How to Clean IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve

How to Clean IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve

Keeping your IcePlate® clean is simple and easy.  Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve.

How to clean IcePlate® Curve and IceCap:

How to clean IcePlate® Classic: Dishwasher Safe or Hand Wash

Cleaning Your IcePlate: Procedure

IcePlate®, including the hose and Bite Valve/Dust Cover Kit, are Dishwasher Safe.  Simply unscrew the cap (this can be stowed in the silverware compartment of your dishwasher) and place the IcePlate® cap side down in the lower rack.  If your IcePlate® includes our Quick Disconnect feature, the upper portion of the tube can be removed and placed in the top rack. Run the IcePlate® through your normal wash and dry cycle.  

Dishwasher Safe: IcePlate

Another option is to hand wash your IcePlate® with a mild soap and water solution.  After filling your sink with hot soapy water, clean IcePlate® with a non-scratch surface safe sponge (avoid scouring pads and chore boys).  Flush water through the Bite Valve to remove soap from the hose before drinking. IcePlate® should be thoroughly rinsed out. Attach a household rubber band to the top strap loop, hang and let our TotalDrain Technology do all the work!

TotalDrain Technology allows IcePlate to dry completely all by itself

Cleaning Your Tube

Either of the above options work for cleaning your tube as well.  Many users have noted that condensation builds up within the tube and can be difficult to remove.  This is not particularly problematic for day to day use, but the tube should be thoroughly dried prior to long-term storage.  For these purposes, we recommend using the Platypus Tube Brush. The Platypus Tube Brush is a thin brush that is attached to a long piece of wire.  It can currently be purchased as part of the Platypus Cleaning Kit (Please Note: the larger brush that comes with this kit does not fit into the mouth of the IcePlate®; it can be used to scrub the outer portion at best).  

Platypus Tube Brush

When cleaning the Quick Disconnect version of our IcePlate®, remove the Bite Valve/Dust Cover from the upper portion of the tube.

Remove Dust Cover from upper portion of QD tube

Run the length of the Tube Brush through the tube and remove.  This will dry out the condensation particles.

Insert Tube Brush into Tube

For the portion of the tube attached to the IcePlate®, remove the female QD piece from the tubing.

Remove Female QD from lower hose portion

Insert the Tube Brush.

Insert Tube Brush into lower portion of the tube

Hang the IcePlate® and tubing to dry completely before long term storage.  Reassemble before use.

What other techniques have you used to clean your IcePlate®?  We look forward to reading your comments below!

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