Qore Performance Sales, Discounts, Codes, Giveaways, and Promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday: A Different Philosophy

Qore Performance Sales, Discounts, Codes, Giveaways, and Promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday: A Different Philosophy
Everyday we get asked about discount codes, sales and special promotions. In this day and age of perpetual promotion of all the things, we know there are more people who have these questions than just the people contacting us, so felt a single article addressing these questions would be helpful. Let's get started. 

IcePlate EXO Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier for Military, Law Enforcement, SOF


Q: Does Qore Performance® offer any discounts or ever have sales or promotions?

A: No, with one special exception. We do offer a Direct Purchase Program for all of our Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders. Our Direct Purchase Program is valid all year. It is the only program we offer to individual customers. It is valid for U.S. Citizens only. International programs are run at the discretion of our International Distributors.

Q: Does Qore Performance® participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

A: No, we do not run discounts or sales promotions on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, though new product releases and restocks may come at any time. Be sure to subscribe to our email list by clicking here and keep an eye on that inbox! It is the only way to get in on drops and restocks as we do not make those announcements on social media or any other platform.

Q: Does Qore Performance® have volume discounts?

A: Yes, we do offer large (and we mean large) volume discounts for private sector enterprise customers because high MOQs and spending thresholds apply. Click here for more information on our Enterprise Purchasing Program.  

Q: Does Qore Performance® participate in Giveaways?

A: Absolutely not. Giveaways are a cheap way to manipulate customers into trading their privacy for future sales and promotion opportunities in exchange for the possibility of winning a bunch of free product. We always ask ourselves two questions about any company who runs giveaways:
1. If the product is so good, why are they giving it away?
2. If the company and the products are so great, why do they have to trick/tempt you into giving them your contact information?

Q: Why doesn't Qore Performance® have any sales or promotions?

1. We don't believe in manipulation of any kind. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of manipulation is: "to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose." While most people don't realize it, price (sales/discounts/promotions) is the oldest manipulation of consumers.

One particularly nefarious trick that we've seen is to create an artificially high MSRP only to display a "discount" down to MSRP or sometimes even above MSRP. This is perhaps the worst kind of "discount" as it is purely an attempt at manipulation of the customer. It is dishonest. This type of behavior runs counter to two of our most foundational values here at Qore Performance: Living in Truth and Transparency. This type of deceptive manipulation is not how we want to be treated, so it isn't how we treat our customers.

We endeavor to advance American Security and American Prosperity, so there is no place for manipulations of any sort in our orbit. If our company doesn't appeal to a customer on a foundational level, then either we haven't done our job or it isn't the right customer/company fit. The former is not ok and we will work tirelessly to fix it. The latter condition is just fine though as not every customer and every company are a great fit for one another. This is a great outcome as it promotes efficiency and optimization in the market for both individual and company.

Using price to manipulate someone into buying our product based on reasons other than fundamental value creation for their lives, isn't how you dare to be great. It isn't how to Build A Superhuman Future.

2. Price anxiety sucks. Have you ever bought a product from a company only to find they put it on sale at a lower price just a few weeks later? That was a terrible feeling, right? We agree. Our internal customer service creed is: "to deliver the customer experience we want for ourselves." We want every customer to be sure when they purchase from us they are getting an incredible value, knowing the investment will pay off for years to come and without any concern about “overpaying.” 

3. Incredible customer community. We are extremely fortunate to have a large number of customers interested in our products as soon as they hit the market. We know that a major reason for this is that we stand behind everything we make, we do not sell to domestic retailers or distributors (but we do allow certain partner manufacturers to sell our products alongside theirs when we do a collaboration like the IceVents® Aero Comfort Combo we do with Noisefighters). This allows us to take care of you all the time, every time, and we strive to provide you with the customer experience we want for ourselves as we Build a Superhuman Future together. This results in the products we make selling out sometimes even before they are put into inventory (via preorder). Be sure to get in on those...often we do not even have inventory left in the warehouse to put on sale. To get in on new product launches and restock alerts, sign up for our LaunchPad email list here.

4. Reinvest to innovate. Solving complex problems with intuitive solutions requires relentless and perpetual devotion to innovation. We don't tweak things and then label them "innovations" as is so often the case today. Instead, we aim to create paradigm-shifting inventions that deliver meaningful physiological improvements to deliver competitive advantages where none previously existed. This perpetual pursuit of innovation means we reinvest every dollar immediately back into the company to drive research and development to make our users' lives better. Everything we do is focused on what is best for our customer, and every day our customers continually tell us: "keep innovating!"  

Our reply is simple: "Roger.”

5. Discounting is Compromising. A discount, by definition is a compromise and our brand is built for uncompromising individuals looking to be the greatest version of themselves. 

6. Respect Holidays. Days like Independence Day are sacred and should be respected. They are not a time for commercial exploitation. Commercialization of all the holidays cheapens them. It shows disrespect to the sacrifices of those who came before us to earn/warrant that day as a holiday in the first place. 

We hope this article was helpful, but if you have any additional questions, just click here to contact us. We answer every customer email in less than 24 hours during normal business operations.

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