate Curve
Ace G (Houston, US)
A1 Product

The amount of Innovation that has went into Qcore is a Outstanding ! IcePlate is one of a kind Product that provides a and without a doubt a advantage on the

IcePlate Curve
Chris W (Arvada, US)
Great for a motor cop

The IcePlate works far better than I ever dreamed. For background, I am an LEO, and I am on the motorcycle unit. Our agency is stuck wearing wool blend Class A's for patrol duty, and concealed ballistic vests because "tRaDiTiOn." Combine that with the 100 degree days we've gotten, and it kind of sucks - even with the mesh Maxx-Dri airflow vest I have attached to the armor. ESPECIALLY on a bike, with all the heat coming off the cylinder heads. Even drinking 4 Nalgenes in a shift, I felt sluggish and unfocused when it got really hot. I had headaches because I wasn't getting enough electrolytes. I started making rookie mistakes because the heat was distracting. My reflexes were compromised, which is dangerous on a bike.

Well, enter the IcePlate Curve. This probably wasn't how it was intended to be used, but I improvised a solution to put the IcePlate inside the back panel of an old Velocity Systems slick plate carrier I had. I attach it under my Maxx-Dri, and all that under my soft vest. I don't even use the drink function, I just wanted the cooling. Well, now the really hot days are far less daunting. I am noticeably more focused and productive. I am better hydrated, and in a better mood all day. I can usually get about 2 to 4 hours of active cold (seriously, I sometimes get goosebumps and feel like I need a jacket), and another 2 of diminished but still noticeable cool. It's like having my own personal A/C on a motorcycle.

I liked the IcePlate so much, I bought a second one, which I keep in the office freezer. I can easily switch out the plate halfway during my shift, in just a couple of minutes, and I can refreeze the melted one. Now I keep cool for a whole shift.

Sure, it's a little bulky under a concealed vest (I went up a shirt size and it's barely noticeable unless I point it out), and it also causes a slight gap in the sides of the armor. When I'm due for a new vest, I'll account for it. Bullets kill, but so does heat stroke. So does crashing a bike because your focus was compromised. I've never been a heat casualty before, and I intend to keep it that way. I'm almost certainly violating a uniform policy by wearing this, but I don't care. The admins preach wellness, but would rather we suffer heat injuries than switch to a functional working uniform. If they won't help us protect our health, we'll just have to do it ourselves, in any way we can.

Thank you, Qore Performance, for making this product. I'm sure, by keeping me cool and focused, it will indirectly save my life one day, if it hasn't already.

Great cooling vest!

I work construction outside in heat above 110 and it keeps me cool for the hot hours of my day!

Instagram Handle: tennesseeprince
game changer

this is such a must have, they honestly should just sell them together. I dont know of any other companies that make a similar product(im sure there's some) but all Ice Pad products are total game changers. 10 out 10 would recommend to any and everyone. Tell a friend and help them protect their body.

IcePlate Curve Standalone
Yukon Cornelius (Loris, US)
Iceplate Makin It Frosty In July

I use these ice plates in conjunction with the iceplate hydration backpack while working outside in SC. They really work great and I’m looking forward to having an extra iceplate to switch out with the melted one.

IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
Anonymous (Coeur d'Alene, US)
Instagram Handle: @berserker_huey
Excellent product

IceVents Aero are exceptional products that provide the comfort and modularity to be able to wear your plate carrier for an all day training session.

IcePlate Curve Standalone
Dbl R (Las Vegas, US)
Awesome Plate

Use this in this Las Vegas heat and its amazing!!!

IcePlate Hydration Backpack with Cooling/Heating
Yukon Cornelius (Silver Spring, US)
Staying frosty with the iceplate hydration backpack

I’ve been using the iceplate hydration backpack for a coupe weeks now and I’m very pleased with my purchase. I live in SC and the summer is hot and humid. It really helps keep me cooler while working and I find myself using the backpack more than I anticipated. I pull it out of the freezer and use it for even smaller tasks like mowing the lawn and vehicle maintenance. It makes a bigger difference than I thought it would and since I’m using it more than I expected I’ll be buying an additional iceplate so I can change it out.

Instagram Handle: ic3p1ck_
Ims curve

The only negative thing I can say about the ims combo is that the mouth piece being so soft.

Hi Zachary,
Thank you for taking the time to share an honest account of your experience with your IMS Combo. We thought it might be helpful to point out that the bite valve and the drink tube itself are made by Source Tactical. The Source 90 drink tube is simply a collaboration between our two companies which has a unique 90 degree hard elbow instead of the standard 180 degree male fitting that comes on regular Source drink tubes. Also, you can swap out your bite valve for any compatible bite valve on the market today if it is not to your liking. Here are some links to resources with additional details/info:
Drink Tube Compatibility
Source 90 Drink Tube

We hope that helps, but please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. #StayFrosty

EDC Coin Purse
eric scuderi (Baltimore, US)
Instagram Handle: Ezruckus
So awesome i bought one for my wife

Awesome peice of kit. My wife went to el Salvador and no one in the airport batted an eye at her coin purse!

Perfect customer service!

Really pleased with my purchase! There was a small issue with my plate but the guys sent me a new ice plate curve and everything worked perfectly. The fast customer service response was great and helpful. I use the ice plate curve on warrant services and callouts and it’s great. Super streamline on the back of my plate carrier and the molle sleeve it comes in works perfect for attaching my breaching tool sleeves. Overall a great product and company.

Worked like a charm!

Used the high visibility vest with front and back ice plates during the recent heatwave here in Washington. Temperatures got up over 112 degrees over multiple days. Had the drink tubes hooked up as well but didn't drink much from the plates to prolong the cooling effect after the ice had melted. Was able to stay comfortable for several hours and re-freeze the plates each night for the next day. Worked like a charm, wish we had these in Iraq!

IceVents Aero (2-Pack)
Brandon Spencer (Atlanta, US)
Love IceVents

The IceBent Aero has been solid on my Spiritus LV119. At first, they felt weird yet the more I wore them the more comfortable they became. Whatever qore performance is making these things from they work. These have been the best pads I have used for a plate carrier. The IceVents are minimalist, breathable, and slick so they are not digging into your neck. Liking what qore performance is doing with all this amazing gear! I highly recommend these to anybody who wants to upgrade.

A vital asset

I rely on this product to keep me going in the scorching heat while we train. I wish the Army had this as standard issues.

IceVents Aero Comfort Combo
William Chow (Philadelphia, US)
Awesome product, worth every cent.

Gel pads from Noisefighters made my Howard Leight's very comfortable. I could wear it for hours on end. The Qore Icevent pad was the icing on the cake- or the top of my head. And thank you for offering military discount guys, appreciate it.

Amazing company

The service within this company is absolutely amazing. I've never dealt with faster more professional employees.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you Daniel! This feedback means the world to our entire team! #StayFrosty