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Are Our IceVents, Plate Carrier Cooling, and Drive Through Cooling a Great Value for You?

Qore Performance’s cool inventions are here to keep your team cool and hydrated - high functioning and comfortable - in hot climates. Our IcePlates and IceVents (keep you cool) and our IceCase (keeps iPads from overheating and shutting down) will let you consistently deliver premium performance in hot places. They are designed for you. Are they worth it? With our cutting-edge design, ferocious quality engineering, patenting, and 100% Made-in-America value – even in spite of our “Bah Humbug” Scrooge of a CFO who squeezes every nickel here until the buffalo bellows - that commands a somewhat premium price. But, hey.  Don’t walk into your Tesla dealership expecting to pay the price of a Ford Fiesta and drive off in a Tesla. Sorry. Capitalism...

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Qore Performance Wins Silver Prize in Prestigious FedEx National Small Business Grant Contest

FedEx has announced the winners of the 2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. We came in second out of 13,000+ contestants, winning the Silver! Congratulations to LUX Blox of Galesurg, IL, for its “revolutionary construction toy which teaches kids (and adults) about nature’s design principles through play.” And because we’re #2… “We try harder!” We express our heartfelt appreciation to FedEx for holding this contest and for selecting Qore Performance, of McLean, Virginia. We are proud of our inventions: IcePlate, IceVents and other devices that harness the power of plain old frozen water -- ice -- to revive a crucial enzyme to produce the same effect as anabolic steroids. That yields amazing, unprecedented, super endurance and environmental innoculation. It creates, for...

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How to Become a Great Brand Ambassador

We get messages from people who want to be Qore Performance Brand Ambassadors almost everyday. Unfortunately, most people who send these emails have no idea what it takes to be a great Brand Ambassador. Some are just fishing for ways to get "free" product. But if you happen to be one of the prospects pitching us who can bring real value, you may still not understand the finer points and nuance we are looking for in a great Brand Ambassador.  So here are some things we look at when evaluating what makes a great Brand Ambassador and how you can become one. 1. Build an Audience and a Following At the time of this writing, we have roughly 14k Instagram followers and just under 1200 YouTube subs....

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Dear USPS ... The United States Postal Service's Pivotal Role in American Democracy

This is a note--a love note, of sorts--to the Postal Service. Let’s travel back to the 90s, small town USA. Bombs bursting in the desert air, on the television. Our best and bravest, defending freedom in real time. Do you remember? Together, hands over our hearts, we pledged allegiance to the Republic, to the Stars and Stripes, singing I’m Proud to Be An American at the top of our lungs, meaning every single word and honoring those risking it all. I know you know it by heart, too. My heart still swells when I hear that song.   It also swells every time I open a stamped letter. 50 cents of sweet, sweet freedom. Hear me out.  First, a little civics:...

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Is MailChimp Right for My Business? Customer Experience & Review.

Ahh - E-mail marketing. As an e-commerce (or really any) business, you’ve been told that building and marketing to an e-mail list is the gold standard to gain on-line traction. Remarketing is effective, the experts say. Your customers want to hear from you. Yes? No? Sometimes? The answers are not simple or easy and vary from business to business. Building an effective e-mail marketing strategy takes time, energy, and constant iteration. This article highlights some key features of Qore Performance’s e-mail marketing journey, as well as actionable feedback on MailChimp. Mailchimp is easy to use, and has met our needs (mostly). As our business has scaled, though, we’ve faced some key challenges with MailChimp as outlined below. E-mail Marketing: Declining? Ascending?...

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