How to wear an IcePlate?

Justin Li

IcePlate has expanded well beyond the exclusive domain of military/warfighter use. IcePlate now protects tens of thousands of people across dozens of industries and applications in an equal number of countries. This diverse use pool has driven us to create an equally diverse ecosystem of IcePlate carriers.

This article is about standalone systems to wear/use IcePlate, but if you want to know how IcePlate works with backpacks or armor, check out our articles on IcePlate Backpack Compatibility and IcePlate Plate Carrier Compatibility. If you are a travel enthusiast or road warrior, then this article on The Best Carry-On Water Bottle for Travel/Flying might be more helpful.

Here is a quick video showing just SOME of the ways to carry your IcePlates (Industrial Safety not included, scroll down for Industrial Safety):

Velcro Armor Straps

Best for: Body Armor Users

Market(s): Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Contractors, Fire/EMS

IcePlate in Ranger Green with Armor Straps

The Army requirement for universal body armor compatibility is what led us to the IcePlate shape you see today: a medium SAPI plate. We designed IcePlate with Integrated Strap Loops so it could be secured to the shoulder straps of an IOTV (or any other body armor system with shoulder straps) using our Velcro Armor Straps without the need to remove your armor. This simple mechanism gave IcePlate universal mounting capability from IOTV to the minimalist designs we see today and everything in between.

IcePlate Armor Straps connected to Velocity Systems APC Plate Carrier

IcePlates Integrated Strap Loops give end users the ability to secure IcePlate to their armor using almost any field-expedient resource: 550 cord, folded-over tape (medical, electrical, duct, Gorilla or 100 MPH), boot/shoe laces, nylon webbing, string or a length of just about anything else you can find in the field. We wanted IcePlate to be usable in the direst circumstances because as the most indestructible (and modular) hydration source (and the only cooling tool) ever created for tactical users, the probability of IcePlate being around in a tough situation was high. We had to make sure it had utility to compliment its durability. SWAT LEO @seven_ty_nine provided us with a great example of how to use field expedient resources to lash your IcePlate to your rig:

IcePlate SWAT user @seven_ty_nine with the Velocity Systems APC

IcePlate can also be molded to match the contours of your hard armor plates thanks to this technique pioneered by IcePlate user and tactical medic @angry.canadian:

IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve 6

Best for: users who want external hard cell hydration for plate carriers to mount additional kit without worry of bladder compression failure

Market(s): Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Contractors, Fire/EMS

IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve 6 in Ranger Green and MultiCam

Developed in partnership with Granite Firearms Training in response to requests we received for an external IcePlate carrier that delivers lightest in class, hard cell hydration that preserves your MOLLE field under heavy loads (AT4s, mortar base plates, commo, guilt from skipping PT etc.) and won't break under stress, IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve 6 is the thinnest profile external hydration solution on the market today. IMS6 now features six full rows of MOLLE. Designed specifically for use with IcePlate to deliver hydration with the thinnest profile on the market at just 1" thin, IMS6 is the external hydration solution for tactical professionals in austere, no-fail environments. Connect to the IcePlate Comfort Harness, transforming IMS6 into a minimalist, ultra light daypack or a trail running hydration solution. IMS6 is best paired with the cross-compatible Plugin, Compact or Extended IcePlate for rapid, in-field bottle change-out while keeping the drink tube in place.

Basic Harness v2

Best for: users who need an entry-level IcePlate carry option with the ability to wear one or two IcePlates (front and/or back).

Market(s): Enterprise, Commercial, Industrial organizations

When we first launched IcePlate, we received requests from non-MIL/LE users who needed an entry-level IcePlate harness with the ability to wear two IcePlates (front and back). While the Basic Harness served its role when we launched IcePlate, we knew the solution needed to evolve. We needed to make the customer experience better and more consistent with the experiences people were sharing with us about the rest of the IceAge Ecosystem. So, we added a Sternum Strap to the Basic Harness and Basic Harness v2 was born.

Like every member of the IceAge Ecosystem, Basic Harness v2 is flexible, minimalist and simple. It allows users to wear a single IcePlate “backpack style” or to wear two IcePlates (front and back). Basic Harness v2 is a perfect solution for tactical users who do not wear ballistic armor such as HAZMAT, EOD, CBRNE, SAR and Fire/EMS. It is also an excellent light industrial solution where high visibility is not required. However, if your application places a premium on comfort, fit and/or stability then your best bet is to go for one of our other options like Comfort Harness or HiVis StayFrosty Vest.

