ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration Pack)
ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration Pack)
ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration Pack)
ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration Pack)
ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration Pack)

ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration Pack)


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ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH is 100% manufactured in-house at our Knoxville, TN HQ from US materials

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The ultimate chest rig power-up.

July 12, 2024 UPDATE: ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH has been replaced by the all-new ICEPLATE® Backpack Gen 3 here

Introducing ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH (Chest Rig Hydration Pack). ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH, also known as "The Qore Performance Battle Jacket" by @drewcasbopkins, integrates multi-mode thermoregulation (Conduction, Convection, Radiation) with a hydration pack for chest rigs. This groundbreaking product brings the unmatched performance-enhancing and environmental inoculation capabilities of ICEPLATE® Curve to chest rigs everywhere for the first time. It allows you to mount an additional IMS Pro for 100 fluid ounces/3L of chest rig cooling/heating/hydration or augment your chest rig payload with external packs via any combination of Velcro®-brand hook/MOLLE. ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH is the next phase in ICEPLATE EXO® evolution and advances our vision for Building A Superhuman Future®.

Note for packs: The product photography carousel above shows the Wolf Grey ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH rigged with a total of four (4) ICEPLATE EXO® Side Straps: two ICEPLATE EXO® Side Straps come with every ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH, and an additional pair of ICEPLATE EXO® Side Straps is sold separately in the "Optimize With" add-on section above. Use this four-strap configuration to run ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH with a light pack.

Chest Rig Compatibility: Thanks to the removable split bar QASM buckles, ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH is compatible with both SwiftClip and G-Hook equipped chest rigs and placards.

Existing ICEPLATE EXO® owners, click here if you want the ICEPLATE EXO®-CRH Adapter Kit.



Chest Sizing Up to 50"

Download Specifications Sheet PDF


1 x ICEPLATE EXO® (Rear Plate Bag)
2 x Shoulder Shrouds
2 x SizzleSticks w/ 4' of Shock Cord
2 x Shoulder Straps
2 x Side Straps
2 x ICEVENTS® Aero Shoulder Pads




For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eric Rhodes (Auburn, US)
Instagram Handle: Pnw_openadventurer
Exactly What I Was Looking For!

So, for quite awhile now, I had been seeking a MOLLE backed system that would integrate seamlessly into my existing chest rig set ups. After months of searching and a little bit of saving up, I finally got the IcePlate EXO-CRH. I have been running it for a month now and its been nothing short of spectacular! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. My only negative thing I would say is that its price seems a bit too high for a piece of kit like this. Maybe if it came with the ice vents for the back too I could see it being justified. Other than that, great job everyone!!!

James McNally (Easton, US)
Pretty convenient

Only issue with the design is the side straps do not stay in their taught positions. Sure, things can be rigged in the field like often with chest rigs. But, I think a bit more thought in efficient strap design can solve it. Im going to use AXL Chest Rig Retention Kit to accomplish it. But otherwise, Im satisfied.

Trey Rosenbaum (Little Rock, US)
Instagram Handle: @tbaum08
Done with Hydration Bladders!

For years I’ve been trying to find a wearable solution for water. Ive broken more hydration bladders than I can count. Bladders are also hard to clean and often grow mold. My Ice Plate as had none of these issues. It is easy to clean and tough. Because its plastic I never have to worry about it breaking. I recently took a backpacking class and wore the Ice Plate with the chest rig attachment for 4 days. Not once did I have issues out of it. The only issue I had was people stopping to comment on how they wish they had one. Apart from the actual Ice Plate I loved the chest rig attachment too. The attachment was smartly designed to work with multiple brands of chest rigs. I know that if I ever change chest rigs my Ice Plate will fit. If you have been on the fence about getting one of these I can’t recommend them enough.

J (Birmingham, US)
Instagram Handle: @iamayoung
It’s Okay

It’s okay. I took it on ruck marches and reconnaissance training/exercise. Personally I couldn’t get it to sit well under my ruck. If I put the CRH high on my back, the top portion of my ruck frame slides around. If I sit it low, it makes the kidney pad uncomfortable. When conducting recon missions, it’s great until I lay in the prone. The CRH rides up my neck and I have push it back down.

Hi J,
Thank you for taking the time to share an honest account of your IcePlate EXO-CRH experience. We are disappointed to hear that it has not met your expectations. After reading your review, we added IcePlate EXO Side Straps as an Accessory so you can add them to your IcePlate EXO-CRH to address the issue:

We'd be happy to send you a complimentary pair in an effort to get you the best IcePlate EXO-CRH experience. Just email us at Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com and we'll get you squared away! #StayFrosty