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8 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Special thanks to our friends at LALO Tactical for the above image.  I’m a recent addition to the Qore Performance team and a self-proclaimed hydration expert (as in - I like to drink a lot water!).  I find when properly hydrated, my energy is better, my appetite stays more even, I recover from workouts quicker, and I even sleep better.  I tend to drink warm water in the morning, to promote healthy digestion and get my metabolism kicking, and shift to room temperature water as the day progresses, returning again to warm water in the evenings.  In the summer months, I tend toward ice water (long days spent outdoors chasing kids, hiking, swimming, running with the dog, and soaking up...

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The Best Carry-On Bag Setup for Frequent Flyer and Business Travelers

The perfect carry-on bag or backpack has several key characteristics: lightweight, efficient, slim, modular, and most importantly it must fit various aircraft storage dimensions. This can be extremely difficult because overhead storage bins and under seat storage areas vary depending on the aircraft on which you are flying. Unfortunately, you can't plan a trip around the specific storage space of your particular aircraft. As great as Google Flights and SeatGuru are, they simply don't have information that granular (yet). We don't know which aircraft have been retrofitted with new overhead bins such as Boeing Space Bins or the Airbus Airspace XL Bins and which airframes still sport the old, smaller bin designs. This creates a challenge for us when we’re...

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Review and Compatibility: Arc'teryx Aerios 10 Backpack

Today we’re starting with the Arc’teryx Aerios 10 backpack: A lightweight, hydration compatible, trail-running pack. The 10 refers to its 10 liter capacity (Arc’teryx puts the liter capacity in most of their packs’ names). The IcePlate does not fit inside the bladder sleeve but external attachment offers a pretty unique benefit, discussed later in the article.

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