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Dear USPS ... The United States Postal Service's Pivotal Role in American Democracy

This is a note--a love note, of sorts--to the Postal Service. Let’s travel back to the 90s, small town USA. Bombs bursting in the desert air, on the television. Our best and bravest, defending freedom in real time. Do you remember? Together, hands over our hearts, we pledged allegiance to the Republic, to the Stars and Stripes, singing I’m Proud to Be An American at the top of our lungs, meaning every single word and honoring those risking it all. I know you know it by heart, too. My heart still swells when I hear that song.   It also swells every time I open a stamped letter. 50 cents of sweet, sweet freedom. Hear me out.  First, a little civics:...

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Is MailChimp Right for My Business? Customer Experience & Review.

Ahh - E-mail marketing. As an e-commerce (or really any) business, you’ve been told that building and marketing to an e-mail list is the gold standard to gain on-line traction. Remarketing is effective, the experts say. Your customers want to hear from you. Yes? No? Sometimes? The answers are not simple or easy and vary from business to business. Building an effective e-mail marketing strategy takes time, energy, and constant iteration. This article highlights some key features of Qore Performance’s e-mail marketing journey, as well as actionable feedback on MailChimp. Mailchimp is easy to use, and has met our needs (mostly). As our business has scaled, though, we’ve faced some key challenges with MailChimp as outlined below. E-mail Marketing: Declining? Ascending?...

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Product Design Excellence Series: Strider Balance Bike

My dad is my hero. Literally. He was born into a poor West Virginian family in the 1950’s. He spent most of his childhood bed-ridden with what seemed like an incurable case of Scarlet Fever. He used education and faith to rise above his circumstances, becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college. He went on to become a successful physician, paying for his two children to go on to Ivy League colleges. He adds value everywhere he goes. He can fix anything, build anything, and can offer you up to date health advice to top it off. He is not only hard-working, he is happy. He wakes up happy, makes people laugh, and has infinite patience....

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6 Tips for Agile Supplier Relationship Management

Creating and manufacturing products that are constantly improved to enhance the customer experience requires agile supplier relationship management to be successful. This article discusses some tips for running a cost-effective supply chain that keeps up with innovation. Time is of the essence in the agile production environment and is the only thing you can’t make more of, so use it wisely. 1. Time is an Investment When first starting a new project, spend the time looking for suppliers. Sometimes using time wisely includes using a lot of time. That might seem counter-intuitive, but the goal is to save time down the road on a repeated basis. Do research now so you only have to do it once (and use it over and over again)....

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