Hydration Shorts
Hydration Shorts
Hydration Shorts
Hydration Shorts

Hydration Shorts

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A new, virtually invisible weapon to help you fight dehydration and temperature extremes.

  • Hydration Shorts are the most comfortable base layer shorts you'll ever wear. Designed to hydrate you in the summer and warm you up in the winter
  • Available with incredibly lightweight HydraQore Inserts for hydration and endurance.
  • Orders containing Inserts include one Charge and Go Bag to keep your HydraQore Inserts charged for 4+ hours when traveling or competing.
  • 100% Made in the USA

Recommended For: Football, Running, Golf, Soccer, Track & Field, Baseball


The Catalyst. Zero athletic compromise, secure during any activity

  • Articulated design to move with the body and avoid riding up
  • Moisture-Wicking, Four-Way Stretch Nylon/Spandex
  • Odor-Resistant, UPF 50+ Technology
  • Flatlock Stitching to limit chafing
  • Breathable center panel to keep you cool
  • Two-inch Elastic waistband tailored for security and comfort
  • Ergonomic Mesh Pockets for easy access and consistent alignment

HydraQore Inserts keep you up to 40% more hydrated.

  • Charge at 58° to cool you down without restricting blood flow
  • Incredibly strong and safe: can withstand the force of a truck
  • Unlimited Recharge, Non-Toxic, Anti-Microbial, No Condensation

Use with Heating Inserts (sold separately) in the winter months to keep your extremities warm with fewer layers.

BEST USED FOR: Range Work, Training, Courses, Duty Wear, Crossfit, Football, HIIT, Track & Field, Running, Hiking

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Size Guide
Measure at the Top of your Waist. Unisex sizing.
Size Waist (Inches)
Small 26" - 28"
Medium 28" - 31"
Large 31" - 34"
X-Large 34" - 38"
XX-Large 38" - 42"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Shorts !!

These are Great shorts, I wore them during a 12 hour exercise event, and they worked awesome. I wear them everyday for performing Crossfit workouts and they keep my cool and moving. I have recommended them for everyone at my gym and anyone looking to performance better.

Second skin

These are great performance shorts. They feel like second skin - super comfortable and keep me cool on the long and hot runs, even without the cooling inserts. I sometimes use the insert channels for keys and other little essentials. My key fits in there with the insert.

I believe these are flattering as well. The legs are long enough, tight for support, but not too restrictive. I bought them right after I ran a 1/2 marathon in inappropriate leg wear. I wish had been wearing these. I know I would have been sooo much more comfortable. They should not be dried in the dryer, but air dry very quickly.

Try Them Out!!!!

If you are running or cycling in hot weather like me (Hawaii), the base layer shorts are highly effective at keeping you cool. The shorts come with 4 plasma packs, which I keep in the freezer. These packs can be inserted into slots sewn in the front of the shorts. These slots align with your bodies natural thermal channel at the pulse points. Basically acting as a cooling system for the lower extremities. Tested the shorts out on both the bike and a tough hill run....they did very well! Try them out!

Bottom line, the concept of the cold packs near the big arteries in the legs have a direct impact on improved performance in warm climates. When I did the Half Ironman in Kona back in 2011, we dumped chucks of ice down our shorts in the half marathon to get the same effects. I have trained with your shorts and they work great. One set of frozen packs keep me cool for at least an hour in the heat of the day.

Casey F
USAF retired, current triathlete

Works great!

I bought these because I had races coming up in warmer temps (I'm a marathoner). I ran two half marathons a week apart; the first without the Qore performance shorts. I did well, but the heat slowed me down and I missed a PR (personal record) by 20 seconds! The following week, I wore the Qore performance shorts under similar conditions on an extremely hilly course and I set a new PR by 2min 20sec! Do I think the shorts contributed to my fastest half marathon time ever? Absolutely! I never felt hot or uncomfortable and was able to mantain my desired pace. These shorts are awesome and I've been telling my friends all about them.

Medically useful as well

I've been using Qore-Performance shorts and sleeve for about 4 months now. I'm a 47 year old very active male. I played college and semi-professional baseball when I was younger and I continue to remain very active! Once an athlete always an athlete!!! I lift weights 3 to 5 times a week, run at least 3 times a week, play softball and golf once a week. In addition to being very active, I have a condition called Myasthenia Gravis (MG), which in Latin means "weakness of the muscles." (It's the cousin to Multiple Sclerosis). Because of this condition, I am very sensitive to extreme heat and extreme cold weather. I was diagnosed with MG in February of 1996 and because of my familiarity with this disease, I am very in tune with my body and how certain factors/conditions affect me.

The first time I used the Qore-Performance sleeve I was playing golf in over 100 degree, very humid weather in Palm Springs CA. I immediately noticed I wasn't sweating as much as I normally do and the heat wasn't really a factor. What I noticed most is I really felt my MG was under control!!! I was so excited that I immediately sent Justin a text message telling him how I felt after wearing the Qore-performance sleeve. "I felt like a kid at Christmas who just received his first bicycle." I knew right there in then I had to purchase the Qore-Performance shorts. Qore-Performance is now a part of my athletic gear weather I'm golfing, working out in the gym, running or playing softball!!