TCCC Shirt
TCCC Shirt
Qore Performance Range Training Base Layers have pockets over the pulse points for disposable heaters and hand warmers to warm you from the inside out
Qore Performance Range Training Base Layers have pockets over the pulse points for disposable heaters and hand warmers to warm you from the inside out

TCCC Shirt

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Join dozens of pro athletes and hundreds of Kickstarter backers in using the most advanced Training Shirt on the market. 

Using TCCC Hypothermia and Heat Stroke treatment techniques (heating/cooling elements over pulse points), TCCC Base Layers keep you warm/cool and at the top of your game in the most extreme climates while preserving maximum range of motion and mobility.

Designed to help you fight dehydration and stay warm in temperature extremes. HydraQore Inserts or single use heating packs/hand warmers (sold separately, available everywhere) sit over the pulse points to heat or cool your body from the inside out as you do work. This method of conductive thermoregulation, keeps you more hydrated and increases performance. Orders that include HydraQore inserts come with an Insulated Charge-and-Go Bag to keep your HydraQore Inserts charged for 4+ hours while traveling or competing.
Range Days/Work, Training, Courses, On-Duty Wear, Crossfit, Skiing, Snowboarding, HIIT, Track & Field, Running, Hiking, Backpacking
100% Made in the USA from USA materials
TCCC Technology HydraQore Inserts keep you up to 40% more hydrated. Heating packs keep you warm all day. Learn more here.
Security + Comfort  Zero athletic compromise; designed to be secure during any activity. Flatlock Stitching limits chafing. Super slippery fabric is designed to move effortlessly under duty/uniform/range/tactical gear.
Moisture Wicking + Odor Resistant Four-Way Stretch Nylon/Spandex; UPF 50+ Technology. Unrivaled range of motion and mobility.
TCCC Technology

HydraQore Inserts:

  • Charge at 58° to cool you down without restricting blood flow
  • Incredibly strong and safe: can withstand the force of a truck
  • Unlimited Recharge, Non-Toxic, Anti-Microbial, No Condensation
  • Recharge using freezer, refrigerator or ice water

Heating Inserts: Use in the winter months to keep your extremities warm with fewer layers (sold separately).

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Size Guide
The TCCC Shirt is designed to fit snug for maximum effect. Cut is long. Unisex sizing.

Size Chest (Inches) Height
Small 34" - 36" 5'6" and under
Medium 36" - 39" 5'6" - 5'11"
Large 39" - 42" 5'11" - 6'1"
X-Large 42" - 46" 6'1" - 6'4"
XX-Large 46" and up 6'5" and up

Customer Reviews

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Some great features, a couple wishes

1. I was very impressed with how much I DIDN'T stink after wearing this shirt all day. Whatever anti-microbial material is in use works. Big plus.
2. The cooling pockets under the arms were easy to access and easy to change. Each cool pack lasted about 45 minutes on a 100 degree day.
3. It's hard to gauge the effectiveness of the cooling in the shirt. I WANT to believe it worked awesome, because I felt great all day, but I also make sure to actually hydrate all day. I noticed an immediate temp drop when I change packs.

I'm a competitive pistol shooter, and the plan is to change packs before every stage. I like the shirt, it keeps me from stinkin too bad, and helps cool. There are zero reasons I won't wear the shirt for matches. No interference from the packs, nothing negative. I'm also looking forward to trying the shirt on a cold day with heat packs.

I would like a bit more length in the shirt, I'm 6'6" and like another couple inches of length.

Perfect base layer

My wife and I both have a long sleeve TCCC shirt, we love them for outdoor activities, training, and boating. They work better than their description



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