IceVents Universal Plate Carrier and Pack Shoulder Pad Compatibility Guide

Kelly Yazdani

Ice Vents Crye Precision JPC 2.0 Compatibility

IceVents, our plate carrier shoulder pads with built in cord management, are the result of a synergistic collaboration between Qore Performance and @GarandThumb.  IceVents boast a number of impressive features: lightweight (the weight of a half piece of bread), ideal load distribution (IceVents use Stimulate, an impact-absorbing hexagonal honeycomb TPE), superior ventilation, and most relevant to this post - Universal Plate Carrier Compatibility.

Yes, that's right - Universal.

On this page, we'll keep a running list of Plate Carriers that individual users have reported using with IceVents.  Don't see your Plate Carrier?  Don't despair.  IceVents fit any Plate Carrier, but are especially great for low vis, minimalist carriers:

IceVents/Plate Carrier Compatibility Chart
Plate Carrier Compatible? 
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus Plate Carrier ✔️
Blue Force Gear PLATEminus V2 Plate Carrier ✔️
Chase Tactical Low-Vis Plate Carrier (LVPC) ✔️
Chase Tactical Special Operations Concealable Carrier (SOCC) ✔️
Chase Tactical Concealable Carrier ✔️
Crye Precision JPC 2.0 ✔️
Crye Precision LVS ✔️
Ferro Concepts Slickster ✔️
Matbock Berserker Minimalist Carrier ✔️
Matbock Berserker Carrier ✔️
Matbock Berserker Quantum Carrier ✔️
Tactical Tailor Low Vis MBAV ✔️
S&S Precision PLATEFRAME ✔️
Shellback Tactical Stealth Low Vis Concealable Plate Carrier ✔️
SKD PIG Brig ✔️
Spiritus System LV119 Covert ✔️
T3 Tomahawk Low Vis Plate Carrier ✔️
Velocity Systems Low Vis Carrier ✔️
Velocity Systems Low Vis Assault Carrier ✔️
Velocity Systems SCARAB LT ✔️
Velocity Systems SCARAB LE ✔️
Velocity Systems SCARAB DLX ✔️

Have something to add? Please email us your IceVents/Plate Carrier combination. If you include pictures and we use them on this post, we'll send you some free swag on us! Updating this chart benefits the entire Qore Performance community and we appreciate the time you take to contribute!

Interested in IcePlate/Plate Carrier Compatibility?  Check out this article.


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