Frequently Asked Questions about the IcePlate

What is the IcePlate?
The IcePlate is the world’s first freezable water bottle designed to cool you down, hydrate you, and protect you. It is designed to fit perfectly between your body and your kit.
What are some of the unique structural features of the IcePlate?
The IcePlate is designed to be the same size as a 10" x 12" Medium SAPI. Its multi-function strap loops allow for it to be flexibly used with different kit configurations. The IcePlate was designed with an asymmetric low-point drain, allowing the IcePlate to fully empty when you drink. The 1" thin profile and 3D Stacking Geometry allow for a 30% increase in storage efficiency. The IcePlate is curved to fit the contour of your body. It is made from a BPA-free, FDA food-grade HDPE material and is 100% American made. The IcePlate holds 50 ounces of water (1.5 L).  
How much does the IcePlate weigh?
Empty, the IcePlate weighs well under a pound at only 12 ounces per plate.
How durable is the IcePlate?
We have tested out our IcePlates in all kinds of crazy situations and they stay strong. Check out this video of us dropping a frozen IcePlate off a five story building:
We've also shot the IcePlate behind soft body armor.  
Can I custom mold my IcePlate?
The IcePlate comes in one size and shape, although our friend @angry.canadian came up with a methodology to allow the IcePlate to mold more completely with his hard plate.
How much water does the IcePlate hold?
IcePlate can hold over 50 ounces of water per plate, which is about 1.5 liters. Plus with the cooling benefit, you won't need nearly as much water to keep hydrated. Fill with warm water in the colder months to keep warm!
How do I fill my IcePlate when I first receive it?  How do I freeze it?
Since water expands as it freezes, we recommend you fill the IcePlate about 90% full with water, lie flat in a standard freezer, and leave it to charge for 4-6 hours (overnight works best).
How do I handle my IcePlate when frozen?
When the IcePlate comes out of the freezer, the entire thing will be frozen, including the tubing. It's very important to carry the IcePlate by its body, not by the hose. The hose is brittle when frozen and can break if handled improperly. Another technique is to run the hose under warm water after removing the IcePlate from the freezer. This allows the tube to be more flexible.
Can I drink the water in my IcePlate?
Yes! IcePlate comes with a convenient drinking tube and Bite Valve that allows you to easily drink the ice cold water as it melts. Be sure to wash before use.
How do I use my IcePlate in cold weather versus warm weather?
  • Hot Weather: Simply Fill IcePlate with 50 oz of water (about 90% full), lay it flat or upside down in your freezer overnight, then wear it over your shirt but under your kit for the most powerful cooling solution on the market.
  • Cold Weather: Fill IcePlate with warm water (we recommend 135-150 degrees Fahrenheit) water, then wear it over your shirt but under your kit for extended cold weather comfort.
How long does the cooling last?
Used fully frozen, IcePlate will typically keep you cool for several hours and hydrated for a full 8-hour shift
Does the IcePlate condensate or "sweat"?
Yes, by design, condensation from the IcePlate adds cool water to the outside layer of your shirt where it can evaporate easily, removing significant heat in the process to help you #StayFrosty and dry. Many users have reported being totally dry at the end of a shift. We recommend pairing IcePlate with moisture-wicking or hydrophobic base layers (like our Hydration Shirt) and shirts for maximum effectiveness.
How do I wear the IcePlate?
The IcePlate works equally well on your front or your back.  If you are undecided on which, we recommend back placement for your first IcePlate. 
For a more detailed answer, check out our IceAge Insights blog article: How do I wear IcePlate?
Soft Body Armor: With the myriad of Soft Armor form factors on the market, we recommend using our Velcro Armor Straps with soft armor for maximum ride height adjustability.  
Hard Armor/Plate Carrier: IcePlate can be mounted to a plate carrier using our Velcro Armor Straps, Zipties, folded over 100 mph tape, 550 cord, spare boot laces or just about anything available to you in the field. Many customers are able to fit IcePlate inside their plate bag with their armor plate, depending on the armor/plate carrier combination.
