Are Our IceVents®, Plate Carrier Cooling, and Drive Through Cooling a Great Value for You?

Are Our IceVents®, Plate Carrier Cooling, and Drive Through Cooling a Great Value for You?

Qore Performance’s cool inventions are here to keep your team cool and hydrated - high functioning and comfortable - in hot climates. Our IcePlates® and IceVents® (keep you cool) and our IceCase (keeps iPads from overheating and shutting down) will let you consistently deliver premium performance in hot places. They are designed for you.

Are they worth it?

With our cutting-edge design, ferocious quality engineering, patenting, and 100% Made-in-America value – even in spite of our “Bah Humbug” Scrooge of a CFO who squeezes every nickel here until the buffalo bellows - that commands a somewhat premium price.

But, hey.  Don’t walk into your Tesla dealership expecting to pay the price of a Ford Fiesta and drive off in a Tesla. Sorry. Capitalism just doesn’t work that way. And that’s why we don’t offer discount codes.

Worth it?


On you.

I recently had a great convo with a prospective customer over at our Instagram account, one of our 20,000+ followers. Great guy.

The dude wrote about our IceVents®: Universal Shoulder Pads for Plate Carriers, Backpacks and Rucks with Cord Management (2-pack) -

$160 for just those 6 pads, damn man....”

I felt him, man!

If only Bernie, AOC, or another of our good democratic socialists would add IceVents to Medicare for All and college education on their list of freebies.

What a wonderful world it would be!

I wrote back,

No doubt $160 is some scratch... if you think of IceVents® as a legacy accessory. But they aren’t an accessory. Like every member of the IceAge Ecosystem, they are a human performance enhancer and environmental inoculator. They are a capability. Think of them in the context of the cost of missing a shift due to back or hip or shoulder problems... Also, don’t forget that we offer a MIL/LE/FR Direct Purchase Program. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any additional questions!"

I could have put it another way:

Some immediately get that IceVents® will increase their endurance and capacity in the field by 4% -- or even 2% -- or even 1%. For years to come! And to them that's worth many times more than $160, just for the added productivity. (Your creature comfort thrown in as a bonus freebie.) Let's call these folks the YOLOs: You Only Live Once.

Others don't assign the additional productivity so much value. They see these as just an accessory, like a rhinestone barrette.  They don’t assign the IceVents® the status we claim for them as a paradigm-shifting, game-changing, capability-builder like a Tesla Model S with autopilot. Let's call these bargain shoppers BOGOs: “Buy One Get One.”  You won’t find that here.

Still others are skeptical that it will add to their productivity or comfort and hit a hard stop. Let's call them NOGOs. They might be right. But just for themselves.

Different people come to different conclusions.

Each is right for themselves.  

Might be …

IceVents® just aren't for you.

As Bill might have said to Ted:

"Use that $160 to party on bodacious, Dude!"

If you are a YOLO – You. Only. Live. Once. – you are committed to doing your utmost, squeezing every last ounce of gusto from your performance and living to tell the tale. Yeah, Individual Warfighter Overmatch.

If so, maybe you’ll power down to a cheaper brand of whiskey for a couple months and save up to buy yourself the IceVents®. And IcePlates®.


Hey, go ahead and write Senator Sanders.

332 Dirksen Building, Washington, D.C. 20510

Ask him to add IceVents® – and, hey, yeah, while you are at it, IcePlates® -- to the list of goodies that Uncle Santa will be tossing off the back of his sled on Christmas after the 2020 election day.

On Comet, on Cupid,

On Donner and Blitzen!

-    Justin

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  • Yu

    The ice plates is legit ! I would get more in the future

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