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Go Bags: Why you need one, the gear you should have inside & why Qore Performance belongs in yours

Why You Need One You never know when an emergency situation will arise where you need to be somewhere, ready to get to work, in a moments notice. If you are a teacher, this might mean you need to be ready for an earthquake, wildfire, Active Shooter or a tornado.  If you are in the military, you may be assigned to a QRF.  For LE, it could be an Active Shooter, social unrest or a regional disaster.  As a parent, you’d have the added responsibility of taking care of your kids too.  No matter what your role in life in this great country we call America, there is a possibility you will need a Go Bag and there is a...

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Professional Athletes Understand Hydration...Right?

If you think dehydration isn’t a big deal in athletics, have a quick conversation with Matthew Dellavadova, Gary Woodland, or LeBron James. Both Woodland and Dellavadova were recently sent to the hospital to recover from severe dehydration, and LeBron watched his performance suffer late in games as he pushed his body to the limit in the NBA Finals. Oh, and James may also mention the time he was carried off the floor in San Antonio because of cramping and dehydration.   Gary Woodland. Photo: GolfWRX Dehydration is one of the most overlooked and often dismissed ailments in athletics. It’s the silent destroyer of high-level performance. Everyone knows that extreme exercise and/or athletic activity can lead to dehydration, and most people realize...

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But does it tell time?

Using my favorite wearables while typing this very blog post #howmeta (Available here)   We have an internal debate about the Apple Watch. As we sit in the office, working deals and designing new things on our Macbook Airs and iPhones, we watch videos like this one and can't figure out what in the world it does that a phone doesn't. But then we start discussing the fitness capabilities, and we can appreciate it more: it's just plain annoying to run around with your phone, especially considering the size of the most recent offerings from Apple and Samsung. But let's talk a minute about those capabilities, and where "smart" things are right now. Apple Watch is basically a beautiful evolution of the...

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