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Heating Inserts (Pair)

Size Guide
  • Heating inserts work with your body to keep you warm throughout. Air-activated packs work seamlessly with all Qore Performance™ gear. These lightweight packs will last up to 12 hours. Sold in sets of two.

    • Lightweight, flexible package will not impair athletic movement
    • Durable and soft polymer exterior
    • 125º - 135º heating capability
    • 6-12 hours of warmth
    • Air activated one time use
  • Built on tried and true science taught to first responders, our technology takes advantage of your body's blood flow to cool or heat you quickly and without impeding your movement.

    • Pulse point precision allows our technology to affect your body without affecting your performance
    • When the temperature drops, ubiquitous hand warmers become full body heaters for up to 10 hours

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