TCCC Shorts
TCCC Shorts
TCCC Shorts
Qore Performance Range Training Base Layers have pockets over the pulse points for disposable heaters and hand warmers to warm you from the inside out

TCCC Shorts

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Zero athletic compromise.

TCCC Shorts are the most comfortable base layer shorts you'll ever wear. Using TCCC Hypothermia and Heat Stroke treatment techniques (heating/cooling elements over pulse points), TCCC Base Layers keep you warm/cool and at the top of your game in the most extreme climates while preserving maximum range of motion and mobility.

Designed to help you fight dehydration and stay warm in temperature extremes. HydraQore Inserts or single use heating packs/hand warmers (sold separately, available everywhere) sit over the pulse points to heat or cool your body from the inside out as you do work. This method of conductive thermoregulation, keeps you more hydrated and increases performance. Orders that include HydraQore inserts come with an Insulated Charge-and-Go Bag to keep your HydraQore Inserts charged for 4+ hours while traveling or competing.


Range Days/Work, Training, Courses, On-Duty Wear, Crossfit, Skiing, Snowboarding, HIIT, Track & Field, Running, Hiking, Backpacking

100% Made in the USA from USA materials

TCCC Technology

HydraQore Inserts keep you up to 40% more hydrated. Heat packs/hand warmers keep you warm all day. Learn more here.
Security + Comfort  Articulated design to move with the body and avoid riding up. Flatlock Stitching limits chafing. Two-inch Elastic waistband tailored for security and comfort. Ergonomic Mesh Pockets for easy access and consistent alignment. Super slippery fabric is designed to move effortlessly under duty/uniform/range/tactical pants.
Moisture Wicking + Odor Resistant Four-Way Stretch Nylon/Spandex; UPF 50+ Technology. Breathable center panel to keep you cool. Unrivaled range of motion and mobility.
TCCC Technology

HydraQore Inserts:

  • Charge at 58° to cool you down without restricting blood flow
  • Incredibly strong and safe: can withstand the force of a truck
  • Unlimited Recharge, Non-Toxic, Anti-Microbial, No Condensation
  • Recharge using freezer, refrigerator or ice water

Heating Inserts: Use in the winter months to keep your extremities warm with fewer layers (sold separately).

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Size Guide

Measure at the Top of your Waist. Unisex sizing.

Size Waist (Inches)
Small 26" - 28"
Medium 28" - 31"
Large 31" - 34"
X-Large 34" - 38"
XX-Large 38" - 42"

Customer Reviews

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Instagram Handle: henryjbrooks

The inserted cooling gels do not stay cold for long at all. They become unnoticeable after 20 minutes of wear. The shorts are great but I'm interested to see if it would be beneficial to make more pockets for the inserts on the shorts. Please make the shirt in AR 670-1 compliant coyote.

Hi Henry, Thank you for taking the time to share your TCCC Base Layer experience with the community! We are sorry to hear that the HydraQore Inserts may have fallen short of your expectations. On the Cooling/Hydration side, TCCC Base Layers are designed to boost hydration during workouts in the body by extracting heat from the vascular system, but they are not designed to make you 'feel' cool per se. If you use your shorts in the winter time with disposable hand warmers, you will find that the warming sensation lasts for hours. If you are looking to feel 'cold' while also boosting hydration in the process, we'd recommend you check out our IcePlate Curve: Please don't hesitate to contact us should there be anything else we can do for you: Info [at] Qore Performance [dot] com.
Fit well, two suggestions

As with the short sleeve TCC shirt, the anti-microbial anti-stink properties were phenomenal. Fit was excellent, comfortable, unnoticed all day long.

Two things that make the shorts more challenging than the shirt.

The first is the nature of the beast, but in order to change the cold packs, I have to basically take my pants off and on. I'm a competitive pistol shooter, and doing this between every stage, every 45-60 minutes, is a disruption. Which leads to the second request. If the cold pack pockets were 2-3 times as big, or even if there were 2-3 sewn in a row, allowing me to add additional packs, maybe they would last longer and be more effective. The giant arteries in my thighs could use a little more heat exchange, I think, and there is room to add more cooling without compromising mobility or comfort.

Instagram Handle: Jrayfoto
Day 300 Report: TCCC Shorts are Life Changing. Make an Investment in your Comfort and Confidence

I bought 6 pairs of these when they went on sale last year and can confidently say this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. These are literally the only underwear I leave the house wearing and its been this way for 10 months straight. These underwear do not trap odors or moisture and could theoretically be worn multiple days in a row without laundering. The ventilation on the groin and all up the crack are ingenious and highly effective at cooling these high temp areas and also provide a nice stretch that does not restrict your package uncomfortably. It's a nice fit to keep you secure and concealed but not enough to be uncomfortable. I can't speak for the ice inserts because I have literally never used them. However, these ice insert pockets do not get in the way of daily use. Wearing this underwear increases my confidence significantly moreso than any garment or haircut ever could. I feel capable and comfortable in any situation - on a photo assignment or sitting for 3 hours at a play. After dozens of laundering cycles they have kept their elasticity and still perform incredibly. These are absolutely worth the money. Bravo to Qore Performance!

Great Shorts !!

These are Great shorts, I wore them during a 12 hour exercise event, and they worked awesome. I wear them everyday for performing Crossfit workouts and they keep my cool and moving. I have recommended them for everyone at my gym and anyone looking to performance better.

Second skin

These are great performance shorts. They feel like second skin - super comfortable and keep me cool on the long and hot runs, even without the cooling inserts. I sometimes use the insert channels for keys and other little essentials. My key fits in there with the insert.

I believe these are flattering as well. The legs are long enough, tight for support, but not too restrictive. I bought them right after I ran a 1/2 marathon in inappropriate leg wear. I wish had been wearing these. I know I would have been sooo much more comfortable. They should not be dried in the dryer, but air dry very quickly.



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