ICEPLATE® HiVis Cooling Backpack (with Hydration and Heating)
ICEPLATE® HiVis Cooling Backpack (with Hydration and Heating)

ICEPLATE® HiVis Cooling Backpack (with Hydration and Heating)


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ICEPLATE® Hydration Backpack is 100% manufactured in-house at our Knoxville, TN HQ from US materials

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If you are the type of person who lives for the freedom of being outside, and wants solutions to be as attractive as they are functional, you are going to love our ICEPLATE® HiVis Cooling Backpack! 

  • Optimized for maximum all-day comfort for females, petite, and athletic body types
  • Wears, fits and adjusts like a regular backpack
  • "Hot Swap" capable: ICEPLATE® Curves can be swapped out by one team member while ICEPLATE® Hydration Backpack is being worn by another team member, providing for continuous, uninterrupted cooling/heating/hydration workflow with maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Capacity: 70 watts of cooling power (1-3 hours of cooling or heating), 50 fl oz. water (drinkable hydration)
  • Velcro Yoke Hood Pocket secures iPhone, external battery, radio, snack, etc.
  • HiVis Safety Yellow/Black color way for visibility, safety
  • SwiftClip compatible to for hands-free ICECASE iPad Cooling Case use
  • Perforated mesh shoulder straps for breathability, stability
  • Radio/phone cable routing
  • Radio clips retention bands for Motorola TalkAbout, similar radios
  • Monolithic structure for aesthetics, strength, durability
  • Shock Cord Sternum Strap stretches for all day comfort and security
  • Click here to add Extra Shift ICEPLATE® Curves for unlimited cooling/hydration! 

All-new for 2024, our ICEPLATE® HiVis Cooling Backpack now comes with red shoulder straps to match uniforms on the job!

The science behind ICEPLATE® Curve comes from more than two decades of research conducted by Stanford University, the US Army, USASOC, and the CDC on the effects of cooling on metabolic capacity, recovery, and heat injury prevention under PPE/MOPP and in athletics. If you'd like to read the full origin story of Qore Performance® and how the ICEPLATE® was born, click here.

How do I wear ICEPLATE®?
Looking for HiVis Class 2 Safety Vests with Cooling?
Need extra ICEPLATE® Curves?  

Ergonomically optimized for a variety of athletic body types, the monolithic chassis straps are equally at home on the trail as they are around town, on a job site or in a drive thru. Featuring an airy and super breathable perforated polyester mesh, the monolithic chassis lets heat out while stabilizing your load. A cord routing retention loop is also provided on both sides for your drink tube and/or a Lightening/USB-C Cable if using an external battery to charge your iPhone or iPad.

In addition to the benefits of hydration and conductive thermoregulation, ICEPLATE® Hydration Backpack with Cooling/Heating is a productivity powerhouse, delivering another Qore Performance® first: adjustable SwiftClip slots to rapidly attach ICECASE or any other SwiftClip-compatible accessory (click “Add ICECASE Strap Kit” in the options above). The SwiftClip slots, identical to those used on our advanced ICEPLATE EXO® Gen 3 Ultralight Minimalist Plate Carrier, also double as the anchor point for our Shock Cord Sternum Straps. Adjustable for height and chest size, our all-new Shock Cord Sternum Straps easily stretch with every breath and movement, making them the most comfortable sternum strap ever created.

ICEPLATE® HiVis Cooling Backpack with Hydration and Heating can be sized in just seconds with no training or instruction using the same familiar and ubiquitous ladder locks found on every other backpack on the planet. 

Each None (Straps Only) Package Includes:

  • 1x ICEPLATE® Hydration Backpack Straps with Velcro Hook Yoke
  • Buy this option if you already own a loop Velcro sleeve for your ICEPLATE® Curve

Each Cooling/Warming Only Package (ICEPLATE® Curve) Includes:

  • 1x ICEPLATE® Cooling Backpack Straps with Velcro Hook Yoke
  • 1x ICEVEST HiVis Sleeve (backpack straps connect to this)
  • 1x Frost Standalone ICEPLATE® Curve (no Hose attachments)

Each Drinkable Package (ICEPLATE® Curve) Includes:

ICECASE Setup Instructions

Care Instructions: machine wash cold with like colors or hose off. Hang dry only.

*Note: when adding ICEPLATE® Curve Extra Shift (2-pack) to an ICEPLATE® Hydration Backpack order, we will ship two (2) ICEPLATE® Curves.

Designed and shipped from our headquarters in Knoxville, TN
ICEPLATE® Hydration Backpack is made from imported materials.
ICEPLATE® Curve are 100% Made in USA from US Materials.
Not subject to ITAR.

