IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling
IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling

IcePlate Classic: Drinkable Cooling

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Click here for the Medium ESAPI-shaped IcePlate Curve

IcePlate Classic is our original efficient cooling, warming and hydration system for military and law enforcement plate carriers. It ergonomically holds 50 oz (1.5 L) of water and gives you control over your environment - keeping you safer, lighter, cooler (or warmer), and hydrated.

What is the difference between IcePlate Classic and IcePlate Curve?

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Drink Tube Guide
IcePlate has several different drink tube options to fit your application. The drink tube is easy to cut down to fit your kit.

Option Details
Plugin 4"
Comes with 4" drink tube and female Quick Disconnect connection port. For users who wish to use their existing drink tube or tubing from other major brand bladders (or other IcePlates).
Drink Hose 40" with Dust Cover Kit
Complete drinkable cooling/warming solution. Adds a 36" tube and Dust Cover Kit (Bite Valve, On/Off Switch, Dust Cover) to the Plugin Version (40" total length).
Source Hose
Source Tactical Deluxe package. Adds a rugged Source Tactical Insulated Tube, Helix Bite Valve, and Dust Cover to the Plugin Version.
Note: The drink tube is PERMANENTLY ATTACHED to the IcePlate. Removal or modification of the hose or hose/IcePlate interface will void the warranty.
Cooling Fill and freeze IcePlate for an unparalleled 70 Watts of Cooling Power per plate, keeping your core body temperature where you want it for hours. As the ice melts, you will have ice cold water to drink.
Warming Fill with hot water and enjoy the conductive heating effect. Drink the warm water for additional warming and other health and hydration benefits.
Maximize Water Use Proprietary TotalDrain Technology lets you finally drink all the water you are carrying, meaning no wasted weight. IcePlate delivers a 30% storage density advantage compared to bottled waterAnti-Kink Spring prevents drink tube from kinking or other damage. 
Eliminate Bulk Forget the awkward canteens and bottled water of the past - IcePlate is gently contoured to your body and flexible yet super durable, even adding protection for body armor users. IcePlate is compatible with a variety of Plate Carrier and external armor systems.
Easy to Clean IcePlate is a breeze to clean - just pop it in the dishwasher or rinse with hot water.
  • Dimensions: 10" by 12" by 1" (WxHxD)
  • Weight: About 12 oz.
  • Capacity: 50 oz (1.5 L)
  • Cooling Duration: Lasts 2-4 hours (after freezing overnight for 6-8 hours)
  • Heating Duration: Lasts 3-5 hours filled with hot water between 150-190 F (temperature based on personal preference/safety and outside temperature)
  • BPA-free, FDA Approved, Dishwasher Safe Thermopolymer
  • Multiple US and International Patents Pending; Made in USA
Check out these videos to learn more about the Features, Uses, and Durability of IcePlate:

Ballistics Testing Truck Strength Test

IcePlate has been featured by a variety of media sources including NPR and Soldier Systems.


Bulk Unit/Agency/Corporate Orders: For 100 units or more, please email us with your Unit/Agency/Company in the Subject line from your official email account (personal email addresses will not be processed) and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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