Backpack Compatibility: Does IcePlate Classic work with my EDC/Travel backpack?

Backpack Compatibility: Does IcePlate Classic work with my EDC/Travel backpack?

IcePlate is ticehe perfect hydration solution for Vertx Gamut EDC packs

IcePlate was originally designed with a specific mission: cool soldiers under body armor. Shortly after launch in August 2016, we started to discover a wide variety of new uses and applications for IcePlate. Some of these new applications were things we discovered randomly like how well IcePlate fits in seat-back pockets of commercial airplanes, making it a great companion for any flight over 2-3 hours and a mandatory companion for any flight over four hours. Other applications like Firefighter Rehab, were discovered by our friends and industry partners like SOARescue. If you are looking for a resource on standalone IcePlate carriers, check out our article "How do I wear IcePlate?" here.

IcePlate Backpack Compatibility Chart
Feature Hydration Only (IcePlate fits inside Hydration Compartment) Cooling + Hydration: IcePlate on Shoulder Straps
5.11 Covrt Boxpack ✔️ ✔️
5.11 Covrt 18 ✔️ ✔️
5.11 All Hazards Prime ✔️ ✔️
5.11 Dart 18 ✔️ ✔️
5.11 Havoc 30 ✔️
5.11 Ignitor ✔️
5.11 Rapid Quad Zip ✔️
5.11 RUSH 12 ✔️
5.11 RUSH 24 ✔️ ✔️
5.11 RUSH 72 ✔️ ✔️
GO RUCK bullet Ruck ✔️
GO RUCK Echo ✔️ ✔️
GO RUCK GR1 ✔️ ✔️
GO RUCK GR2 ✔️ ✔️
GO RUCK GR3 ✔️ ✔️
GO RUCK Rucker ✔️ ✔️
Haley Strategic Partners Flat Pack* ✔️
Haley Strategic Partners Flat Pack Plus* ✔️
Mystery Ranch Urban Assault ✔️ ✔️
Ogio Metro ✔️ ✔️

Osprey EXOS Series


SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack


Sportiva Frame Pack


Silent Pocket 20L Faraday Backpack

✔️ ✔️
Vertx EDC Commuter XL Sling ✔️
Vertx EDC Courier
Vertx EDC Gamut ✔️ ✔️
Vertx EDC Gamut Plus ✔️ ✔️
Vertx EDC Ready Pack ✔️ ✔️
Vertx EDC Essential Bag ✔️
Vertx EDC Commuter Sling ✔️
Vertx EDC Transit Sling ✔️

One of our favorite "non-body armor" applications discovered after launch is the role of backpack hydration system. This use case leverages the thin, flat profile of IcePlate to maximize storage/packing density while carrying more water in less cube space. This may sound like a nuanced concept, but wait until you slide an IcePlate into your favorite backpack (we recommend Vertx and Haley Strategic Partners for your EDC and tactical pack requirements) and notice how much more space you have (while having the option to carry nearly 2x more water than a Nalgene or other legacy bottle) for other essential items like your laptop, noise cancelling headphones, charging cables and external batteries. The "water bottle bulge" is a thing of the past. You never knew life on the go could be so good!

*Haley Strategic Partners FlatPack and FlatPack Plus with IcePlate Curve

IcePlate Sleeve Combo mounted on Haley Strategic FlatPack Plus via MOLLE

Above: IcePlate Sleeve Combo is compatible with the Haley Strategic FlatPack and FlatPack Plus

IcePlate Curve mounted to Haley Strategic FlatPack Plus

Above: IcePlate Curve mounted to a Haley Strategic FlatPack Plus.

