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7 Ways to Keep Drive-Thru Workers Safe and Cool this Summer

Imagine it’s the middle of July. It’s close to 95 degrees and the humidity is close to 80%.  You have been standing outside in the Florida sun for 30 minutes. Sweat is dripping down your back. You have a smile on your face as you squint your eyes in the bright sun. Sound miserable? Chick-fil-A team members endure these conditions all summer long in an effort to provide outstanding service to drive-thru customers. Chick-fil-A prides itself on serving great food at great speeds with top notch customer interactions. Chick-fil-A also takes pride in the high level of care they give to their team members. In the summer heat, team members understandably try to avoid with the utmost gusto taking drive-thru shifts....

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Human Cooling Basics: How to Stay Cool in Summer Heat

Human Cooling Basics and the Science of Human Performance   We’re going to give you some information about how your body naturally works, what sweating really does for you (and takes from you), and some suggestions for how to take this knowledge and turn it into an operational advantage. We know some folks will want to jump into the details (so a couple of those are here), but most of us want to know what the difference is between body armor venting products, IcePlate vs. Camelback or whether there is any difference between tap water and Gatorade. In this series, we’ll give you the information you need to decide the best operation plan for you and your organization. Military, Law...

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7 Steps for Restaurant Drive Thru Conversion: Part 2 - Limit Options

Coronavirus is here, and we are here to help you turn your retail business into a drive thru powerhouse. Part One of the series focused on taking inventory, which you can read here. Now let's talk about a critical part of getting off the ground quickly: deciding what to sell. This is part of the series “Surviving Coronavirus: Seven Steps your Retail Business or Restaurant Can Take to Succeed”  Limit Options: Simplicity is key. Whether you are operating a food establishment or a retail business, limiting options for your customers at the start is essential to getting off the ground quickly. This will maximize safety, keep your customers comfortable, and help you build a great foundation. Whether it is supply chain constraints or order assembly bottlenecks,...

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The Qore Performance Test and Evaluation (T&E) Sample Program for Military units, Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporate Enterprises

The Qore Performance Test and Evaluation (T&E) Sample Program for Government and Enterprise customers is super simple. Here is how it works: 1. Purchase any Qore Performance product you want for T&E on our website (which you are on right now, obviously) here. This purchase can be made using any form of payment: personal, corporate or government. 2. Save your order number. 3. When your company/team/unit/agency issues a PO for the item(s) you sampled, email us your sample order number. As soon as payment is received, we will credit your original form of payment (personal or professional, does not matter to us) the value of the sample order (up to 20% of PO value) . The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is valid only...

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Dehydration Degrades Your Performance. Look For These Signs!

Everyone ran track when I was in high school. Ok, maybe not everyone, but at least two hundred awkward teenagers showed up on the first day of practice, eager to either get ready for bathing suit season or to appear sporty on their college admissions application. The first day of practice was not pretty: 20+ kids were lined up at the fence line, vomiting; another sizable group was hiding behind the weight room, avoiding the shouting coaches; then there was the group of criers; at least one kid blacked out. You get the picture. The number of participants dropped by half within the first week, stabilizing at about a quarter of the initial participants a few weeks in. Do you...

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