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7 Steps for Restaurant Drive Thru Conversion: Intro (start here)

  Coronavirus has upended the retail environment overnight. The companies that quickly adjust to this new environment while keeping customers and employees safe will be the ones that survive. But knowing the right thing to do can be overwhelming, chaotic, and terrifying. Should I close? Stay open? Do carry out? Curbside? How much staff do I need? Who goes where? How do I keep my people safe? It's a lot to consider, but to keep serving customers, you'll need to be very efficient and make some big changes quickly. We work with the very best companies in the drive thru and carry out business and we are here to help with some fundamentals and best practices in this confusing time. The...

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How to Prevent iPads from Overheating and Shutting Down

What if your team could cool an overheated iPad in under 20 seconds, instead of 5 - 15 minutes, putting it right back to work? Better yet - what if you could efficiently keep their iPads from overheating in the first place? Well, guess what? Now you can.   iPads: Love ‘em, don’t leave ‘em About three years ago the New York Times reported that “Nearly half of all iPads are now bought by corporations and governments.” iPads and iPhones are now the “preferred mobile computing devices for corporations.” Many workers, from quick-service restaurant employees to airline pilots to AgTech now rely on iPads to get their jobs done and keep management informed. Much better than paper. But … there’s...

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The Qore Performance Test and Evaluation (T&E) Sample Program for Military units, Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporate Enterprises

The Qore Performance Test and Evaluation (T&E) Sample Program for Government and Enterprise customers is super simple. Here is how it works: 1. Purchase any Qore Performance product you want for T&E on our website (which you are on right now, obviously) here. This purchase can be made using any form of payment: personal, corporate or government. 2. Save your order number. 3. When your company/team/unit/agency issues a PO for the item(s) you sampled, email us your sample order number. As soon as payment is received, we will credit your original form of payment (personal or professional, does not matter to us) the value of the sample order (up to 20% of PO value) . The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is valid only...

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IceCase: How to Prevent iPads from Overheating

 iPads are designed to shut down when they overheat. They stay dark until they cool off. When that happens it can dramatically slow or even stop your business. Money’s lost! What if there were an efficient, streamlined way to keep your company’s iPads from overheating in the first place? A solution that would go right to your bottom line. Well, now there is just such a solution. Qore Performance developed IceCase. IceCase is a rugged and affordable iPad case that uses conductive cooling to keep iPads from overheating. Tested and now being used extensively in the Sun Belt summer heat, IceCase keeps iPads working in really, really hot working conditions, just as our IcePlate -- check it out! -- keeps...

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7 Warming Solutions for Drive-Thru Employees

I not only know, but also love the fast food drive-thru business. Before joining Qore Performance, I worked with Chick-fil-A for over 9 years.  My work with them started at the age of 14 at the front counters, and by 18 I was promoted to Director of Operations.  The cornerstone of Chick-fil-A’s business model is a dedication to customer service.  In order to improve the customer experience and keep drive-thru times down, Chick-fil-A is constantly increasing the number of employees working outside.   More and more, you now see team members walking from car to car with tablets in hand, taking orders and even accepting payments.  This new drive-thru system works great when it is 70 degrees F and partly...

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