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But does it tell time?

Using my favorite wearables while typing this very blog post #howmeta (Available here)   We have an internal debate about the Apple Watch. As we sit in the office, working deals and designing new things on our Macbook Airs and iPhones, we watch videos like this one and can't figure out what in the world it does that a phone doesn't. But then we start discussing the fitness capabilities, and we can appreciate it more: it's just plain annoying to run around with your phone, especially considering the size of the most recent offerings from Apple and Samsung. But let's talk a minute about those capabilities, and where "smart" things are right now. Apple Watch is basically a beautiful evolution of the...

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Golfing With Qore Performance - Part 1

  Recently Qore Performance co-founder J.D. Willcox and I played nine holes of golf at a local municipal course. During our drive over, we were discussing Qore Performance gear, how I use it during my round, and the benefits I get from using it. Our conversation transitioned into the game of golf in general, and all of the mistakes and little details I believe the average golfer misses out on during their rounds. My contention is that the average golfer could lower their score by 3-5 strokes on every round if they just changed their approach to the game. No swing changes, no lessons, nothing. Just better decision-making and the game would be more enjoyable. We decided, instead of me...

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