IceCase: Active Cooling Case for iPad Mini 2/3/4 [Beta Test Product]
IceCase: Active Cooling Case for iPad Mini 2/3/4 [Beta Test Product]
IceCase: Active Cooling Case for iPad Mini 2/3/4 [Beta Test Product]

IceCase: Active Cooling Case for iPad Mini 2/3/4 [Beta Test Product]

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Version 3 now available with more durable foam and sliding iPad insertion!

This product is currently in phase three of Beta testing. To discuss if IceCase is right for your store and be a part of the program, please call us at 703.755.0724 or email us at before purchase.

IceCase keeps your team members operational longer and helps keep your iPads from overheating.

The IceCase Active Cooling Case for iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4 is the direct result of a request we received from Bruce and his team at Chick-fil-A Goodyear (AZ) for a cooling solution that would prevent iPads from overheating during iPOS. Chick-fil-A Goodyear asked us to extend their operational time to one hour from the previous 20-30 minute status quo during the lunch rush. During live iPOS field testing at Chick-fil-A Goodyear (August 2017, 107F outside temperature), IceCase prototypes kept the iPad Mini fleet operational for 2+ hours with power to spare. 

NOTE: actual cooling time may vary based on location, iPad battery health and iPad model (newer models are more efficient and are less stressed by the software).

The heart of IceCase is IceBloq: a quad array of dual-hulled phase change material pods which provide hours of conductive cooling for the iPad Mini. iPads are not cheap and downtime from out of service iPads is downright painful, so we built IceBloq with dual-hull construction to prevent leaks or ruptures in even the most rugged environments. IceBloq is so strong it can be run over with a car without rupturing! IceBloq quickly recharges in a freezer, refrigerator or even an ice water bath in 45-60 minutes.

IceCase is more than an Active Cooling Solution for iPad Mini. Working closely with beta testers including Lance and his team at Chick-fil-A Fair Lakes (VA), we have expanded IceCase's capability considerably. We covered IceCase with a durable loop Velcro field so it will readily accept our specially designed IceCase Hand Warmer (coming Winter 2018) to keep your team comfortable and productive in the cold winter months without the need for bulky gloves. We also integrated twin Stylus silos for right and left handed users to keep a touchscreen stylus at the ready when needed.

In working with the teams at Goodyear and Fair Lakes, we had dozens of team members tell us how uncomfortable hard cases can be in the hands, especially during longer shifts. Drawing on ergonomic handgrip design knowledge gained from our law enforcement background, we built IceCase from a soft, consumable high density foam that cushions the hands and fills the palms for extended comfort. This is the same design philosophy found all over police equipment from steering wheels to motorcycle handgrips to side arm grips. Filling the hands means more relaxed muscles which means greater comfort over a long period of time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the IceCase chassis is designed to be easily replaced over time as it wears out from normal use. IceBloq Cooling Inserts are extremely durable and can be used repeatedly with any IceCase. 

Standard Power Comes with IceCase chassis and one IceBloq cooling pack. 

Extended Power adds a second IceBloq cooling pack.

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IceCase Features:

  • Soft foam chassis for all-day iPOS/Face-to-Face ordering comfort
  • IceBloq phase change material insert provides hours of conductive cooling
  • Guest-facing Menu Retention Slot and Y-Guide Groove facilitates quick menu delivery to guest and makes the "armpit hold" a thing of the past while providing some iPad shade
  • Twin StylusSilos easily hold any stylus for right and left handed users
  • Integrated Camera Port for scanning of gift cards/phone screens
  • Lightening Port allows iPad charging during iPOS with an external battery 
  • Loop covered exterior accepts a of a wide range of future #IceAge Ecosystem Accessories and allows for the external mounting of the card swiper to do double-duty as a handle for IceCase. This card swiper mounting method takes the card swiper off the belt and makes swiping easy, quick and intuitive, decreasing transaction time and removing the annoying belt-mounted card swiper swivel troubles of the past
  • Accessory Channel facilitates use of any card swiper for mobile payment processing. Easily accepts swipers from Stripe, Square, Shopify and PayPal. This feature was designed at the specific request of Dutch Bros Coffee.
  • 100% Made In USA from American materials

U.S. and International Patents Pending. IceCase and IceBloq are trademarks of Qore Performance, Inc.


Customer Reviews

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Cheap product

Very cheap material for a very expensive product. The IceCase works as it should, but the case is already tearing apart after 2 weeks of use.

It works, but it seems cheap

Our iPads have not overheated once since using the IceCase, but one of the cases has become so torn up on the edges that it’s unusuable. In less than a week, an iPad fell out of the case, and it will not stay anymore. For $150, this seems wrong.