IcePlate FAQ: a deeper dive into the why, the science, and the design of the worlds most capable water bottle

IcePlate FAQ: a deeper dive into the why, the science, and the design of the worlds most capable water bottle

1. Why Medium ESAPI?
Two reasons: first, to provide a conformal fit with Medium ESAPI armor plates for the thinnest profile plate carrier hydration system on the market today that can also provide powerful body armor cooling and heating. Second, the Medium ESAPI geometry fits roughly 80% of the US population, making it far and away the most efficient geometry for us to use to provide the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people at the lowest cost.

Click here to learn more about the differences between SAPI vs ESAPI plate geometry.

2. Why does IcePlate carry water instead of PCM like those blue ice packs at the grocery store?
IcePlate Curve carries water because it has the greatest energy storage density of any element on the Periodic Table at 333 kJ/kg. You can also drink it! By contrast, the Paraffin-based (petroleum) PCMs you’d find in commonly available blue icepacks or the plant-based PCMs you'd find in Yeti Ice or even our own IceBloq, have an energy storage density of about 220 kJ/kg. Water is 30% more powerful than any other PCM you’ll find anywhere on the market. Did we mention you can drink it? Water is simply the most powerful and most efficient way to cool the human body, however, you can fill your IcePlate with PCM on your own if that is your thing.

3. What is the IceCap QD Water Bottle Adapter? Why is it threaded for Dasani water bottles? Why not SmartWater?
Coca-Cola sells more than 315,000,000,000 bottled beverages around the world, every year. This makes their 28-410 thread standard, the same one found on our IceCap, the most prolific on earth by a large margin. This gives you the highest probability of being able to create an improvised hydration bladder anywhere in the world using our IceCap, Source 90 Drink Tube, and any bottle from one of Coca-Cola's more than 500 beverage brands. Also, we designed IceCap in 2017, so before they decided to crazy with their woke policies.

4. Will you make IcePlate Curve in larger sizes? Profile?
Eventually, we'll make larger sizes in the ESAPI (9.5" x 12.5" ratio) profile.

5. Where does the 140 watt number come from? Who did the research?
A pair of IcePlate Curves pack a staggering 140 watts of combined cooling power (70 watts per IcePlate Curve) when frozen. Thanks to research funded by TRADOC and USASOC, and conducted by Stanford University and the CDC over 25+ years, we know this is how much power is required to prevent heat injuries in CBRNE/MOPP gear in even the hottest climates on earth. Here are links to articles from our IceAge Insights blog that take a deeper dive into human thermoregulation, heat injury prevention, and body armor cooling:
How The Human Body Cools Itself
How to Prevent Heat Injuries in Military Training

How to Stay Cool Under Body Armor: the Science Behind Body Armor Cooling for Military and Law Enforcement
The Physics Behind IcePlate Curve

6. What does 140 watts mean to me?
To equate the amount of energy a pair IcePlate Curves hold to batteries, we use Ohm’s Law, which requires two known values (in this case watts and voltage) to determine the mAh and quantity equivalent.  We achieve this by first dividing the watts of the IcePlate Curves by the voltage of the battery to receive an Amps rating. The second step is to divide the amps by the milliamp rating of the battery to determine the quantity of batteries the IcePlate Curves are equal: 

18650 Battery is 3.7 volts / 2600 mAh capacity = 14 ea batteries

CR123 battery is 3 volts / 1500 mAh capacity = 31 ea batteries

In other words, a pair of IcePlate Curves store roughly the same amount of energy at 31 x CR123 batteries or 14 x 18650 batteries! 

7. How was IcePlate born?
During a search for an armed suspect in Pine Valley, CA. Click here to read the full details of our Origin Story.

8. Will you make an IcePlate cooling solution for dogs?

9. Will you make an IcePlate harness for horses?

10. Will you make smaller size IcePlates? Side SAPI IcePlates?
We have not made a final decision on this yet as we are focused on building larger size IcePlates for now.

11. Where is IcePlate manufactured and what is it made from?
IcePlate Curve is 100% American made from American materials (FDA Certified, BPA-free HDPE). Full disclosure: we do have counterfeits that are made in the PRC (People’s Republic of China) that violate our intellectual property. They are a perfectly viable option where innovation, safety, quality and American jobs are not a priority. But, like my Dad used to always tell me: “You don’t always get what you pay for, but you definitely don’t get what you don’t pay for.' 

12. Who can use IcePlate Curve?
Anyone! From Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, hikers, drive thru/QSR teams, people mowing their lawns, Range Safety Officers, Crossing Guards, CBRNE/HAZMAT technicians, ski patrol, cold storage, critical cold chain technicians, oil & gas fields, ramp workers, the possibilities are literally endless.

13. How do you wear IcePlate Curve?
Easy! Here is an article from our IceAge Insights blog with full details on all the ways you can wear IcePlate Curve.

14. Can IcePlate Curve be used for plate carrier hydration?
Absolutely. Here is an article from our IceAge Insights blog with complete details on our two best IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve systems for plate carrier hydration: IMS vs IMS Pro.

15. Can I mount IcePlate to my issued body armor?
Yes! Click here for details.

16. Can IcePlate Curve be used for body armor cooling? Heating?
Absolutely! That is what it was originally designed to do. Click here for more details to find out why IcePlate is the most effective heat injury prevention tool for military and law enforcement training.


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