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Traveling with IcePlate: Geometric Configuration and Space Efficiency

Long-Haul Travel: The Longest Days of Your Life My in-laws worked for the US Government overseas for 30+ years.  Prior to retiring in 2013, they were in Kenya for 10 years. During that decade, my husband and I took 4 trips from the US to Kenya (two of those trips had small children in tow).  The trip played out in roughly the same way, regardless of air carrier: take a 7+ hour overnight flight from the east coast to Europe, multi-hour layover in European airport, followed by 9+ hour flight from Europe to Nairobi.  Total travel time would typically be between 18 and 24 hours, arriving in the late evening in Kenya. We are economy class fliers all the way...

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The Best Carry-On Water Bottle for Traveling

Frequent flyers know that having a solid water supply available, especially with the Summer months approaching fast, is going to become even more important. Performance isn’t just about exercise and physically demanding jobs, most business travelers have important meetings as soon as they land. Given the strict environment that is a modern airplane behind TSA security let’s discuss some of the best options for hydration on a plane.

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7 Urban Commuting Hacks: Weathering the Winter

  For Urban Commuters, the 10-20% of Americans who don’t use their own cars to get to work [1], staying warm, hydrated, and comfortable in the winter is a tremendous challenge.  From trains, bikes, to old-school walking, this article draws on the best practices of four folks just as serious about their commutes as their jobs: two New Yorkers (Amy - an elementary school teacher and Nathan - a hospital administrator), one DC suburban resident (Chad - a banker), and an expat in Hong Kong (Ethan - international business).  Here are their 7 favorite hacks to get you through the urban jungle this winter.  Urban Commuting Winter Hacks 1. Weather Apps are Your Best Friend 2. Goose Down Insulation 3. Choose Your Pack Wisely...

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The Best Carry-On Bag Setup for Frequent Flyer and Business Travelers

The perfect carry-on bag or backpack has several key characteristics: lightweight, efficient, slim, modular, and most importantly it must fit various aircraft storage dimensions. This can be extremely difficult because overhead storage bins and under seat storage areas vary depending on the aircraft on which you are flying. Unfortunately, you can't plan a trip around the specific storage space of your particular aircraft. As great as Google Flights and SeatGuru are, they simply don't have information that granular (yet). We don't know which aircraft have been retrofitted with new overhead bins such as Boeing Space Bins or the Airbus Airspace XL Bins and which airframes still sport the old, smaller bin designs. This creates a challenge for us when we’re...

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