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Dear USPS ... The United States Postal Service's Pivotal Role in American Democracy

This is a note--a love note, of sorts--to the Postal Service. Let’s travel back to the 90s, small town USA. Bombs bursting in the desert air, on the television. Our best and bravest, defending freedom in real time. Do you remember? Together, hands over our hearts, we pledged allegiance to the Republic, to the Stars and Stripes, singing I’m Proud to Be An American at the top of our lungs, meaning every single word and honoring those risking it all. I know you know it by heart, too. My heart still swells when I hear that song.   It also swells every time I open a stamped letter. 50 cents of sweet, sweet freedom. Hear me out.  First, a little civics:...

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Why does Qore Performance exist? How the #IceAge was born.

"To Liberate Humans From Environmental Risk." We do this for those who serve: soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, law enforcement officers and firefighters. We do this for industries that power our economy: oil & gas, food service, HVAC, construction crews and more through our approach to personal cooling, heating, hydration and impact protection, delivering this unique combination of capabilities to drive greater individual and systematic efficiency than ever before. But, what are the origins of this mission? Our "why" is deeply rooted in our value systems. While J.D. and I grew up on opposite coasts (Southern California and Northern Virginia), our upbringings and life experiences helped forge similar values. We share a love of great design and problem solving, even if...

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