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How to Stay Cool Working on Set of a Major Motion Picture

By Zachary Dunn  Hey, I’m writing this from the set of a major motion picture. I’m required to be vague about certain things in order to protect the privacy of the shoot--hope you understand. I recently discovered Qore Performance’s IceVents. Wearing them while working has been a game changer! I connected with you guys to let you in on why. So, here I am on set in the Mojave Desert. I’m a fixtures technician (IATSE Local 728). If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, don’t worry--my job isn’t exactly in the spotlight. Fixtures is a branch of the lighting department, specifically Rigging. Our work starts long before the cameras are rolling. We are one of the first departments on set...

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How to Clean HiVis Safety Vests and the HiVis StayFrosty Vest featuring IcePlate

How do I keep my HiVis StayFrosty Vest Clean? For IcePlates, the cleaning is simple. The act of freezing the IcePlates kills off bacteria. Once you are finished with the IcePlates for the season, there are two recommended storage options. The first is to simply leave them frozen in your freezer until they are needed again. The second option is to drain the IcePlates completely, run them through your Dishwasher one time, dry them out, and store them somewhere dry. Here is what we recommend for the Vests. As often as you like (even as frequently as between uses) you can simply wipe the surfaces down with a Clorox antibacterial wipe to remove the dust and dirt and kill anything...

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My Excellent Adventure in Aviation

Ever wonder what goes on Behind The Scenes at an airport. I always did. Now I know. Lean in and let me share my new secrets with you. My colleague Kelly Yazdani and I went to visit the ramp team of a major airline in Florida on Friday May 24th. It all began last summer at the GSE - Ground Support Equipment - show in Las Vegas. Immediately after the show, a member of this airline’s maintenance team purchased two of our HiVis StayFrosty Vests for his two-man crew. He was so positively impressed that he introduced them - and, eventually, us - to the Station Manager for his airport.  Kelly then laid the ground work for our visit by meeting the airline's...

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Stay Cool Working on the Airline Ramp!

Today we are going to look closely at a day in the life of an Airline Ramp Agent. Ramp work can be, for lack of better terms, arduous.  Early morning shifts can start with sub-zero external temperatures in the winter and summer afternoon shifts on the hot tarmac rise well into the triple digits. One airline mechanic told me that they measured the tarmac to be 160+ degrees F mid-summer in Las Vegas. This job requires great strength and endurance: lifting bags, cleaning planes, dealing with sometimes delicate cargo, all while sticking to strict schedules and safety guidelines. Breaks often don’t happen because of the daily rush. Lunch is a maybe. A good schedule depends on seniority. Employee turnover is high....

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