ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier
ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier

ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton - Ultralight Ventilated Armor Plate Carrier

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ICE (IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton) is a new type of ultra-minimalist, ventilated, multi-role, scalable plate carrier.

ICE anchors our IceAge Ecosystem by combining all of our human performance enhancement and environmental inoculation technologies into an ultra-light, durable, and breathable platform with unrivaled capabilities.

ICE weighs so little yet withstands so much. It furthers our mission of providing American Warfighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Private Security Contractors, and responsible citizens the means of consistently achieving Individual Operator Overmatch -- When Close Counts.

Each Package Includes:

Light + Strong
Using a unique and incredibly strong laser-cut, ultra-high molecular weight laminate that is 14 times stronger than steel, ICE weighs approximately one pound. This makes it one of the lightest plate carriers available today. It is also hydrophobic, cut-resistant and abrasion resistant.
MAPs-based Modularity
With MAPs (MOLLE Attachment Points) and loop on both the inside and the outside of each sleeve as well as an open-bottom architecture, ICE is configured for maximum ventilation, modularity and drainage. ICE will not retain water, even under the most intense circumstances.
Medium ESAPI Plate Compatible
ICE fits medium ESAPI plates. This design synchronizes with IcePlate Curve to create the thinnest, flattest, toughest and coldest (or hottest) system ever. Evaporative cooling can be added easily with IceVents.
Unparalleled Customization
ICE sleeves can be stacked (via MOLLE and/or hook and loop) for streamlined carry of both ESAPI armor plates and IcePlate Curve. Individual ICE Sleeves can also be purchased to MOLLE onto any plate carrier on the market. Don/doff is easy with a flat and durable quick-release system. ICE also features an elastic cummerbund with four pouches for 30-round magazines, SOARescue MedMags, radios, etc.

100% Made in America from American materials.

Technical Specifications
  • Weight: Ultralight at just 19 ounces
  • Integrated Cooling/Heating/Hydration: ICE natively integrates IcePlate Curve and IceVents to provide two forms of cooling (Conductive and Evaporative), and up to 3L of Hydration. No other plate carrier on the market can offer this level of capability, natively integrated, in such a light package;
  • Vented: internal and external laser-cut MOLLE for unrivaled venting
  • Versatile: MOLLE, Swift Clip, G-Hook and loop compatibility to take any pouch, placard or chest rig on the market;
  • Adaptable Fit: Fits a Medium ESAPI (can fit thin 10x12 AR500 Steel SAPI) , elastic cummerbund works for up to 40” waist;
  • Stackable: Multiple ICE sleeves can be seamlessly stacked when wearing, enabling integration of IcePlate either inside or outside armor plates;
  • Strong: Unique laminate is 14 times stronger than steel for the same weight;
  • Hydrophobic: Will not absorb or retain water;
  • Load Bearing: Tensile strength of 600+ pounds;
  • High Tech: Laser cut laminate platform results in maximum weight savings, precision, and ventilation;
  • Stretch: Elastic cummerbund flexes and adapts to your mission clothing automatically and features secure, built-in pouches for up to four (4) 5.56 magazines;
  • Lightning Fast On and Off: Super fast quick release side buckles are flat, low profile and strong;
  • Safe: Laser-cut monolithic drag handle
  • Low-Visibility: Elastic Cummerbund with four mag pouches allows ICE to be worn slick, under a jacket or large shirt for concealment without compromise

***We are currently sold out of Coyote IceVents. All ICE orders with optional IceVents will ship with a pair of Black IceVents until Coyote IceVents are restocked. We will ship all ICE customers that include IceVents a pair of Coyote IceVents gratis as soon as we re-stock them later this spring.

ICE Media and Reviews:

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Customer Reviews

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Instagram Handle: @Cause_Asian
Impressively Engineered PC

First it should be noted to anyone reading this that my review should come with a grain of salt, most notably, that I have no prior MIL / LEO experience. I can however speak to the nature of quality engineered products and thoughtful design as they’re my primary wheel house.

I’ve primarily run PCs while doing backwoods training with MIL friends as a result of the industry I work in. It’s to me, another piece of kit that should be available to everyone and thus if you own one, you should learn to properly utilize and work with said piece of kit.

The QPI I.C.E. is impressive to say the least. The first thing that struck me was the weight. The laminate materials that they use are extremely light and incredibly strong from my limited testing thus far. I was curious about their claims to the tensile strength of the material and instead of having a friend do some sort of buddy drag, I hung it over my pull up rig in my garage and used it as a handle to perform pull ups. There was little to no noticeable elasticity in the material or the straps and no signs what-so-ever of any type of real stress induced to any of the seam welds or loops. The overall construction of the PC lives up to the quality control I’ve come to expect from QPI, there were no frayed endings, no loose stitching, or anything of that nature (Something you’d better expect for a $600 PC).

As others have noted the tolerances on this are incredibly tight. I was able to fit my front and back Gladiator Level III Composite plates but it did require some extra effort to seat the plates in properly, but once in place they’re incredibly secure with no movement or play inside the PC. I attached my IcePlate MOLLE sleeve on outside and this is probably where my first, albeit small, criticism comes from. The cummerbund is great, however with it laying over the rear field of MOLLE on the PC, looping in the IcePlate Sleeve was a little interesting. It absolutely ends up working out just fine, but it took me a second to figure out how I wanted to weave and secure everything while retaining as much usable space as possible (Ended up just skipping about 2 lower loops and weaving it back in to secure under the cummerbund).