IcePlate with HSP FlatPack

IcePlate integrates perfectly with the FlatPack and FlatPack Plus by Haley Strategic Partners

Above: HSP FlatPack: run MOLLE through integrated IcePlate Strap Loops

Below: HSP FlatPack Plus: run MOLLE through integrated IcePlate Strap Loops or inside main compartment

Haley Strategic Partners FlatPack and FlatPack Plus integration with IcePlate

Photo Credit: Haley Strategic Partners

Haley Strategic Partners Flat Pack Plus with IcePlate inside main compartment

IcePlate inside Haley Strategic Partners FlatPack Plus main compartment Coyote Tan

*N.B. on Haley Strategic Flat Pack Plus: IcePlate does not fit inside the hydration pockets of the HSP FlatPack and FlatPack Plus. It only fits inside the main compartment of the HSP FlatPack Plus. To run IcePlate with the HSP FlatPack, run the MOLLE through the integrated IcePlate Strap Loops. The ideal integration for the HSP FlatPack and FlatPack Plus is to run it like this:

Haley Strategic Partners FlatPack Plus with IcePlate integration

IcePlate integrates perfectly with the Haley Strategic Partners FlatPack Plus

Photo Credit: Jason Demo

One of our key design philosophies here at Qore Performance is to make every attempt to "future-proof" our designs and make our entire ecosystem as cross-compatible and interoperable as possible. Our Upgrade Bundle is a perfect example of that design philosophy. If you own a Standard IcePlate (no Quick Disconnect) and are looking to plus up your capabilities, we now offer the Upgrade Bundle to retrofit your Standard IcePlate with a Dust Cover Kit, On/Off Valve, Quick Disconnect and Anti-Kink Spring Kit. This is ideal for users who carry their IcePlate with them in and EDC capacity or for travelers and frequent flyers who use IcePlate with Vertx Backpacks as their carry-on bag. 

If you don't see your backpack on this chart, please email us your knowledge/experience with your specific IcePlate/pack combo. If you include pictures and we use them on this post, then we'll even send you some swag totally on us! We'll add this new info to the chart for the benefit of the entire community. The Backpack Compatibility Chart, like our Plate Carrier Compatibility Chart, is a community asset and will be updated continuously. Thank you for your help!

IcePlate/Backpack interfaces from the field:

Phil S. - SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack (24AUG 2018)

From Phil:

1. "The IcePlate does not fit in the hydration reservoir, the plate is too big. I Jimmy-rigged it on the trail by making a needle and thread out of a fishhook and line to shorten the retaining strap on the Ninja so the IcePlate rides higher and fits more snug"

2. "The 27" hose that comes with the disconnect is just a wee bit short on this set up, if it was 30" that would be perfect. As it is I have to turn my head about 75 degrees. That being said this length also does not dangle or interfere in normal use. So I would not get a longer house because this is 100% functional and stats out if the way. (Like you designed it, I suppose)"

IcePlate outdoor user Phil S. using IcePlate in the backcountry with the SOG Ninja Day Backpack

IcePlat backpacking customer Phil S. using his IcePlate with the SOG Ninja Tactical Day Backpack

Jason D. - Vertx EDC Commuter Sling (03SEP 2018)

From Jason:

1. "IcePlate will fit in the hidden compartment of the EDC Commuter Sling it also fits inside the inner zippered pocket within that compartment that is for your armor insert."

2. "IcePlate fits inside that inner zippered pocket for the actual armor WITH armor in it. You should be able to carry it in the hidden compartment, in the armor pocket, or in the armor pocket with armor."

Vertx EDC Commuter Sling with IcePlate Inside 

Tyler C. - Ogio Metro & Sportiva Frame Pack (12FEB 2019)

From Tyler:

1. "Here are those pictures of the unit rigged up in my frame pack. Also sent some of it in my OGIO bag, iceplate fits securely in the laptop sleeve in the main compartment and hose runs out the hole for your headphone wires. Took it on a hike this weekend, worked great and as expected."  

2. "The cool thing about your product is the versatility, another way I plan to use it is in the airplane when I start taking lessons again. I’m always thirsty so always have a water bottle with me, problem is in most small airplanes there’s no cup holders so your fumbling around with a bottle while your trying to fly the plane. With your product you can put it in the pocket on the back of the seat or Velcro it to the rods in the adjustable head rest (seats are similar to a car seat with a head rest or a map pocket on the back of the drivers seat). The iceplate is secured to your seat back and you can run the hose up over your shoulder and clip to your shirt. This way it only takes one hand to grab a drink and your not fumbling around with a water bottle risking dropping it and having it get lodged under one of your pedals which control the airplane and could cause a very bad day."

Sportiva Frame Pack with IcePlate

Ogio Metro with IcePlate

Ogio Metro with IcePlate

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