IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve
IcePlate Curve

IcePlate Curve

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Helping the good become great and the great become legends.

IcePlate is the world's first supercharger for the human body. Worn close to the body, IcePlate Curve cools/warms you while providing 50 oz (1.5 L) of hands-free plate carrier hydration or backpack hydration-- and unparalleled control over your environment. Engineered for elite users looking for every edge in the performance of their duties, IcePlate Curve creates decisive competitive advantages where none previously existed by weaponizing temperature for users. Anyone looking to settle for "good enough" should look elsewhere.
IcePlate Curve can be worn inside of some plate bags, depending on your issued carrier and issued armor. However, it can also be worn inside any Medium ESAPI-compatible plate carrier by itself for training/physical fitness workouts like The Tactical Games, Crossfit, Memorial Day Murph, etc. 
Looking for more ways to carry IcePlate Curve? Check out our full line of IcePlate Safety Vests, MOLLE Sleeves and Plate Carriers here.

Each Package Includes:

How do I wear IcePlate?
IcePlate Curve Instructions
Still have another technical question not covered here? Check out our IceAge Insights blog here where were probably have an article and/or video that will answer your question because someone else probably had it too.

* Coyote Brown and Foliage Drink Hoses come with Helix Bite Valves. Black comes with Storm Bite Valve. Source 90 Drink Tube and Armor Strap colors cannot be substituted. Additional colors are available separately here.

Designed and manufactured in the USA from US materials. Fulfilled from our Sterling, VA HQ. Not subject to ITAR. US and International Patents Pending.

Bulk Unit/Agency/Corporate Orders: For 100 units or more, please email us with your Unit/Agency/Company in the Subject line from your official email account (personal email addresses will not be processed) and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Gary Belman (Clovis, US)
Perfect Fit and Function

Where I live, the summers are hot. The IPC keeps me cool and hydrated without a sloppy bladder with which to contend. I can tell a considerable difference in my energy level on days where the heat zaps my energy I only wish the drink tube was insulated to keep the water cold so I would have instantly cold water but I can handle a few warm pulls before the cold water flows.

2LT (Bedford, US)
Almost perfect

I love this product. I’m in 90 degree Arkansas humid heat for a military training, and I got cold water in the plates keeping me hydrated and cool.
I have to blow air back in after a big gulp. I think a lot of cold bleeds outwards with only the vest without plates. I froze the plates last night, and they melted pretty quick.

Anonymous (Lehmo, FI)
Perfect for vehicle ops!

Since I got my Ice Plate to this side of the pond I´ve ran it as part of my gear in three field exercises. It slips perfectly into the plate pocket of my vest and as we don´t get issued hard plates this is a perfect solution for me. On top of that I´ve found that the Ice Plate in this configuration is way more comfier than any regular hydration bladder when operating with vehicles. No more worrying about bladder leakage due to the immense pressure created by cramming myself between the steering wheel and seat of a Land Rover Defender that obviously hasn´t been designed for POG-shaped reservists. Definitely recommend!

Finnish SSG (res) O

Thomas Van Vossel (Ghent, BE)
Instagram Handle: Airsoft.wiskey.45
Ice plate curve

Amazing quality product, super efficiënt! Good work Guys!

Trek B (Brooklyn, US)
Instagram Handle: trekster_
Overall excellent quality!

Overall delivery time was very quick. I already used my Qore Ice multiple times and I’m very happy and satisfied. I run this in my plate carrier and after freezing, it keeps my body cool and as I exercise my body naturally warms the water and melts the ice. It’s a perfect balance of cooling for my body and heating for the water after long durations of time. I have yet to see any problems and I highly recommend.

David (Tenino, US)
Hydration and Functionality

The quality, fit, and finish of this product is outstanding. The caps and fittings for the Ice Plate as well as the included straps are well thought. The hose and mouth piece are suitably protected. The Ice Plate itself is robust, minimalist, and comfortable. This thing integrates really well with my kit and is minimally obtrusive. The Ice Plate Curve is the best solution to the problem of tactical hydration, and it provides the awesome added benefit of cooling (or heating) power. I'm excited to put this thing to further use in upcoming trainings throughout the summer months.

@Qore Performance:
New product idea: Create a lunchbox cooler that has slots on the long sides for 2 ice plate curve water bottles. This way, the ice plates will stay cool until needed, as will your lunch! Make it high enough quality to keep plates frozen for a couple days, big enough to use as a seat for breaks and store a couple days worth of food, yet small enough to fit on the floorboard of the front seat of a car (under / around 20qt).

Thanks for the awesome products! I plan on buying more from you all.

K.W. (Kansas City, US)
Instagram Handle: N/a
A must-have for a plate carrier

If you train with your gear, you know hydration is a necessity. There's no better way to carry it than the Ice Plate Curve. It conforms to your body, takes up no space on your carrier or belt, and keeps you cool in the heat.

M. M. Jamison (Hagerstown, US)
Amazing product

The ice plate curve is a must for anyone who works in a tactical environment. A+

Nemrick Morales (San Francisco, US)
Instagram Handle: 84n_15h
Still New

Haven’t had much time or opportunity to test the item but it has been relatively comfortable. It holds a decent amount of water and the option to use it for cooling is a plus.

rdf1978 (Rowlett, US)
IcePlate Curve is AWESOME!

After years of using camelbacks and various other hydration bladders I stumbled across a video of Qore Performance from Shotshow where the IcePlate was being showcased and I had to try it. I purchased it about a month ago and have used it several times. It is awesome. Works exactly as claimed. You fill it up, throw it in the freezer or use warm water if its a cold day. I installed it in my HRT RAC plate carrier and it fit perfectly. I would highly recommend this hydration solution to anyone considering a bladder replacement or just wanting a quality piece of kit.