IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone
IcePlate® Curve Standalone

IcePlate® Curve Standalone

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IcePlate® Curve Standalone is a hard cell hydration bladder with geometry that matches the multi-curve Medium ESAPI armor plate, providing conformal cooling, heating, and hydration for plate carrier, body armor and safety vests.

IcePlate® Curve Standalone is for current IcePlate® Curve owners who are looking to purchase additional IcePlate® Curves. It is available with your choice of an IceCap to connect a drink hose, a magnetic freezer cap, or a Closed Cap for cooling/warming only.
The science behind IcePlate® Curve comes from more than two decades of research conducted by Stanford University, the US Army, USASOC, and the CDC on the effects of cooling on metabolic capacity, recovery, and heat injury prevention under PPE/MOPP and in athletics. If you'd like to read the full origin story of Qore Performance® and how the IcePlate® was born, click here.



One-Way Valve
(standard on all Drinkable IcePlate® Curves)

The One-Way Valve allows air into IcePlate® Curve, improving flow rate by more than 100% for an effortless drinking experience. This option is recommended for anyone using IcePlate® Curve for hydration.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
David Horner (Snellville, US)
Instagram Handle: weldfreak1981
Ice plate

Great product. I bought 2 ice plates and mollie sleeve carrier. So much better on the plate carrier than the others.
When to fill the 2nd one and found out it had a hole on the top. I haven’t sent an email yet but will when I get a chance.

Samuel McKee (Lachine, CA)
Pretty grand

It's good. I donno what you need to hear, but this is a good product. It's though and putting in hot or frozen water is all It's cracked up to be. It's not the easiest to attached to kit compared to say a bladder and it's only 1.5 litters but if you accept that, it's gucci. I've bought two and I'd buy again.

Hi Samuel,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share an honest account of your experience with IcePlate Curve. We are stoked to hear that it is delivering for you! We felt it could be helpful to share a couple of links with you to address your attachment challenges. While the Side Release Armor Straps are simple and accessible, our IMS and IMS Pro sleeves are infinitely easier to use and provide far more scalability to help you get the most out of your IcePlate Curve with nearly zero effort. Here is a link to all of the options for IMS and IMS Pro and at the top. you'll see a hyperlinked graphic that can tell you all about the differences between the two options to help you select the IMS variant that is best for you:

We hope that helps, but please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. #StayFrosty

Arizona (Waxhaw, US)
Incredible company and product

Had an issue with a leak. Qore reached out right away and sent me a new one FAST. Wish all companies had this level of service.

Instagram Handle: d.sarmiento21
Great Customer Service and Products

I purchased a couple of ice plates and vest. I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the products and customer service!

Patricia Doto (Aldie, US)

IcePlate Curve Standalone

Seth Lipsmeyer (Memphis, US)

This is my second ice plate first one is ranger Green this one is Wolf Gray
I absolutely love them I've combined them with 511s all missions carrier to wear it under my clothes when I'm running or at work it works in my plate carrier but with the 5096 carrier it gives me a little extra coolant power anybody recommend a good harness it for it

Michael Rapparlie
Live in the Desert?

I work/work out in the mojove, this attaches with extreme ease on a plate carrier or backpack. For day use and running, I freeze it completely. Way better than a camelbak for this purpose, plus I can use the same hose that came with the camelbak as well. This is an amazing product and just wish I would have found out about it sooner.

Yukon Cornelius (Loris, US)
Iceplate Makin It Frosty In July

I use these ice plates in conjunction with the iceplate hydration backpack while working outside in SC. They really work great and I’m looking forward to having an extra iceplate to switch out with the melted one.

Dbl R (Las Vegas, US)
Awesome Plate

Use this in this Las Vegas heat and its amazing!!!

2LT (Fort Smith, US)
Almost perfect

I love this product for the most part. When I am in Arkansas in June, refilling my plates with cold water periodically really helps with the heat. The problem for me is the bottom edge hitting my lower ribs when going prone and doing lots of weighted push-ups. That and having to blow air back into the plates to get water. Especially after getting smoked. I was super greatful for the colder temperature in this humid heat. A lot of the other soldiers were asking where to buy.


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