IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Pro (IMS Pro) Features and Specs

Features and Benefits

  • OPTIMIZED - Optimized for IcePlate EXO (ICE) compatibility
  • UNIVERSAL works with any plate carrier with a 6x4 MOLLE field and/or a hook and loop Velcro field
  • VENTILATED - dual-face laser-cut MAPs double as ventilation ports
  • CAPABLE - Built from the same high-tech, ultra-strong, ultra-light, hydrophobic HMWPE used to build IcePlate EXO (ICE)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - IcePlate Sleeve is 30% lighter than IMS Flex, weighing in at a mere 4.2 ounces. Laser-cut negative MAPs (MOLLE Attachment Points built by removing, not adding, material)
  • AMBIDEXTROUS - Accepts both Left and Right Exit IcePlate Curve to work for both right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • STREAMLINED - Laser-cut Drink Tube Routing Ports on Left, Right and Top keep your hose as low profile and tight to your kit as you want or need
  • RELIABLE - bottom zipper closure is out, Velcro bottom closure is in with the Hook Velcro field on the inside of IcePlate Sleeve to prevent contact with clothing or uniforms
  • PURPOSE-BUILT - Can accept any IcePlate Curve or Medium ESAPI armor plate to give you maximum versatility for your cooling, heating, hydration and protection needs
  • FLAT - conformal design geometry with IcePlate Curve delivers the flattest, strongest and most capable plate carrier cooling/heating/hydration system ever built
  • MODULAR - dual-side MAPs let you carry your water and preserve your MOLLE field

IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Pro (IMS Pro) Instruction Sheet