Why does Qore Performance exist? How the #IceAge was born.

Why does Qore Performance exist? How the #IceAge was born.

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"To Liberate Humans From Environmental Risk." We do this for those who serve: soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, law enforcement officers and firefighters. We do this for industries that power our economy: oil & gas, food service, HVAC, construction crews and more through our approach to personal cooling, heating, hydration and impact protection, delivering this unique combination of capabilities to drive greater individual and systematic efficiency than ever before.

But, what are the origins of this mission?

Our "why" is deeply rooted in our value systems. While J.D. and I grew up on opposite coasts (Southern California and Northern Virginia), our upbringings and life experiences helped forge similar values. We share a love of great design and problem solving, even if sometimes our interpretations may take different forms (J.D. is Ted Baker and Porsche, I am Arc'teryx and Tesla).

We are both consistently frustrated by inefficiency and legacy thinking that locks in suboptimal outcomes. We value excellence. In waste, we find opportunity. Unconventional solutions to conventional problems to realize exponential leaps in capability make us happy. We have a deep love for our nation and believe that freedom, liberty and justice are the paths to empowering people to be great.

We started Qore Performance as the manifestation of our value system to help people and help our nation.

As we continue to grow and expand as a company, you will see these values permeate through all of our innovations, products and solutions. Our first invention, The Hydration Short (Range Training Shorts), is a human performance "booster rocket" for tactical personnel and athletes.

The IcePlate (frozen/hot water body armor insert) is the ultimate multipurpose warfighter "hydration" platform: make existing water stores serve multiple functions (Cooling, Heating, Hydration and Impact Protection) while reducing weight, preventing heat injuries, increasing logistics efficiency through superior packing density and boosting human performance. IceCase was created at the request of Chick-fil-A Goodyear and Chick-fil-A Avalon so they could operate their iPads all day in blistering Arizona summers to deliver the best possible Face-to-Face iPOS drive-thru experience for their guests.

The HiVis StayFrosty Vest (HSV) is the result of a collaboration with SOARescue to deliver unmatched industrial safety and efficiency in a single piece of kit: High Visibility, personal cooling, hydration and tool storage. The Modular IcePlate Sleeve System (MIPSS) is the sister product to the HiVis StayFrosty Vest invented and developed by SOARescue to address the specific needs of the tactical user (Military, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS).

Combined with the other accessories for each product hub, this is the #IceAge Ecosystem. We hope you'll join our journey to make America even greater, one solution at a time.

IcePlate cools the team at Chick-fil-A Scottsdale 101 in Scottsdale, AZ

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