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Does IcePlate Work with my Plate Carrier? Plate Carrier Compatibility Chart for IcePlate

"Does IcePlate work with my (insert plate carrier make/model here) plate carrier?" ***NOTE: this article is for the original Gen 1 and Gen 2 IcePlate design only. This article does not apply to IcePlate Curve. We are working on that article, so stay tuned! This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Qore Performance. We consolidated this information into a single living (continuously updated) resource to help answer this question for the entire IcePlate Community.  This IcePlate/Plate Carrier Compatibility Chart is a community asset. The more people who contribute their knowledge/experience, the more valuable it becomes to the IcePlate Community. Think big data/machine learning but for IceAge Insights. A few minutes of your time could help...

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Hydration Bladder/IcePlate Hose Compatibility Guide

Here at Qore Performance, we want you to get the most out of your equipment.  As such, we have have created this Quick Disconnect and Hose Compatibility Guide.  In the following post we’ll answer these frequently asked questions: What are some of the common hoses that are compatible with my IcePlate Quick Disconnect Kit? What other common hydration gadgets work with my IcePlate? Will these gadgets fit into or onto the IcePlate hose? (Note: the majority of these items can be purchased directly off the shelf at your local REI). Compatibility Cheat Sheet IcePlate Compatible? CamelBak Crux Insulated Tube  ✔️ CamelBak HydroLink Tube Kit  ❌ CamelBak Mil Spec Antidote Replacement Tube  ✔️ HydraPak ArcticFusion Tube Kit ✔️ HydraPak Hydrant Tube Kit ✔️...

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Staying Cool in the Hot Zone: Preventing Heat Incidents with Cooling in the CBRNE/HAZMAT Environment

I worked in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRNE) Defense world for three years within the Army. I’ve worked the last three years as a full-time HAZMAT Urban Search and Rescue Technician/Medic. Throughout these roles, I have spent well over 100 hours in a HAZMAT suit and hundreds more treating and monitoring soldiers for heat related injuries. Overheating is the most common injury associated with wearing one of these tarp-like protection suits.  Rescue Team about to enter the Hot Zone in 103 degree (F) weather. Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! Let’s walk through a common HAZMAT work scenario to give you a picture of these extreme conditions: As you work beside your HAZMAT teammates, you start...

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Elite Special Operators Move Quicker with IcePlate

Always give more than you take. Put six water bottles in your backpack, then see how quickly you can turn. Find out how elite special operators can move using less energy with IcePlate, boosting endurance. A great attitude to acquire in life and an even greater attitude to use in product design.   The design of the IcePlate epitomizes this philosophy.  1" in width, the size of a medium SAPI plate, worn close to the body.  These features allow you to carry 50 ounces of water in the most efficient way on the market. Introduction By the time I reached the 5th grade, my family had moved six times.  From an early age, I learned the art of moving boxes...

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