IceCap QD Water Bottle Adapter
IceCap QD Water Bottle Adapter
IceCap QD Water Bottle Adapter
IceCap QD Water Bottle Adapter
IceCap QD Water Bottle Adapter

IceCap QD Water Bottle Adapter

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IceCap is the ultimate hydration survival & EDC tool.

IcePlate Curve Instructions

Included in the purchase of drinkable versions of IcePlate Curve, IceCap is built to the 28-410 thread standard, with the added benefit of an integrated universal Quick Disconnect that accepts most hydration tubes (click here for hose compatibility). While this universal compatibility is a fantastic feature, IceCap is designed to work best with our Source 90 Drink Tube (now standard on all IcePlate Curve and IcePlate Sleeve Combo purchases) or our standard Hose with 90 Degree Quick Disconnect to preserve flow rate and prevent kinking.

IceCap allows IcePlate Curve to be stored with incredible efficiency and density while being ready to deploy in seconds. Grab your IcePlate Curve, replace your included Magnetic Freezer Cap with IceCap, click in your favorite drink tube and you are good to go.

But wait, there’s more…

The real magic of IceCap is that it will also work with most plastic Coca-Cola and Dasani bottles. If you deplete your IcePlate Curve water stores completely, secure your IceCap and hydration tube to your 28-410 thread standard bottle and you are in business: instant, field-expedient back-up hydration system.

Note: IceCap is designed for use with IcePlate Curve. It will not work with older versions of IcePlate.

How to clean IcePlate Curve and IceCap

Bulk Unit/Agency/Corporate Orders: For 100 units or more, please email us with your Unit/Agency/Company in the Subject line from your official email account (personal email addresses will not be processed) and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

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Allergic to sweating (Wells, US)
Instagram Handle: Drrg_intl

Works great!

Jessie abbott (Comstock Park, US)

work get for what i do for work

Carl Ronander (Stockholm, SE)
Excellent service and support!

I bought a Quore ice platecurve with tube, but received no icecap, after an e-mail to Quore I had an ice cap in just a couple of days - In corona times and I live in Sweden!!
One thing though, I thought the iceplate would fit inside the main compartment of a flat pack, whitch it didn’t - that is however bad research from my side. Otherwise the gear is golden standard!!

Hi Carl,
Sorry to hear we made a mistake on your first shipment, but we are glad to hear that we got you squared away quickly! Regarding your HSP FlatPack, here is an article from our IceAge Insights blog with tips and pics from Travis Haley himself showing how to run your IcePlate with your FlatPack. Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any additional questions! #StayFrosty

Rob T
It could be really awesome

Got this for a Crye JPC 2.0. It fits perfectly and everything is great, except for two things. There are no baffles inside of the plastic water tank, apart from the sunken 3D logo, and it is difficult to get water to flow because it's a hard sided tank. When it’s water instead of ice, there is a lot of sloshing around and it’s really noisy. every movement you take is just one annoying slosh after another. Interior baffles would most likely eliminate this problem. If there was a food-safe Gore-tex vent or one-way valve on the top, I'm sure that would help equalize pressure without leakage. The from factor is definitely the best thing about this product. Could totally be a 5 star product.

ross owens (Raleigh, US)
Instagram Handle: Rausasaurus_rex
Pretty cool

Wearing it with a slickster. It’s pretty comfortable, but I don’t like that I have to readjust my shoulder straps whenever I want to put on or remove the container. I haven’t used it yet, but it seems promising. Good price. I bought the second, and couldn’t find any deformities.

SGT Arturo Rio


TOm Brabston (Mobile, US)
Instagram Handle: Ocr413fitness_us_al
Ice plate

Water flow is restricted and
Doesn’t flow well when used as hydration pack

Hi Tom,

One of our team members, Doug Burr, reached out to you via email, but we since we haven't heard from you, we wanted to make sure we exhausted every effort to take care of you.

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your IceCap. We designed IceCap to use industry-standard QD and thread interface for maximum flow efficiency. While IceCap has a near-universal QD interface compatible with hoses from other major manufacturers like Source and Camelbak, those hoses are not equipped with our 90 Degree Hard Elbow:
As such, is is possible to experience flow disruptions in certain configurations for which IceCap was not optimized when paired with a hose from another manufacturer. For example, a flow interruption could occur if you use a conventional legacy hose (sans 90 Degree Hard Elbow) with a large Dasani water bottle and place it at the bottom of a backpack. The pressure of the Dasani water bottle can create a kink in the hose, disrupting flow. This issue is easily solved with our 90 Degree Hard Elbow and is one of the main reasons we designed the part.

If your setup is similar to our description above, we recommend pairing your IceCap with our 90 Degree Hard Elbow and giving it a try. It should solve the issue instantly and permanently. After you give that a shot, if you are still not satisfied for any reason, we would be happy to facilitate a return of your IceCap for a full refund.

We can be reached anytime at or 703.755.0724 should there be anything else we can do for you.


Justin Li
Co-Founder, CEO
Qore Performance, Inc.