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The Qore Performance Test and Evaluation Sample Program

The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is super simple. Here is how it works: 1. Purchase any Qore Performance product you want for T&E on our website (which you are on right now, obviously) here. 2. Save your order number. 3. When your company/team/unit/agency issues a PO for 25+ units of the item(s) you originally purchased, email us with your order number and reference your organizations PO number. As soon as payment is received for the PO, we will refund your original form of payment (just save your order number) 100% of the purchase price plus shipping immediately!  The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is valid only for purchases made on our website by enterprise and government customers only. Purchases...

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Filling HiVis StayFrosty Vest with Warm and/or Hot Water for Winter Use

It is quick and easy to fill the HiVis StayFrosty Vest (HSV) with warm and/or hot water during the winter months to keep you comfortable (IcePlate Funnel is available for purchase on our website). This is the IcePlate "winter mode" and leverages thermal conductivity to keep you comfortable and safe in even the coldest conditions. Each user will have a different sensitivity to heat. On your first usage we recommend that you fill the IcePlate halfway with hot water from the coffee machine and the remainder of the way with warm water from the sink so you can find the temperature that works best for you (comfort, time, drinkability, etc.). To fill, unzip and remove the cap from the front sleeve. Insert...

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