Comfort Harness

Best for: Active lifestyle users who want to wear IcePlate like a backpack

Market(s): Food Service, Outdoor Sports, Running, HAZMAT, EOD, CBRNE

IcePlate Comfort Harness as used in Chick-fil-A Drive Thru operations

Shortly after we launched IcePlate in August 2016, Chick-fil-A asked us to adapt IcePlate to cool their employees staffing the drive thru (“Face to Face iPOS”). They asked us for a single IcePlate solution worn on the back. We designed The Comfort Harness in response to that request.

The Comfort Harness is also incredibly versatile and can be used for Outdoor Sports applications such as Law Enforcement Range Masters and Firearms Instructors. Here is a video of former Federal Air Marshal, champion shooter and acclaimed Firearms Instructor Mike Seeklander running IcePlate with the Comfort Harness to demonstrate its versatility and range of motion:


Safety Sleeve Kit (Comfort Harness + Safety Sleeve)

The Comfort Harness can also be combined with a single Sleeve. This is the best setup for users with larger chests where a front IcePlate is not the ideal fit. This combination can now be purchased as the Safety Sleeve Kit. Safety Sleeves are available in Safety Yellow or Black.

IcePlate Comfort Harness paired with IcePlate Safety Vest Sleeve (front view)

Comfort Harness paired with IcePlate Safety Vest Sleeve (back view)

Comfort Harness with IPSV Sleeve (side by side view)

HiVis StayFrosty Vest

Best for: Institutional users who need high visibility, hydration, and cooling

Market(s): Enterprise, Commercial, Industrial, Energy/Natural Resources, Government

IcePlate Safety Vest helps Chick-fil-A Team Members #StayFrostyThe HiVis StayFrosty Vest (HSV) is the result of a unique collaboration with SOARescue and a group of Chick-fil-A Arizona Operators to combine multiple work functions into a single piece of kit. The Chick-fil-A Arizona Operators were looking to combine the powerful personal cooling capability of IcePlate with Chick-fil-A Safety Requirements.

The HiVis StayFrost Vest is a powerful, multi-purpose HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) and productivity tool.

We use 4.3 oz. polyester in Safety Yellow and genuine 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material for high visibility and durability. This 3M Scotchlite Technical Data Sheet has more detailed information such as certifications and care instructions. HiVis StayFrosty Vest is also available in Black loop for users and applications who do not need Safety Yellow colors or high visibility.

With these premium materials, HSV meets internal Chick-fil-A Safety Requirements:

"A yellow, high-visibility reflective piece (for example, reflective strap or vest) securely buckled/fastened over shirt. Safety wear must provide increased visibility of Team Member from every angle, so reflective features must provide 360 degree coverage."* HSV features body-facing 300D black nylon to limit IcePlate condensation in humid climates for a clean look & reduced maintenance with the ease of being machine washable for easy care (HSV is hang dry only). Webbing Ears help prevent pressure points while providing for convenient modularity by allowing for the easy replacement of individual components as they wear out from daily use and need to be replaced. Large 3.5" Side Strap Loops allow attachment of IcePlate Comfort Harness or standard PT/Safety Belt, further increasing HSV modularity and flexibility as an institutional safety platform. We also integrated a large 5"x4" chest-height Safety Yellow loop field for additional branding or identification placards to help with customer or team-facing messaging requirements. There is a PVC IcePlate zipper pull for easy IcePlate replacement on the bottom of HSV. The HiVis StayFrosty Vest is made in America from domestic and imported materials.

The ToolBelt is loaded with purpose built pockets for unparalleled productivity. The Large Radio Pouch holds Motorola XTS or Harris MBITR radios, Blaze Defense Systems  or other large accessory items for government customers. We also included a Small Radio Pouch for iPhone, Galaxy Smartphones or Motorola TalkAbout FRS radios or similar. For law enforcement or Range Safety Officers, we included a Medium Mag Pouch that can hold one 5.56mm Patrol Rifle magazine or auxiliary batteries (such as Anker PowerCore 26800) or SOARescue Individual First Aid Kits. A Pen/Stylus/Flashlight slot rounds out the utility pockets. The ToolBelt is available in two sizes: S/M (up to 36" waist) and L/XL (over 36"waist).

IcePlate Safety Vest Cummerbund holding Blaze Defense Systems Mk9 Fire Suppression aerosol

IcePlate Safety Vest Cummerbund can hold radios, first aid kits, fire suppression, batteries or just about any other tool you can think of

Between the Velcro Armor Straps, IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve 6, Basic Harness 2, Comfort Harness and HiVis StayFrosty Vest (also available in Industrial Black), there is a carrier solution for nearly every IcePlate application. Contact us on LiveChat or email us with any questions.

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