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IceCase: How to Prevent iPads from Overheating

 iPads are designed to shut down when they overheat. They stay dark until they cool off. When that happens it can dramatically slow or even stop your business. Money’s lost! What if there were an efficient, streamlined way to keep your company’s iPads from overheating in the first place? A solution that would go right to your bottom line. Well, now there is just such a solution. Qore Performance developed IceCase. IceCase is a rugged and affordable iPad case that uses conductive cooling to keep iPads from overheating. Tested and now being used extensively in the Sun Belt summer heat, IceCase keeps iPads working in really, really hot working conditions, just as our IcePlate -- check it out! -- keeps...

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7 Warming Solutions for Drive-Thru Employees

I not only know, but also love the fast food drive-thru business. Before joining Qore Performance, I worked with Chick-fil-A for over 9 years.  My work with them started at the age of 14 at the front counters, and by 18 I was promoted to Director of Operations.  The cornerstone of Chick-fil-A’s business model is a dedication to customer service.  In order to improve the customer experience and keep drive-thru times down, Chick-fil-A is constantly increasing the number of employees working outside.   More and more, you now see team members walking from car to car with tablets in hand, taking orders and even accepting payments.  This new drive-thru system works great when it is 70 degrees F and partly...

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The Qore Performance Test and Evaluation (T&E) Sample Program for Military units, Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporate Enterprises

The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is super simple. Here is how it works: 1. Purchase any Qore Performance product you want for T&E on our website (which you are on right now, obviously) here. 2. Save your order number. 3. When your company/team/unit/agency issues a PO for the item(s) you sampled, email us your sample order number. As soon as payment is received, we will credit your account the value of the sample order (up to 20% of PO value) . The Qore Performance T&E Sample Program is valid only for purchases made on our website by enterprise and government customers. Purchases from third party resellers are not eligible for T&E Refund. Email us with any questions here or call us at 703.755.0724 to...

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How to Stay Cool Working on Set of a Major Motion Picture

By Zachary Dunn  Hey, I’m writing this from the set of a major motion picture. I’m required to be vague about certain things in order to protect the privacy of the shoot--hope you understand. I recently discovered Qore Performance’s IceVents. Wearing them while working has been a game changer! I connected with you guys to let you in on why. So, here I am on set in the Mojave Desert. I’m a fixtures technician (IATSE Local 728). If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, don’t worry--my job isn’t exactly in the spotlight. Fixtures is a branch of the lighting department, specifically Rigging. Our work starts long before the cameras are rolling. We are one of the first departments on set...

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How to Clean HiVis Safety Vests and the HiVis StayFrosty Vest featuring IcePlate

How do I keep my HiVis StayFrosty Vest Clean? For IcePlates, the cleaning is simple. The act of freezing the IcePlates kills off bacteria. Once you are finished with the IcePlates for the season, there are two recommended storage options. The first is to simply leave them frozen in your freezer until they are needed again. The second option is to drain the IcePlates completely, run them through your Dishwasher one time, dry them out, and store them somewhere dry. Here is what we recommend for the Vests. As often as you like (even as frequently as between uses) you can simply wipe the surfaces down with a Clorox antibacterial wipe to remove the dust and dirt and kill anything...

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