[ What is a Cooling/Heating Backpack? ]

Our ICEPLATE® HiVis Backpack is expertly designed to provide easy-access hydration while regulating the carrier's body temperature. Beyond functionality, this backpack is optimized to add extra comfort with shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit all body types.

The choice of insert also helps tailor this backpack to your specific body type. ICEPLATE® Classic offers a flatter profile for petite builds while ICEPLATE® Curve offers a conformal geometry for most athletic body types. Both ICEPLATE® models deliver heavy-duty, all-day comfort while defying engineering convention.

The HiVis backpack has undergone a series of tests, including durability tests over long distances, to ensure a long-lasting lifespan. It has also passed lab tests to assure even weight distribution to maximize ease of carrying.

[ Why Choose the ICEPLATE® HiVis Backpack ]

This is a popular choice if you are the type of person who lives for the freedom of being outside and wants solutions to be as attractive as they are functional. If you are on the hunt for cooling/heating outdoor gear, or more specifically, an active cooling backpack with maximum functionality, our ICEPLATE® HiVis backpack is the choice for you.

A day-to-day life saver, our heating and cooling system uses the water from your chosen ICEPLATE® to regulate your body temperature. This means you are getting the cold retention and hydration benefits all in one unique design, effectively eliminating the need to carry any loose ice or water bottles with you in a cooler bag during your day trips or regular outdoor activities.

If comfort is a concern, rest assured because the HiVis backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and added personalization options to fit your specific needs. Our backpack also features an easy-access main compartment to store any items such as your cell phone, drinks, bottle opener, etc.


For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sean B (Green Cove Springs, US)
Instagram Handle: Sbader3
Amazing product

I love this product and use it almost every day. I wear it while I’m running or after a workout to cool down. I use it while doing yard work or almost anything outside because I live in Florida. I purchased the curved plate and it fits great! I can’t speak highly enough about this product.

Anonymous (Cypress, US)
AWESOME for running in the TX summer heat!

I'm training for a half marathon and this hydration backpack checks 3 crucial boxes for me: 1) it provides wearable hydration that's evenly distributed over my back; 2) it makes me more visible when I run before the sun rises; and 3) it helps cool my body when I have to run in 90+ degree heat.

I'm a petite woman (5'0", currently 110 lbs still carrying some baby weight), and I was worried the backpack might feel cumbersome, but to my surprise, it's quite comfortable and doesn't impact my movement at all. In fact, sometimes I forget I'm wearing it until I remember how hot it is outside and realize I'm feeling more refreshed than I should.

One of the BEST features (besides the cooling factor) is the pocket in the back that fits my phone. Even as the ice begins to melt, my phone is protected from the condensation. It also stays put when I'm running since the pocket is thick and stretchy.

If I could change one thing, it would be the shape of the straps. I miss the curvy, female-specific straps from my other backpack. These straps don't really lay flat as they go around my chest. It's not a dealbreaker by any means—I'm honestly shocked that a product can work for both a small woman and a big man—just something I thought about as I put it on for the first time.

Out of the box, the backpack seems simple—almost too simple for the price—but once you start using it, you begin to notice all of the thought and planning that went into it. It's minimalism at its finest, and you won't regret getting this if you have to train in the heat.

10/10 recommend.

mike granados (Redlands, US)
Instagram Handle: mjg_1402
Ice Plate Hydration Backpack

I bought the hydration backpack for myself to use on hikes. My son wanted to go on a hike with me. He usually gets tired on these hikes because of the uphill portions. He also drinks a lot of water on the hikes. He didn't want to carry his own water bottle so I let him carry the hydration pack. We went on a 3 mile hike and did not hear one complaint the entire way. The hydration pack kept him cool the entire time and he had plenty of water to drink. He was able to carry his own water and had more energy throughout the hike. The hydration backpack is perfect for kids. With the bright colors you are able to keep an eye on your child from far distances. It is extremely light weight and allows you to carry more water without discomfort. I will be purchasing another one for my daughter and getting myself the IMS sport combo.

Natalie Salazar (Albuquerque, US)

IcePlate Hydration Backpack with Cooling/Heating

Yukon Cornelius (Silver Spring, US)
Staying frosty with the iceplate hydration backpack

I’ve been using the iceplate hydration backpack for a coupe weeks now and I’m very pleased with my purchase. I live in SC and the summer is hot and humid. It really helps keep me cooler while working and I find myself using the backpack more than I anticipated. I pull it out of the freezer and use it for even smaller tasks like mowing the lawn and vehicle maintenance. It makes a bigger difference than I thought it would and since I’m using it more than I expected I’ll be buying an additional iceplate so I can change it out.