What is the difference between IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve? Medium SAPI vs Medium ESAPI?

What is the difference between IcePlate® Classic and IcePlate® Curve? Medium SAPI vs Medium ESAPI?

UPDATE 14SEP 2023: ICEPLATE® Classic has been permanently discontinued and is no longer available. It has been completely replaced by ICEPLATE® Curve.

Customers ask us all the time: "What is the difference between IcePlate® Classic (Gen 2) and IcePlate® Curve (Gen 3)?" So we built this convenient chart to answer the question and help you make the best decision for your IcePlate® application. If you are interested in learning more about the design evolution of the IcePlate® Family, click here.

BLUF: IcePlate® Classic is ideal for more edge case body types: petite and/or larger frame individuals. IcePlate® Curve is ideal for the large part of the Bell Curve, or individuals with more athletic frames/body types. 

IcePlate Classic vs IcePlate Curve

Classic Curve
Dimensions 10 x 12 x 1 (WxHxD)  9.5 x 12.5 x 1 (WxHxD)
Shape Medium SAPI Medium ESAPI
Geometry Flat Multi-Curve
Capacity 50oz/1.5L 50oz/1.5L
Cooling Power 70 watts 70 watts
No. of Fill Ports 2 1
Thread Standard 20-410 28-410
Max Hot Water Temp 190F 190F
Material FDA-Certified, BPA-Free HDPE FDA-Certified, BPA-Free HDPE
Modes Drinkable or Closed Drinkable and Closed
Total Drain Technology
Integrated Strap Loops
Universal QD
Pelican/Yeti optimized
Back Face Deformation Protection
Made in USA
Backpack/EDC optimized
Q-Hex Baffle x
IceCap/Dasani compatible x
Magnetic Freezer Cap x
Fill Line x
Overfill-prevention Recess x
90 Degree Hard Elbow x

Above: IcePlate® Curve features multi-curve geometry facing the body compared to the flatter profile of IcePlate® Classic.

What is the difference between IcePlate Curve and IcePlate ClassicStill have questions or aren't sure which solution is best for you? Give us a shout anytime: 703.755.0724 or click here to send us an email. Our email response time is always less than 24 hours, but typically we are much faster than that. 


  • Qore Performance

    Hi Rob,
    Thank you SO MUCH for brining that error to our attention! We cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. Though we strive for perfection, alas we are human and we do miss things. We recently updated the Shopify theme for our website and it messed some of our spacing and formatting up, including some characters as seen in this article. We just fixed it, but we really appreciate you taking the time to let us know! #StayFrosty

  • Rob

    Hi. I am a little confused by your chart. Typically speaking an ‘X’ indicates the lack of a feature while a check mark indicates the presence. Your videos and the chart are at direct odds with one another. This video, https://www.qoreperformance.com/collections/iceplate-featured/products/iceplate, says that the curve has Q-hex baffling, total drain technology, universal QD, IceCap compatibility, 90 degree elbow, etc. While your ‘convenient’ chart implies the presence of none of these features.

  • Qore Performance

    Hi Jay,
    The IcePlate Sleeve Combo is the way to go with both HSP FlatPacks. You can run the IcePlate Curve solo inside the main compartment or you can MOLLE the IcePlate Sleeve to the outside of both FlatPacks for maximum versatility. Here is an article with more details:

  • JAy

    Which would work better in a Haley Flatpack Plus – Classic or Curved

  • Qore Performance

    Hi Wendy,
    For your application, we would recommend IceVest Black. It holds two IcePlate Curves and in your application, should last at least half a day since there will be no direct sunlight exposure combined with a low to moderate work load (for context, combat is considered a heavy workload, Crossfit is considered moderate because of the lack of PPE). You can find IceVest Black here:

    It is built from a soft loop-covered fabric that is comfortable for all day wear and will absorb and disperse any condensation. Since condensation is climate-dependent, you won’t have much working in an air-conditioned office setting (A/C removes humidity). Hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any additional questions: Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com or 703.755.0724. #StayFrosty

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