ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
ICECASE iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
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ICECASE iPad Cooling Case is 100% made in the USA from US materials

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Cool in the heat. Warm in the cold.

ICECASE iPad Cooling Case cools iPads in hot weather, helping you unlock the full potential of iPad by enabling it to operate in every environment where it can power you and your team, unlocking new opportunities. Completely upgraded for 2023, ICECASE iPad Cooling Case is the world's most powerful iPad cooling case and productivity tool for drive thru QSR, pilots, cold-chain, and anyone who uses an iPad in the heat or in the cold.

Important note on iPad Removal: At the request of our iPad enterprise customers, we designed the ICECASE iPad Cooling Case to be a "one way trip" for your iPad for maximum security and protection. ICECASE is not designed to have iPads repeatedly inserted and removed.

StayFrosty App: This will be released via LaunchPad emails as soon as it is approved by the Apple App Store. This process is unilaterally controlled by Apple. Apple does not provide any insight into their process or timeline.

iPad Pro, iPad Air, Microsoft Surface: We have paused our ICECASE programs for these units due to a lack of demand compared to our current offerings. However, prototypes are complete and we are now just looking for a launch customer to take these models to production. MOQs apply. Click here to contact us about becoming a launch customer for one of these models.

Camera Usage: It should be noted that there is partial occlusion of the camera port for iPad Mini. This can be remedied with a simple switch to 3X zoom while using the camera, still providing the functionality needed to read QR codes quickly and accurately. Click here for the full size guide or see below:


One ICECASE works with four different iPad models (swap adapters):

iPad 10.2 (7th-9th gen)

10.2 inches

iPad 9.7 (5th-6th gen)

9.7 inches

iPad Mini (5th gen)

7.9 inches

iPad Mini (6th gen)

8.3 inches


1. Width 10.21 inches
2. Length 7.2 inches
3. Height 1.34 inches
Weight 10 oz
1. Width 6 inches
2. Length 6.162 inches
3. Height 0.75 inches
Weight 11.55 oz

Download Specifications Sheet PDF


1 x ICECASE chassis
1 x SunShield

Why You Need an iPad Cooling Case

An overheated iPad isn't just an inconvenience for some, it is a direct obstacle to completing vital work. If your iPad is overheating, you have to wait precious time for it to cool down. Further, even if your iPad doesn't get to the point of overheating, the battery life of your device is greatly reduced.

The ICECASE® Difference

The ICECASE® iPad Cooling Case sets itself apart with a wide range of unique features. Imagine working outdoors and not having to worry about your iPad overheating - that's precisely what the ICECASE® iPad Cooling Case offers with its impressive 1-2 hour cooling duration. But the innovation doesn't stop there. The case is designed to operate without condensation, meaning you won't have to deal with moisture even when the case is doing its job. Need to switch out the cooling component? The ICEBLOQ® quick-swap feature has you covered, providing unlimited cooling capability.

Let's not forget about the solid-state design of this protective case - it has no batteries or fans, and hence, no moving parts that could potentially break. This is a testament to the durability of the case, ensuring that it can withstand tough conditions. And if you're thinking about the future, the ICECASE® iPad Cooling Case is one step ahead with its future proof SpeedSlots. These are designed to facilitate the attachment of additional productivity tools, enhancing your user experience.

The ICECASE® iPad Cooling Case supports a wide range of iPad models, including the iPad 10.2 (7th-9th gen), iPad 9.7 (5th-6th gen), and iPad Mini (5th-6th gen). The design is lightweight and compact, allowing for easy portability while still providing superior protection.


Direct sunlight on your iPad not only raises the temperature of your device, but also makes it near impossible to see your screen through the glare. This sunshade keeps the harsh sun off your iPad.




For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew Ray (Minneapolis, US)
Not great

While the idea of this case was just what were where looking for. This cas its less then impressive. Some parts are injection molded and others are 3d printed and not the nest quality. there is no grip to the overly think case and while i get why it is thick it is offers zero grip. you have no way to set it against a RTU and have it stay with out haveing other items to hold it in that position. The heating handwarmer insert was great idea/ concept but doesn't work. it provides very limited warming ability as no air is moving around the warmer so it dies out and you have to take it out and move it around to re-activate it constanly. This is deffeniatly not work the price at all, I would maybe buy it if it was 50 bucks but even that is not a great deal.

Katt Shaffer (Midland, US)
Instagram Handle: @hteao
Smart Simple Solution

As an owner of a new franchise concept that relies heavily on outdoor order taking in Texas, having the ability to use tech outside in temp that often rise well above 100 degrees - we were searching for a simple and cost effective solution. We are a month into utilizing our new cooling case on our outdoor ipads and could NOT be happier with the results. I have recommended this product to our corporate IT department because the product as well as the service from Qore Performance has been outstanding.
Well Done
Katt Shaffer,
Owner - HTeaO Abilene, TX

Jeff Williams (Boiling Springs, US)
Needs improvement

Does a great job of keeping it cool, but needs a hand strap and some sort of hood to keep glare off. For $150 I think it should have it

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for taking the time to share an honest account of your first generation IceShield experience. We listened to your feedback and in the three years since you purchased your first generation IceCase, we have improved the design substantially and customers are loving it! The foam chassis has been completely replaced by an all-new injection-molded case that we designed from scratch. We incorporated a brand new modular SunShield that is incredibly lightweight in addition to be detachable for days/applications where it is not needed. We also took your suggestion of incorporating a wrist strap and straps to clip the IceCase directly into our IceVests for hands-free carriage. We hope you'll check it out!

Please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. #StayFrosty

Denise Gravitt (Tifton, US)
Excellent customer service

They are amazing at addressing concerns and willing to go above and beyond to make things right!

Amanda Harris (Gridley, US)
Great for travel baseball

I prefer using my iPad for GameChanger, but I bought an Otterbox to protect it and it overheated super quick in a game that it wasn’t even that hot outside (my iPhone did just fine) so I started doing research for something that would keep it cool and safe and found this, so glad I did! We have all day long tournaments on weekends, and I’ve already been able to try it out! It does great!! And the nice thing is the ice packs you don’t have to refreeze, putting them in ice water brings them back to normal where they will cool down your iPad. Since the system comes with two ice packs I had one in ice water and the other in the system and I was always protected. So happy with my purchase!