Qore Performance Wins Silver Prize in Prestigious FedEx National Small Business Grant Contest

Justin Li

FedEx has announced the winners of the 2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. We came in second out of 13,000+ contestants, winning the Silver! Congratulations to LUX Blox of Galesurg, IL, for its “revolutionary construction toy which teaches kids (and adults) about nature’s design principles through play.” And because we’re #2… “We try harder!”

We express our heartfelt appreciation to FedEx for holding this contest and for selecting Qore Performance, of McLean, Virginia. We are proud of our inventions: IcePlate, IceVents and other devices that harness the power of plain old frozen water -- ice -- to revive a crucial enzyme to produce the same effect as anabolic steroids. That yields amazing, unprecedented, super endurance and environmental innoculation.

It creates, for the national defense, the possibility of superwarriors for peace. It yields, for industry, the possibility of healthy superperformers. According to Qore Performance Co-founder and CEO Justin Li, “IcePlateIceVentsIceShieldIceCaseHiVis StayFrosty Vests and TCCC Base Layers are the most powerful drug-free human performance enhancing tools ever created. “ 

When we found out we were a FedEx Finalist we sent in this video:

We deeply appreciate the vote of confidence by FedEx, one of the world’s greatest companies, as we boldly set forth to boost American security and American prosperity through safe, ecological, human performance enhancement.


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