IceVents Classic (2-Pack)
IceVents Classic (2-Pack)
IceVents Classic (2-Pack)
IceVents Classic (2-Pack)
IceVents Classic (2-Pack)
IceVents Plate Carrier and Backpack Shoulder pad with cord management by Garand Thumb

IceVents Classic (2-Pack)

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IceVents Classic Shoulder Pads bring load carrying and ventilation to the next level at an incredibly light weight. Designed specifically for use with Combat Shirts and other collared uniform shirt styles , IceVents set the new standard in high performance plate carrier shoulder pad technology.

What is the difference between IceVents Classic and IceVents Aero plate carrier shoulder pads?

Each Package Includes:

  • 2x IceVents Classic Universal Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads/Backpack Shoulder Pads
  • 48" roll of OneWrap Hook/Loop Tape (matching)

IceVents Instruction Videos

Due to IceVents unique omnidirectional ventilation architecture, IceVents Classic are designed to be worn with Combat Shirts and other duty-type uniforms with collars. Some users might be able to wear IceVents Classic with a t-shirt or other non-collared shirt depending on exact body type and setup preferences. However, wearing IceVents Classic without a collar is not recommended. For shirts without a collar, we recommend IceVents Aero.

IceVents Classic are recommended for heavier, more protective plate carriers. If you are running a t-shirt or other low-collar shirt, we recommend IceVents Aero Plate Carrier Shoulder Pads.

Actual results may vary. Click here to contact us if you have any additional questions!

Bundles and Combos

IceVents Classic are available for:

Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Sterling, VA HQ. Not subject to ITAR.

Patented: IceVents Classic USD887,716S IceVents Classic USD887,717S
Additional US and International Patents Pending.

Versatile + Compatible Can be used for plate carriers, backpacks, IceVest HiVisear protection headsets, gun belts, tool belts, or myriad other industrial and tactical equipment to deliver unrivaled end-user comfort. IceVents' modular and flexible form makes it simple to adapt IceVents to support your application.
Water Resistant + Anti-Microbial Unique channel ventilation creates an effective microclimate for long-term comfort and enhanced endurance.
High Tech Materials Feature exclusive and proprietary Supracor Stimulite impact-absorbing hexagonal honeycomb thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology. Stimulite is used and proven in the F/A-18 Hornet, V-22 Osprey, 787 Dreamliner, 747-8 Intercontinental and leading medical products.
Attachment Mechanisms Hook and Loop accessories enable simple, custom installation.
Increased Load Bearing Capacity Loads are absorbed and dispersed evenly throughout the honeycomb matrix of IceVents. Because the cells are interconnected, when one cell buckles from impact, the walls of the adjacent cells also buckle to absorb the force, similar to a ripple effect. The fusion-bonded honeycomb in Stimulite absorbs shock in this manner and also has phenomenal load-bearing and load-balancing capability as a result of its elastomeric composition.

Additional Features

  • Now with Stand-Off Ventilation capability for loop-lined body armor
  • 90% air by volume, weighs 0.8-1.1 ounces, depending on variant
  • Omni-directional venting keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Plush hexagonal honeycomb for unmatched load-bearing comfort
  • Load distribution architecture that outperforms foams, reducing fatigue
  • Anti-microbial
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Washable (if needed)
  • Stimulates superficial blood flow to improve circulation
  • Hydrolysis Resistance: does not retain water
  • Stimulite honeycomb TPE technology
  • Nylon Mesh Covering for frictionless plate carrier/pack interface
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 198 degrees Fahrenheit

Specs and Details

  • Each set comes with modular Hook and Loop accessories for customizable installation.
  • Dimensions: 10.25" x 3.125" x 0.25"
  • Anisotropic Architecture features three different degrees of flexibility in the length, width and vertically against the surface, allowing IceVents to absorb energy or impact from different angles while contouring the body perfectly.

What is the difference between IceVents Classic and IceVents Aero?

IceVents Review

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IceVents Classic are currently available in Black and Coyote Brown. There are no plans to make additional colors at this time. Click here to join our email list to be the first to know of any updates.

Bulk Unit/Agency/Corporate Orders: For 100 units or more, please email us with your Unit/Agency/Company in the Subject line from your official email account (personal email addresses will not be processed) and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
eric scuderi (Baltimore, US)
Instagram Handle: Ezruckus
Comfort and breathability!

Great padding to ad on to the shoulder starps of your plate carrier or backpack! I may have to try the contoured ones next

Delbert Lineberry (Englishtown, US)
Ice vents

The title says it all. Definitely keeps your shoulders cool. Would have given 5 stars but the price is just too much.

