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Could you run our Warehouse? Here's how you can tell.

We need an extremely organized wizard to be my right-hand man. Or left-hand woman. It will be fun, if youre super accountable and OCD and care about things like the apostrophe I left out a second ago. If you're not, move right along. Let me explain. There's nothing like shopping for something new. You save up your money, go to the store, hope it's in stock, and if not...well, there's always tomorrow.Wait! Sorry! Wrong decade!...I meant to say as you are half-asleep on your couch, you press a few buttons on your phone and something perfect shows up, as if by magic. Every time.If it doesn't, well, that's when it's time to tell the world that the company you trusted...

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Transitioning from Public Service to Private Sector: Setting Yourself Up for Creativity and Success!

  A Respectful Welcome To You! People who are transitioning out of a military or law enforcement career into the private sectors ask for tips on that or even if we might be hiring. I've interviewed numerous candidates and had hundreds of conversations with friends and friends of friends looking to make the transition from Active Duty or Full-Time Sworn LEO to the private sector (Firefighters appear to be differentially great at setting up Crossfit Gyms while they are still working as a full-time professional Firefighter, so this article may not be as useful for our Thin Red Line brethren). It can be done, but there is a way to set yourself up for success. We are super humbled and grateful...

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5 Things Retailers can do to Outcompete Amazon (Bezos! Do NOT Read!)

Are you a Retailer? Great. We wish you to flourish. Here's a few clever tricks on how. Today's commerce is dominated by entities such as Being a retailer can feel more like "David and Godzilla" than "David and Goliath." But take heart! Here are "five smooth stones" -- meaning, five cunning hacks -- for your virtual slingshot. There are advantages that Amazon can't hack. These tricks of the trade are designed to enable you to outcompete even the most gargantuan of your online rivals. (Yeah Amazon. We talking about you! Jeff Bezos? Go build your lunar lander over at Blue Origin for awhile. Avert your eyes!!!)  So? 'Sup? Master Your Wares! As a "human-scale" retailer you have a much greater...

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Are Our IceVents, Plate Carrier Cooling, and Drive Through Cooling a Great Value for You?

Qore Performance’s cool inventions are here to keep your team cool and hydrated - high functioning and comfortable - in hot climates. Our IcePlates and IceVents (keep you cool) and our IceCase (keeps iPads from overheating and shutting down) will let you consistently deliver premium performance in hot places. They are designed for you. Are they worth it? With our cutting-edge design, ferocious quality engineering, patenting, and 100% Made-in-America value – even in spite of our “Bah Humbug” Scrooge of a CFO who squeezes every nickel here until the buffalo bellows - that commands a somewhat premium price. But, hey.  Don’t walk into your Tesla dealership expecting to pay the price of a Ford Fiesta and drive off in a Tesla. Sorry. Capitalism...

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Qore Performance Wins Silver Prize in Prestigious FedEx National Small Business Grant Contest

FedEx has announced the winners of the 2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. We came in second out of 13,000+ contestants, winning the Silver! Congratulations to LUX Blox of Galesurg, IL, for its “revolutionary construction toy which teaches kids (and adults) about nature’s design principles through play.” And because we’re #2… “We try harder!” We express our heartfelt appreciation to FedEx for holding this contest and for selecting Qore Performance, of McLean, Virginia. We are proud of our inventions: IcePlate, IceVents and other devices that harness the power of plain old frozen water -- ice -- to revive a crucial enzyme to produce the same effect as anabolic steroids. That yields amazing, unprecedented, super endurance and environmental innoculation. It creates, for...

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