Does Qore Performance ever run promotions or sales for events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Justin Li

We get this question almost everyday and in our day and age of "perpetual promotion of all the things," this means there are more people who have this question than just the people contacting us. We thought a single article answering all of these questions would be helpful. Let's get started!

Q: Does Qore Performance offer any discounts or ever have sales or promotions?

A: Yes, with special exceptions. We do offer a Direct Purchase Program for all of our Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders. Our Direct Purchase Program is valid all year and has no restrictions. Click here to get full details and apply. This program applies to all US personnel (of course), but we also extend these privileges to personnel in these categories from all nations allied with the USA including NATO, Five Eyes, SEATO etc.).

Our Direct Purchase Program is the only discount or promotional program we offer other than the preferential pricing we give to the US Government to be in compliance with US Government contracting laws and regulations. This includes preferential pricing for programs like GSA.

Q: Does Qore Performance participate in promotional days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

A: No, we do not run any promotions on days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Why we don't have any sales or promotions? The answers are simple:

1. Incredible customer community. We are extremely fortunate to have a high number of customers interested in our products. This results in our products selling out on a regular basis, so we rarely have any inventory left in the warehouse to put on sale. This is super humbling and motivates us to work even harder for our customers! None of us thought we'd ever be lucky enough to have this problem!

2. Price anxiety sucks. Have you ever bought a product from a company only to find they put it on sale at a lower price just a few weeks later? That was a terrible feeling, right? We agree! Our internal customer service motto is for us to "deliver the customer experience we want for ourselves, not the customer experience that is convenient for us as a company." Could we sell more product at a faster rate if we occasionally ran a sale? We sure could, but we would do so at the expense of customer price anxiety and we don't want our customers to have any concerns, especially over something like price anxiety. We want every customer to walk away from their experience with Qore Performance knowing they got a great value and knowing that the value of their investment will pay off for years to come.

3. Reinvest to innovate. We believe that solving complex problems with simple solutions requires relentless and perpetual devotion to innovation. We don't tweak things and then label them "innovations" like is so often the case today. Instead, we aim to design solutions that deliver meaningful improvements and to do so in near-real time so as to deliver maximum benefit to our customers. This perpetual pursuit of innovation requires us to reinvest every dollar of profit we make back into the company to drive research and development for the benefit of our customers. Everything we do is focused on what is best for our customer. Almost everyday, our customers continually tell us to "keep innovating!" 

Our reply is simple: "Roger!"

We hope this article was helpful, but if you have any additional questions, just click here to contact us. We answer every customer email in less than 24 hours.

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