Hi Delbert,
Thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts on IceVents Classic. While IceVents performance and technology are unmatched, this performance does come at a cost, no doubt. This is particularly true when you only think of IceVents as shoulder pads compared to the other conventional foam/spacer mesh options out on the market today. However, IceVents are cheap in comparison to things like on-duty heat/joint injuries that can force time off the job. Here is an article from our IceAge Insights blog with some additional comparison details that we thought might be helpful for you and anyone else with similar reservations:

We hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any additional questions! #StayFrosty

Nick S (Seattle, US)
Instagram Handle: corson.gear
Pretty worth it

After a long day with my Crye JPC my shoulders were pretty dead, these pads fixed the issue. The inclusion of a ton of extra onewrap is a really nice touch that they didn't have to do. I do have to say the price feels a little high for what it is but it's still a good buy in my opinion

Julian Montoya (Colorado Springs, US)
Amazing Pads

These pads are just freaking AMAZING!!

These pads make it fill like you don't have anything on your shoulders they don't hurt as well and they don't get all sweaty. Super easy to take off and put on other equipment that I need it on. I am defiantly going to have to buy more for my other equipment.

other pads I have recived always loos there padding and start hurting my shoulders right away or get super sweaty right away since other pads do not breath like these pads do. these pads allow air to flow through.

Amazing purchase totally worth it!!!

Jill Williams (Midland, US)
Instagram Handle: Jacobyfannon
Exactly as describled

These things are awesome. Before even using them you can feel the difference. The honeycomb allows air flow and the comfort is unmatched. They don’t look out of place and complimented the wear of my plate carrier for many hours at a time. Super easy instal!

Colin Winn (Norfolk, US)
Easy install

Super easy install, comfortable on the shoulder.

Juliet Charlie (Old Bridge, US)
Instagram Handle: @soarescue_le
Long Term Ice Vent Review

So I'm writing this to show others a long term review of the Ice Vent Classic. I first purchased them in December of 2018 and have been using them since.

I've been wearing them 41 hours a week on my outer carrier at work. I work full time in LE and also work as an academy instructor and trainer in the private sector. These duties also require me to be in armor for extended periods.

I have multiple sets of the Ice Vents on my different armor rigs. Both have held up extensively. The material really lends itself to making the load of the armor much more tolerable over an extended period and is a much better alternative to OEM shoulder solutions which typically tend to be very thick with padding. You'd think that a heavily padded shoulder strap would be nice however before switching to the vents I found that after every shift my shoulders were very sore due to the pressure created by the pads. The default pads also didn't do anything to distribute the load and weight of the vest at all. They also created hotspots and didn't have any breathability. This matters when you're in foot pursuits or engaging in other rapid movements with the load constantly shifting onto and off of your shoulders.

Additionally, prior to LE I was an infantryman. These would've absolutely been beneficial when conducting humps and other long-distance movements under heavy loads typical of the infantry environment.

The Ice Vents greatest gift to me was allowing me to replace bulky and otherwise ineffective shoulder pad solutions with a low-profile, user-friendly, and capability-enhancing solution that met several needs I didn't know I had.

If you wear armor for any reason, these should be your first modification. You owe it to yourself and your body. We've only got one. We need to take care of ourselves with better kit setup.

I cannot recommend this enough. It is the single most used piece of kit I have and the most useful outside of my armor systems. You need this, like yesterday.

Sean DeBuhr (Omaha, US)
Shoulder savers

As a police officer, wearing a vest with both hard and soft body armor, it doesn’t take long for the weight to hit your shoulders and upper back. The Ice Vents have taken the load and distributed it well! The pain from the weight of the armor has been drastically reduced!

Peter Meier (Munich, DE)
Great 👌🏻👍🏻

Top product 👍🏻

Isaiah GCG452 (Amelia, US)
Instagram Handle: @pew_collector
Will not add comfort

While these do keep air circulating under your Plate carrier, they will not add any comfort aside from just cooling the portion of your shoulders under your PC. If you are looking for a comfortable pad of sorts this is unfortunately not it. They are very stiff and rigid. Great for staying cool but the discomfort of rough plastic like material just isn’t worth it.

Thank you for leaving an honest review of your experiences. We are sorry to hear that IceVents Classic did not live up to your expectations. While there are tens of thousands of IceVents in use daily by elite military and law enforcement professionals across NATO, SEATO, FVEY, etc., we understand that they might not be the best fit for everyone. As such, we would like to encourage you to contact us via Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com to facilitate a return or exchange for you in accordance with our Return Policy (see website footer). We want to do everything we are able to make sure everyone has a great experience with us, even if that means helping them find the right solution somewhere else. Hope this helps. Thanks and #StayFrosty.