IcePlate® Hydration Backpack with Cooling and Heating

IcePlate® Hydration Backpack with Cooling and Heating

In just a few short years, IceVest has become the preferred cooling solution for America's premier enterprise businesses like Dutch Bros Coffee and Raising Canes. Many of our enterprise customers had one problem with it: it wasn't comfortable for all female team members, placing too much pressure on the chest. Our customers were asking us a simple question: can you build us a backpack to provide a better experience and more comfortable fit for our female employees?

Enter our all-new IcePlate® Hydration Backpack with Cooling/Heating. While designed in response to the requests we received from our enterprise customers for a female-friendly cooling backpack solution, the IcePlate® Hydration Backpack is so much more. In addition to being a hydration backpack with the incredible conductive cooling/heating power of IcePlate® Curve, the IcePlate® Hydration Backpack is also a versatile productivity powerhouse with a number of features designed to be as handy on the trail as they are in a drive-thru lane:

  • Perforated mesh shoulder straps
  • Adjustable/Stretch Shock Cord Sternum Strap for strenuous breathing ease
  • Integrated elastic utility yoke pocket
  • Adjustable SwiftClip compatibility for IceCase iPad cooling case
  • Integrated Drink Tube/cable routing
  • Compatible with IceVest HiVis (Type O), IceVest Black, IMS Pro

For more information on the IcePlate® Hydration Backpack, click here. To connect with a Qore Performance® Enterprise Sales Representative to find out how you can equip your team with IcePlate® Hydration Backpack, click here.

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