The Qore Performance Hybrid Direct to Customer Model: Why Qore Performance is not available at your local retail store

Justin Li

Qore Performance is a Direct To Consumer Model. Selling direct to consumer allows us to provide you with the best experience. Providing a great customer experience is most important to us. This also allows us to minimize costs and prevent markups that don’t add value for you, our customer.

Here is what that means for each of our customer categories.

Domestic United States End Users

We sell direct to domestic end-users in Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and Industrial Safety. This applies to both individuals and companies/teams/units/agencies. We take care of you all the time, every time! 

Domestic United States Dealers

We do not sell directly to non-strategic or non-contract vehicle US Dealers/Retailers, Distributors, local stores or Rep Groups. Strategic Dealers are those who have unique government contract vehicles (example: TLS Primes), industry partners (a company with whom we have done a marketing or product collaboration like Noisefighters or SOARescue) and Dealers with influential marketing capabilities. 

International End Users, Dealers and Distributors

If you are an International customer, we currently sell direct to you via FedEx, UPS and USPS. This applies to individuals and companies/teams/units/agencies, but if your organization requires the use of a purchasing agent or distributor, we are happy to facilitate that transaction.

If you are Military, Law Enforcement or Fire/EMS in a country allied with the United States of America, then click here to see if you qualify for our Direct Purchase Program. 

If you are an International Distributor interested in representing Qore Performance in your country, please contact us here if you are capable of representing us in the Military/Law Enforcement and Industrial Safety markets for your country. Please note: we only sell country-wide exclusivity, individual Dealer relationships are not available at this time. MOQ's apply.

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