The quick disconnect/release feature on the cummerbund is absolutely one of my favorite features. It makes donning and doffing the PC extremely quick and easy. The additional mag/med pack slots in the cummerbund are nice as well, they fit my Med Mags from SOAR perfectly. My PC did NOT ship with the Quick Clips like it was supposed to, however, living up to their customer service of past, I emailed QPI and they had them sent out I believe either same day or next day free of charge. I personally outfitted mine with IceVents all around (Front and Rear of inner PC as well as shoulders). Between the lightweight nature of ICE and the IceVents that were added, it’s extremely comfortable here in Florida. We’ve only had a couple of warm days thus far so I can’t speak to it quite yet in the dead heat of summer with 100% humidity, but it seems promising as far as getting airflow to the body is concerned.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with it. ICE is definitely a “You get what you pay for” type product. $600 is absolutely a ton for a plate carrier, but you definitely get what you pay for and this case, it’s a thoughtfully designed, highly engineered, cutting edge material PC.

Iceplate Carrier

First of all, I really like the concept of the Ice-Plate for hydration as well as thermal management of the body. If you live in a hot environment like I do, as well as endure heavy summertime humidity this is a big deal. The ability to freeze a panel, and run one on the back, or both sides is a game changer.

On to the Exoskeleton-
The pros are that it weighs nothing, is well built, and will work well in the heat & the wet. I don't see this ever breaking down or coming apart. This should bear weight stresses fine without stretching or failing.

There are three improvements I'd like to see made which I'll list in the order or importance. First there is no capability to run side plates. This could be solved by either adding an additional pocket at the back or the cummerbund, or having a configurable system where a side plate cummerbund could be chosen instead of the mag pouches. Second I don't like exposed cummerbund velco on the back. However if you're wearing an ice-plate on the outside of plate carrier, then it will then be effectively sandwiched between the armor and hydration plates. Third, I'd like to see the ice-vents integrated into the shoulder padding. These aren't negatives but improvements which can make the complete product better.

Hi TGG, Thank you for taking the time to share your outstanding suggestions! We hear you loud and clear. We actually have a cummerbund that will facilitate running side plates in the works right now. Our primary customer base isn't a huge user of side plates and wanted the adaptability of the elastic cummerbund, but we have had broader market interest than we anticipated, so look to see that upgrade in the near future. In terms of the exposed velcro, you are 100% spot on about how that is designed to be covered. You'll be seeing more solutions to address that exact issue in the very near future also. In terms of full IceVents integration, we intentionally made IceVents a modular integration so that they could be upgraded to new versions of IceVents in the future with the release of IMS Flex 2. We are about to release a new IceVents Shoulder Pad design and when you see it, we are confident that it will be obvious why we made IceVents/ICE integration upgradable over time and not leave customers with a product stuck in a particular generation if they don't want it to be. Stay tuned, but please don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can do for you! #StayFrosty V/r, Justin Li Co-Founder, CEO V/r, Justin Li Co-Founder, CEO
A Legitimately Engineered Plate Carrier

I have been a long term follower and end user of QPI products. The consistent theme among all the products has been highly functional products that keep true to a minimalist and simplistic design. This carrier is no different. I have had the opportunity to wear a wide variety of carriers (some good and some bad). The ICE has been a true disrupter in the space. To say I gave up a Crye AVS for this vest, should carry some weight with those who have worn an AVS. The scalability and ability to customize was something I was looking forward to. Furthermore, I was slightly hesitant with a unique requirement we had for our vests to have integrated flotation, and how this would work out. I was able to integrate the flotation easily, and given the strength of the laminate in this product it was no concern that if the need arose it would stay together. Another huge benefit with the material used is the strength of the laminate. We also have a need to integrate a harness into the carrier for hoisting, and previous carriers have not held up to the stresses on the MOLLE or laser cut slots. While its simply for routing and not load bearing, I have yet to see any degree of stress on the ICE. This has been the best and most well thought out carrier I have worn, huge congratulations to Qore for nailing yet another product.

The con: (And I wouldn't even really call it a con) Make sure you know the thickness of your plates. There is little give in the material, which is a pro once the plates are in, but can make it difficult if you have thick plates. The Poly composite plates that are an inch thick or so will not fit well. They were very much modeled around a SAPI/ESAPI thickness. Just worth noting at the time of order.

like everything else Qore makes - awesome

I've used Qore products for years (see photos), so I had to look at ICE when it was time to upgrade my plate carrier. I had some hesitation based on the price, but I'm thankful that I looked past the price point and bought this. The carrier itself is incredibly lightweight, and the material is unlike anything else I've seen or handled before. I was at SHOT this year and couldn't find anything like it - and I checked (and yes, I also checked out the Crye JPC). And ICE is strong. I wondered about Qore's claims so I had a buddy drag my 200 lb. frame around a bunch while wearing it. We may have been too aggressive because we broke his shoe, but the vest took the abuse without any signs of distress. I've been running the IcePlate curve on the inside of the vest just using some 3M hook & loop. I was looking to save some money by not buying another ICE sleeve - my pockets are only so deep. The plates took some effort to fit into the carrier, but Qore assured me that this is by design. It's supposed to help prevent the plates from shifting. It works. And the quick disconnect cummerbund is a dream compared to the former method of lifting up a flap on the front.

The only downside is the price, but I'm old enough to understand that you get what you pay for. It's worth the price. It's clear that Qore put a lot of thought into the design and the material. Look past the price - you'll be happy in the long run.



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