IceVents® Insoles
IceVents® Insoles
IceVents® Insoles
IceVents® Insoles
IceVents® Insoles
IceVents® Insoles
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IceVents® Insoles are 100% made in the USA from US materials


IceVents AIWB Holster Pad

IceVents® PFM: now available from head to toe..

"If you take care of your feet, they'll take care of you."

The long-awaited, much-anticipated IceVents® Insoles for military and law enforcement duty boots, occupational safety, hiking, or any other hard-use application where you are standing/walking for long periods of time while wearing shoes that need ventilated insoles. Anti-microbial at the molecular level, IceVents® Insoles are constructed from the same Stimulite thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) found throughout our IceVents® line of ventilated load-bearing pads, making them absolute magic for your feet.

IceVents Insoles (Heavy Duty) - select these for total loads in excess of 220 pounds. They are EXACTLY the same as IceVents Insoles except that we reinforced the honeycomb walls to be a bit thicker for improved support of heavy infantry loads, so they are somewhat stiffer.

Note: IceVents® Insoles provide durable, duty-grade ventilation in boots designed for military, law enforcement, and construction/safety applications. They are not designed to provide any therapeutic value like an orthotic. IceVents® Insoles are a zero drop insole, meaning they are the same height/thickness at the heel as they are in the toe. This makes them ideal for duty boots and work boots, but results may vary based on your specific foot shape/geometry, gait, strike pattern and personal wear preferences when it comes to running, hiking and walking shoes which typically have a three or five millimeter drop from heel to toe.

Here is what one of our beta testers had to say about his experience testing IceVents® Insoles prototypes on duty:

“So I’ve been fortunate enough to test the original prototype insoles since December 2019. Since then, I’ve worn them a minimum of 41 hours a week as a cop, been in multiple foot pursuits, used the insoles in different shoes for hiking and PT, as well as worn them on the range for training in excess of 10-12 hours per day.

To date, the soles have held up, there’s been no breakdown of the material, and my feet don’t feel like the’ve been thrashed all day after wearing them. The material provides for a breathable, cushioned, and most importantly supportive base for your feet during hard use which lends itself to helping your feet stay in working condition.

If you take care of your feet, they’ll take care of you. As a prior infantryman with multiple tours, I can honestly say these would’ve been a lifesaver overseas for me.

Now that the final product is out, I’ll be buying additional pairs for my other pairs of footwear, but I’ll continue running the prototype as they’ve got plenty of life in them.

You need to get these for your feet. You’ll thank yourself later.”

- J. Former 0311 and Current LEO in the Eastern United States


1 x IceVents® Insoles (pair)




IceAge Insights


IceVents® Insoles run true to size. If you are installing IceVents® Insoles into non-true to size shoes (Lalo, All-Birds, etc) please adjust accordingly. IceVents® Insoles can be trimmed to size if necessary. While the butter-smooth ninja-grade perimeter finish will be lost, trimming will not impact performance.


IceVents® Insoles don’t have to be cleaned per se with regular daily use. Should cleaning be required, simply hand wash them with a tiny bit of laundry detergent/soap, rinse thoroughly, then hang until completely dry (preferably in the sun).

For bulk Corporate/Unit/Agency orders of 100+ units or to request a quote, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ford Bradbury (Mahanoy City, US)

Keep my feet cool and dry

Zachery Danks
Work great

Pretty comfortable and you can feel the cushion in every step despite the thin profile. They don’t hold any water so they help get your feet dry after soaking your boots. It’s not a negative but if you have a insoles with a thick heel these won’t work (example Rocky’s sv2 & jungle). Maybe theyll make another version with a thick heel.

Emiliano Sandoval (El Paso, US)
awesome product/highly recommend

on the left insole some of the cells collapsed within a few months and basically made that insole useless on my first pair. got in contact with them and they sent me a new pair. customer service from these guys was awesome! second pair is doing awesome with no collapsed cells. thank you Qore

Heather Roach (Jefferson City, US)
Instagram Handle: @shrubbug77
Big difference in a small package

I added IceVents® Insoles to my least padded, most uncomfortable pair of shoes and test drove them at an all day event walking/hiking over varied terrain. The amount of cushion and equalizing of weight distribution alone blew my expectations out of the water. 10/10 recommend and I WILL be buying more.

R. (Los Angeles, US)
IceVents Insoles

Currently on my 3rd pair of Belleville deck boots, they’re full leather full safety semi-waterproof work boots, so you know they’re not going to breathe at all. Installed the IceVents Insoles, and they make a huge difference. Keep your feet cool, just as advertised. Glad to see good products such as this coming out, and actually working just as well as advertised. After a month of use I recommended the IceVents Insoles to all my friends who wear boots for a living. Take care of your feet!

Nate (Philadelphia, US)
Good insoles, thicker than standard.

I haven’t used many aftermarket insoles previous to these IceVents, but I can definitely tell that these make a difference. I have them in Adidas Terrex hiking boots, and the main issue I used to have was that they were too hot to wear except for the winter. These insoles do a good job of letting my feet breathe/controlling the temperature (and consequently the sweat). So that’s been helpful. The springiness of the insoles feels different, and I could understand some people thinking it feels weird, but I enjoy it.

My only gripe is that the thickness at the toe is more than the standard insoles that came with my boots, so that throws off the fit, making it tighter than it should be. It’s not enough to make me stop using the insoles, but I will probably bring them with me next time I get new shoes, since they do affect the fit for me. Of course, YMMV.

Gavin Bonilla (Sacramento, US)
IceVent insoles

Fantastic product after several hours of use hiking there were noticably less hot spots on my foot. I'll update my review after a few more trips.

Johnny Quest (Ashburn, US)
IceVents In-Sole

I have been a devout customer with QorePerformance since its inception. The products that the company provides are second to none. The knowledge invested into these products, as well as provided and distroed through out the community is at the forefront of End-User Enhancement.

The IceVent In-Sole's like many other "similar" products on the market, at face value might seem a bit copy/paste but the devil is in the details. The technology QorePerfomance uses in its IceVent products have no equal. The ability for the technology to do what it does, so effectively compared to any of the "competitors" on the market is a testimony to the effort applied into the R&D as well as their rigorous testing to ensure the products they put out are in fact, the best.

I have used their products in training and overseas and will continue to use their products and support QorePerformance as best I can.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Johnny Quest

Dan V (Clarksville, US)
Instagram Handle: D_vazquez56
Best insoles I’ve had to date

For the longest time I’ve dealt with shinsplints when rucking on hardball roads. I would get tightness and some pain for the first mile before it would go away. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t change and for the longest time I just accepted it.

It all changed when I got Qore’s new insoles. It was subtle, I didn’t even realize a change until after rucking when I had to ask myself if I even had any shin splits. The next time I went rucking I confirmed my thoughts. No shin splints. The only change was the addition of qore’s insoles.

These things are great. Lightweight and very supportive and comfortable. I use the. For rucking, daily use, even for lifting. If I had any “complaint” is that due to the cellular design some times they retain a little moisture if waterlogged but they quickly dry out once removed from the boot themselves. I totally recommend them and intend on purchasing more.

T-Bone (South Tangerang, ID)
Instagram Handle:
Superb & breakthrough product, one of a kind

Tried the insoles for a couple of weeks on the field & I must say it's super comfy to wear for a long day's activities, really loved that kinda soft crunchy sensation on your footbed everytime you walk, keep up the excellent work guys, hope we can collaborate sometime in the near future

T-Bone, Chief Creative Director, Parabellum Tactical


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