Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating
Plate Carrier Hydration Pack with Cooling and Heating

IMS Pro Combo (plate carrier hydration pack with cooling and heating)

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Plate Carrier hydration and thermoregulation for elite professionals in austere, no-fail environments.

Pairing IcePlate® Curve with IMS Pro is a hydration game changer. Advancing our vision for modular thermoregulation and hydration, the IMS Pro Combo makes it simple to harness the full power of the water you carry on duty. Worn on the inside or outside of your plate carrier, IMS Pro features laser-cut MOLLE on both faces (eliminating wasted MOLLE fields) in addition to Velcro brand hook tape on one face and Velcro brand loop tape on the other face for universal compatibility with any plate carrier MOLLE and/or hook or loop field. Exchanging IcePlate® Curves is as easy as changing an empty magazine.




Color Combinations

Each IMS Pro Combo comes in a set color pairing to match your plate carrier. IMS Pro Combos are pre-packaged by our team ahead of time for maximum efficiency (which facilitates package savings), so color combinations cannot be changed. However, an additional IcePlate® Curve Standalone in a different color can be added by clicking here.

IcePlate® MOLLE Sleeve Pro IcePlate® Curve Source 90 Drink Hose
MultiCam Coyote Brown Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown Coyote Brown Coyote Brown
Black Obsidian Black Black
Wolf Grey Wolf Grey Black
Ranger Green Ranger Green Foliage


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Julio Marin (Evans Mills, US)
Its great.

My only issue is probably my fault, for I haven't heard of anyone else complain, but the drinking Nozzle Fell off during training, and couldn't drink any, And that was after my first couple days with it. I ordered my new one, hopefully it was just faulty.

Jacob Merritt (Brooklyn, US)

IMS Pro Combo (IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Pro + IcePlate Curve MOLLE plate carrier cooling, heating, hydration system)

Enrique O. (Lubbock, US)
Instagram Handle: @pistolero_dreams
Iceplate for the WIN!!

I used my Iceplate for the first time at Average Joes Super Rad Range Day and it sure did deliver great results! Quite honestly it only lasted in the TX heat from about 8am-12pm, which was expected, so I'll be ordering another to keep in a cooler to wear after lunch. Overall great quality that I can't believe I didn't think of first 😜 will definitely be buying more from Qore.

Steven Jones (Tenino, US)
Say good bye to camel bags!

I love the ice plate curve, it keeps me cool and refreshed on those hot summer day! Oh yeah no more warm camel back water! This baby keeps everything cold

Christopher Dela Cruz (Kenosha, US)
Instagram Handle: @c.delvcruz
Best Out There

Definitely one of the greater hydration systems I’ve ever purchased, high quality and does it’s job.

Customer (Tujunga, US)
Awesome product, but refinement needed.

Love the concept. For better benefits in workouts I will need to get more plates. Issues I have are with the bite valve. It doesn't hold water in the tube, making it necessary to purge air every time I want to drink water. Also, would be nice to use on my wildland pack, but not sure how to integrate it.

Thank you for taking the time to leave an honest review of your IMS Pro Combo experience! We are sorry to hear the Source Storm Bite Valve did is presenting some issues. However, all Source bite valves are interchangeable, so you can swap out your Storm bite valve for a Source Helix bite valve or another bite valve that is compatible with the Source 90 Drink Tube like some Camelbak bite valves.

Here is an article with additional compatibility details from our IceAge Insights blog:

We hope that was helpful, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions. #StayFrosty

Best Hydration System for Law Enforcement

The best and most durable hydration system on the market. Extremely functional and designed with comfort in mind. Attaches easily to the plate carrier. The Molle sleeve attaches to my plate carrier. The molle sleeve is very versatile, and I’m able to attach my medic bag directly to that. I highly recommend the iceplate and it is a must have.

Tyler Yorgesen (Logan, US)
Instagram Handle: littleyorgee
Tough and looks good

So far so good. It fits perfect and looks good on the plate carrier issued by the Army. The material is sturdy and has held up with simple tasks. Two weeks from now I will be in the field for a week with a 45lb ruck on my back. I'm sure that it will be tough enough to withstand it. I'll be back on here to say otherwise if it doesn't hold up to the test.

Hagent Shue (Walnut, US)
Qore Molle Sleeve

Quality product. Easily attaches to my carrier. Carries good amount of water...easy to clean.

Keith Mason
Instagram Handle: @bigredone_88
Best Investment Made!

I recently was able to test my recent purchase, the IcePlate. Hands down, the greatest investment I’ve made when it comes to my tactical gear. I immediately noticed the difference between the IcePlate and the standard CamelBack bladder, when I sat inside an up-armored Humvee and was able to you know actually sit comfortably. The durability of the IcePlate is exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a water source. The water stays cool and is extremely reliable. My only issue, and again this is extremely minor, is the hose is a bit too long for my preference. I have the hose exiting the right side of the plate, but I have to weave it back to the left to shorten up the hose length, so that it sits where I like it on the front; out of the way. Again, this is just me being too picky but I love the product nonetheless! Wish I had found this on my last tour! Keep up the great work and ingenuity!


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