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How to Sew Adhesive Loop Strips onto your Plate Carrier to install IceVents Body Armor Ventilation Pontoons

Sewing the adhesive loop strips included with IceVents Body Armor Ventilation Pontoons is super easy. First, place the adhesive loop strips toward the edge of the inside panel of you plate carrier so that when IceVents are installed, the edge of the IceVents are at the edge of the plate carrier to allow air to flow through the IceVents. The lines in the picture below indicate the sewing lines: Here is an image showing where the stitch lines would be with the IceVents installed. Stitch the adhesive loop strips only. Do not stitch the IceVents themselves. The image below is for demonstration/reference purposes only.  

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How to Prevent Heat Injuries in Military Training

Summary Exertional Heat Illness (EHI) fundamentally negatively impacts warfighter performance.  This paper references independent scientific and military research to summarize the impact of conductive cooling in preventing exertional heat illness and providing an operational advantage to the individual warfighter. Exertional Heat Illness: A Significant Threat According to the March 2017 Department of Defense Medical Surveillance Monthly Report, “heat-related illness remains a significant threat to the health and operational effectiveness of military members and their units and accounts for considerable morbidity, particularly during recruit training in the U.S. military [1].” In 2016, there were 2,536 documented cases of heat illness, 406 of which were a severe form of heat illness known as heat stroke [1]. The effects of heat stroke go...

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Logistics Magic: This Water Bottle Could Save Lives, Keep Soldiers Out of Harms Way

Among IcePlate’s various redeeming features, space efficiency remains at the top of the list. IcePlates nestle together, eliminating wasted space, and maximizing cube utilization. When water is mission critical and not easily accessible, optimizing the transport of potable water equates to saved time and money for your team. To illustrate this more effectively, we’ll compare the cube utilization of IcePlate to bottled water. For simplicity’s sake, we are going to make several assumptions: We won’t take into account the space lost by the containers themselves (those are considered usable space in our calculations). We will also disregard the space lost immediately surrounding the caps. We are assuming neither the IcePlates nor the bottled water are sub-packaged. Let’s imagine that we...

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Do IceVents Work with my Plate Carrier? The IceVents Plate Carrier Compatibility Guide

IceVents are the lightest, most advanced shoulder pad for plate carriers and packs ever made. IceVents Plate Carrier/Pack Shoulder Pads will fit any pack, ruck or plate carrier thanks to their unique and proprietary modular slit design.

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