External Armor Carry: designed for military and law enforcement, IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve 6 (IMS6) is the external hard cell hydration solution for applications that require the lowest profile and greatest durability on the market today.
Industrial/Commercial: Our IcePlate Comfort Harness is ideal for any light application in arid climates where a condensation sleeve is not required such as day hikes, sporting events, concerts, trail running. For humid climates, pair the IcePlate Comfort Harness with an HiVis StayFrost Vest Sleeve when a condensation barrier that preserves the full cooling/heating power of IcePlate is desired. HiVis StayFrosty Vest is the ultimate industrial safety solution using two IcePlates (front and back) with cooling, heating, high visibility and improved productivity all in one IcePlate carrier. 
Travel/EDC: IcePlate fits perfectly in laptop or hydration pockets of most leading backpacks such as the Vertx Gamut EDC, Vertx EDC Transit Sling. It is also the best carry-on water bottle for traveling.
What is the IcePlate Comfort Harness?
The Comfort Harness was designed to fit a wide range of activities where a plate carrier or other external armor system was not available to carry the IcePlate. It's designed for hands-free operation and helps ensure that your IcePlate is stable.
How do I use my IcePlate Safety Sleeve Kit?
The Safety Sleeve Kit is a great option for users who already own an IcePlate and harness. It increases your visibility, increases the cooling and warming time of your IcePlate, and helps with condensation. The IcePlate slides directly into the Safety Sleeve and the Comfort Harness connects directly to the Sleeve.
How do I assemble my HiVis StayFrosty Vest?
Closed IcePlate (Cooling and Warming Only):
Assembly for Hydration plus Cooling and Warming:
Will the IcePlate interfere with my activity?
No, it is designed to sit close to your body and work seamlessly with your kit. It is made out of a flexible lightweight thermopolymer shell that is designed to absorb impact and help protect you. By carrying water close against your body, you use less energy to carry the water. Giving you more energy for your activity.
How do I clean my IcePlate?
IcePlate is dishwasher safe! We recommend cleaning before first use. Be sure to remove the cap. The low point drain also ensures that you can fully rinse and empty IcePlate whenever a dishwasher isn't handy.
Do you Ship Internationally?
International Shipping is available for an additional fee; usually this runs about $20-40. Please contact for pricing.
What is your Forever IcePlate Warranty Policy?
"Forever IcePlate" is our individual customer warranty. We've got your back. Our ongoing mission is to make great products for you and we stand behind them 100%. You have placed your trust in us and we take that trust seriously. Our job is ALWAYS helping you #StayFrosty, and Forever IcePlate does this while also making it easy to keep your kit fresh.

IcePlate is fully warrantied against all manufacturer defects: if you notice any upon receipt, send us a photo or video and and we will repair or replace your IcePlate at our expense.

  • 0-60 days from purchase: If IcePlate breaks in any way under normal use (ie not dropped or otherwise incorrectly handled) and in original purchased configuration (unmodified in any way) we will replace it at our expense.
  • 60-365 days from purchase: If IcePlate breaks under normal use (ie not dropped or otherwise incorrectly handled) and in original purchased configuration (not modified in any way) we will replace or repair it (at discretion of our technicians) at no charge! Shipping costs (both ways) are the responsibility of you, the customer.
  • Beyond 1 year: You can purchase a replacement IcePlate of the same generation (subject to availability) at a 50% discount in exchange for sending your broken IcePlate back to Qore Performance. If the same generation IcePlate is not available, you can exchange your broken IcePlate to purchase a more recent generation IcePlate at a 25% discount.

If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please call, chat, or email us!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The hose is permanently attached to the IcePlate and as such, modification of any kind and/or any attempt to remove, modify or tamper with the hose and/or hose/IcePlate interface will void the warranty. Handling IcePlate by the hose while frozen is strongly discouraged.

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