Do You Qualify for Our Military, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS Direct Pricing Program?

Do You Qualify for Our Military, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS Direct Pricing Program?


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Qore Performance is proud to serve the Constitutionally minded men and women of our Military, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS uniform services who serve the people of the United Stares first. This special Program Code recognizes your individual contribution to preserving and protecting our way of life that supports the life, liberty and happiness of the citizens of our great nation exclusively. Additionally, we are proud to support US Allies (FVEY, NATO, SEATO, ABM) with our Direct Pricing Program. The Direct Pricing Program applies to individual service members only. It does not apply to unit/agency/department purchases.

For unit/agency/department purchases, please click here to email us and a Qore Performance Government Sales Representative will contact you within 24 hours. Program details are only provided once we have verified your service status. For information on our T&E Program, click here.


To qualify for the Qore Performance MIL/LE/Fire Program Code, you must fall into one of these categories:


  • Active duty military
  • National Guard
  • Military Reservists
  • US Coast Guard


  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officer
  • Fire Department Personnel Official
  • Intelligence Community (Blue Badge only)
  • Emergency Medical Services (credentials must be with an official EMS Provider)
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Special Agents
  • Federal Fire and Emergency Response
  • Search And Rescue (SAR)

US ALLIES: Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Paramilitary/Border Guard, Fire/EMS from the aforementioned Treaty partners (FVEY, NATO, SEATO).

Note: contractors of any kind are not eligible.

Next, you must use one of the following methods to verify your service with us. Either method works. There is no need to use both methods.


1. Official Agency/Department/Branch email account: send an email (here is the email address if you are on a USG computer or network: Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com) from your official agency/department/service branch email account. Signatures with name and rank are ideal and will expedite the approval process. Government contractors are not eligible for this program. 


2. Credentials: click here to email a picture or PDF of your credentials/identification card, CAC or DD214. CAC must be valid, otherwise a DD214 showing an Honorable Discharge is required. For Law Enforcement, a Retired ID card is also valid and/or proof of valid HR218 privileges. Please redact any sensitive information, excluding your name as it will appear on your order.

Once we verify your service, we will reply to your email with the Direct Pricing Program Code within 24 hours.

Orders placed with the Program Code without prior approval will not be processed. Approval is a one-time event if you use your official agency/department/service branch email address for orders.

Thank you to all who answer the call to defend freedom.

We are in your debt.


qore performance military discount 


  • Qore Performance

    Hi Michael,
    We’ll take a look, thanks!

  • Michael Benson

    Have you thought of using to verify military or LEO/First Responder service?

  • Kevin Smiley

    I am a Team Leader on our SWAT team and we are looking at equipment upgrades with extra money we have. Do yall T&E the Iceshield Plus? If so, id be interested in doing so. Thank you.

  • Karl Grosdidier

    hello, I am part of the French special forces, made you prices, or discounts for your iceplate Exo (ICE) ?

    Thank !

  • Sam Messiha

    Sent you my picture of CAC card just want to lake sure you guys get it. The sooner I get approved and of course depending on the discount amount I need to buy this product for my deployment to Africa.

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