Qore Performance® International Shipping and Distributors

Qore Performance® International Shipping and Distributors

International Distributors

BAD International is the Qore Performance distributor in the Philippines
Militive LLC
South Korea
Action Gear Korea

***Update: effective 01MAR 2023, all distributors are required to spend a minimum of 50,000 USD annually to maintain exclusive account/distributor privileges. Initial opening PO minimum is 10,000 USD***

If you are an International Distributor interested in representing Qore Performance® in your country, please read this section. If you are an end-user located outside of the United States, please skip below to the INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING section.

We are always looking for high quality, disciplined International Distributor partners of ultra-premium brands capable of representing us in any one or more of the following sectors: Military/Law Enforcement/Security Forces, Safety/Devices, SPORT (Snow Physical fitness Outdoor Recreation Travel), and Aviation.

Note: only stocking distributors are permitted to bid on and respond to government/military/enterprise tenders, Request for Quotes, solicitations, etc. Non-stocking distributors are not permitted. 

Qualified International Distributor candidates must already carry/distribute at least two of any of the following brands: Arc'teryx, Ops-Core, Crye Precision, Matbock, Spiritus Systems, S&S Precision, L3/Harris, H&K, Knight's Armarment, Trijicon, Nightforce, Aimpoint, Leatherman, Surefire, 3M, MSA, Schmidt & Bender, On Running, LaSportiva, Peter Millar, Sitka Gear, and Apple. Please note: MOQ's apply.

Here are the steps to becoming a Qore Performance® International Distributor:

  1. Please email us per the instructions above
  2. We'll send you our International Distributor Agreement for you to review and execute
  3. Once we receive the executed Distributor Agreement back and have checked all of your references, we will send you our price list that is specifically tailored to your country
  4. We will work with you to create an opening Purchase Order specifically tailored to your market with your customer knowledge and our existing sales data to set you up for success right away
  5. Once we have the opening PO in hand, we'll send you all of our Distributor media files with approved product photography for you to merchandise our line on your website. Only our photography and our website copy can be used with our products
  6. When digital merchandising is complete, send us the links for review and approval
  7. Once digital merchandising/product pages are complete and approved, we'll send you an invoice for payment
  8. Your opening PO will ship once we receive payment and then we are on our way!

If you are an International customer, we also ship direct to you via FedEx. This applies to individuals and companies/teams/units/agencies, but if your organization requires the use of a purchasing agent or distributor, we are happy to facilitate that transaction.

International Shipping 

How much does International Shipping cost?

Determining your international shipping costs is easy:

  1. Add all of the products you would like to purchase to your cart.
  2. Enter all of your billing and shipping information during checkout.
  3. Boom! Our system will display all of the best shipping options on screen. Select the best one for you, pay for your order and you're good to go!

Shipping costs, duties, taxes, VAT
Updated: 13SEP 2023

As much as we would love to, we have no control over what carriers charge to ship packages and what sovereign governments levy as taxes and/or import duties. The shipping charges displayed in your cart during checkout represent the most cost-effective options available in the market at that time. Unfortunately, we do not have any ability to change them or influence them as these costs are 100% controlled by the carriers and host nation governments. If you see a product you'd like to purchase, please feel free to reach out to your favorite distributor in your country and ask them to carry the product. 

Updated: 03NOV 2022

We STRONGLY urge all customers to use our FedEx shipping options for all international shipments. Please DO NOT use USPS International if you have a choice as they have encountered significant delays and problems in international shipping. They have lost packages numerous times for our customers and often take 1-2 months (yes, months...) to deliver an international package. We recognize that some customers don't have a choice, but if you do, please select one of our FedEx options as customers are receiving FedEx International shipments in 5-10 days consistently. 

Short answer: YES! We ship to almost any country friendly to the United States of America.

In shipping orders all over the world, we've learned a few tips and tricks for the best ways to ship things to just about anywhere internationally. So, we thought we'd assemble them here in an effort to help you get what you need as quickly as possible with minimal headache and minimal cost.

U.S. Allies: we will ship any order to any ally of the United States of America. 

China (PRC), Russia, Iran, North Korea: we will not ship orders to these countries (including any and all SARs and SEZs) or any country where legally prohibited by the United States Department of State under any circumstance. 

Taiwan (ROC), South Korea and any Pacific Rim nationWe internally review orders to these countries and ship on a case-by-case basis and reserve the right to not ship to any country that does business with the PRC at our sole discretion. Extended processing time may apply.

Ukraine, Palestine: We reserve the right to not ship to Ukraine at our sole discretion due to the lack of stability and consistency in the shipping chain to Ukraine. Orders going to Ukraine should be shipped to Poland or Germany. We are not responsible for any issues whatsoever encountered when shipping to Ukraine. Double-check your address and make sure it is complete and accurate. If your package is returned to us because of a failed delivery for any reason, any and all return shipping charges will be deducted from your order. We will email you a payment link for the shipping costs required to get your order shipped back to you a second time.

USPS First Class International: This is the cheapest shipping method, but delivery time varies wildly. If you need something quickly and reliably with door to door tracking, we suggest FedEx. We have excellent rates on International Priority for orders under five pounds, and they arrive most places worldwide in less than five days.

Customs/Duties: We have no control over the Customs/Duties charged on import orders by other countries governments. 

Special Considerations: International Shipments invariably will travel a long way to get to you. While we take great care in packing your order, we always recommend minimizing the time in transit (quickest shipping method) to have the least chance of an issue on the way. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel and refund any order attempting to use a Freight Forwarding service designed to circumvent these restrictions.

Domestic P.O. Boxes: FedEx and UPS cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, so if you have to ship to a P.O. Box, you must select USPS. If you put a P.O. Box in the Shipping Address and select FedEx or UPS, we’ll change the service to USPS automatically because that is the only way the order can be delivered to a P.O. Box.

We hope this is helpful, but should you find you still have questions about your International order, email us 24/7/365 by click here. We always respond in less than 24 hours Monday-Friday. 


  • Christopher

    Hi, my name is Christopher im ceo of MILITARYGEARCHILE (WWW.MILITARYGEAR.CL or instagram @militarygearchile) we want to be ur dealers

  • Edwin Rey

    Buenos días mil bendiciones quería saber cómo hago para abquirir sus productos y vender aquí en Colombia . Gracias

  • Edwin Rey Acosta

    Interesado en sus productos para vender en Colombia.

  • Nami Fujiwara

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is Nami Fujiwara from Nippon Tokuso Co., Ltd, Japan.
    We are company that distributes special equipment to the Japanese government agencies ranging from rescue, law enforcement, military, medical emergency team etc.

    We are interested in selling your overall products in Japan.
    Is it possible to wholesale to us? or do you have any distributors in Japan?

    Please let me know when you can or cannot by e-mail (info@n-tokuso.co.jp) or fax (81-3-3288-3359).

    Thank you for your support. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Nami Fujiwara
    Nippon Tokuso Co.Ltd
    Tel: +81 3 3288 3339 Fax: +81 3 3288 3359
    LEFLASUCC Hirakawa-cho Bldg.
    1-9-9 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo 102-0093 JAPAN

  • jan Noorloos

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    we are the largest distributor in Netherlands for military clothing and equipment and i am very interested in becoming your distributor for Netherlands.

    can you inform me regarding the conditions, pricing, deliverytimes etc.

    i look forward to your response.

    best regards,

    Jan Noorloos
    Noorloos Specialist Equipment BV
    Belgiestraat 12a
    5171 PN Kaatsheuvel

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